Making Stuff

I was featured recently on a blog called One Brown Crafter.  So excited!! Tracy V. does an excellent job of keeping that blog current and I’m so grateful to have been included on the site.

How many crafts can a crafter craft if a crafter could craft crafts?  A LOT.  

In the interview, I talked a little about some of the other crafts I enjoy besides knitting.  At some point this past year, I started making origami boxes to go with the knit gifts I was making.  And then, I started making cloth wraps to wrap the whole gift in.  Seemed like a good idea at the time to put something handmade into something else handmade.  Logical, right? 

Before she graduated from the 8th grade this past May, I made my mentee a little gift.  I had taught her how to knit.  So, what could be more appropriate than a knit gift?  I found the pinwheel purse pattern on ravelry by Frankie to be suitable for a girl her age so I knit that up.

Then, I found some corresponding colors in paper to make the box.  Purple is her favorite color. 🙂

Then, because I thought it would be a fun idea, I made a wrapping cloth called a furoshiki cloth to wrap the gift in.  I mean, any other Christmas or birthday gift has wrapping paper.  Why not try to make one out of cloth?  I figure there’s less to throw away and it could be used again for a new gift to someone else.  Again, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Well, it was after I learned to keep the presser foot down….A story for another day. 

gift with two-toned furoshiki cloth

So this is what the finished gift looked like.

Well, I actually added an origami note and a pink flower to clip to the handle on the top.  But this is pretty close.

I really like them.  I’ve given a few others since then and I’m itching to make another one.

Thankfully, the holiday vacations are coming up soon at school.  Certainly love working in the school district in the fight to keep kids from dropping out.  But, there are times when I just feel the need to keep myself from dropping out!  A few days off will surely be welcome.  Yay me. 🙂


  1. I’m sure your mentee loved her gift. You’re doing what I recently read on the Handmadeology site, called branding – that something special that can be expected when seeing your work. I love the whole concept! (And I love that I can comment on your blog. Thanx!)

    • Thanks! She did like it…Although I did see her kind of bragging about it a little that day, lol. Can’t stop kids from being kids, I guess. And thanks for the name of that site. I will definitely be looking that up before calling it quits tonight.

  2. I love origami. Its a favorite past time. What a clever wrapping idea!

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