You Gotta Put Your Behind In Your Past

I’ve been sharing a little historical info in these last couple posts just to set the tone for what all will be on this blog.  Knitting is probably a no-brainer.  But beyond that, I gave myself a little challenge to learn to spin this year.  So, I’ll probably be throwing up a few pics on my progress every so often.  So far, the drop spindle has been my method of choice. Through the beginner goofs to the mini-successes to some nice surprises, I’ve developed quite a collection so far.

These were spun on my Greensleeves Barebones and Lady Barbara Spindles from my failed attempts years ago.  I affectionately call these singles skeins, Slub City. 🙂  

Ahem…Moving right along…I started spinning a more consistent yarn ’round about when I started adding in some color.  I probably should’ve started with color, actually.  It’s one of my favorite mediums and it just would’ve made better sense.  It was probably about this time I started developing a love for etsy fiber artists.  Yum!!!!

The above fiber was from an etsy artist.  It was a little neppy.  But I thought the color was gorgeous!! Very Strawberry Licious.  I had gotten better on that Barbara though I believe this was on an etsy spindle I had purchased for $5.  Below is some roving I haven’t tried yet though I also got it from etsy.  It’s called Cyndi’s Suitcase by Greenwood Fiberworks.  I read some material on breaking up the fiber preparation in different ways for different results and I want to digest that first before I start in on it.

After I started getting the hang of things, I started looking at other drop spindles to test.  That’s when I found The Golding’s.  Lord, why did I ever find The Golding’s?  A love affair that will never die.  I also found Bosworth Spindles.  Love it to pieces too.

I started noticing that I was spinning so fine, I was almost getting a singles that would take five of them to ply just to be able to knit something! That’s when I found the Enid Ashcroft Spindles.  Seems like I got a much more knittable yarn, though it’s a lot tougher to spin consistently thicker yarn.

More spindle love…

Four ounces above in increments…Four ounces below, all on the spindle (red singles).  That was a month long spin.  I just had to see if it would all fit on there.  If you knew how tiny that spindle is…Still, the next time I try that, I will need to be heavily medicated.

And my very first knitting project with my handspun with one of the books that started it all for me.

I found out that I must have really been adamant about learning to spin this year because I actually have two of these books.  Don’t even remember how that came about.  Possible giveaway?  We’ll see.

As for my yarn, my handspun has gotten much better with tons of practice.

That last one is corn fiber.  Yeah.  I’ll spin just about anything.

Maybe some day, I will also try out a wheel.  But for now, the spindle is suiting me fine.

So there you have it.  I think that’s enough history to get us acquainted, yes?


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