A Netflixing, Laundry-Washing, Button-Attaching Kinda Night

I started the cozy in that pic a few days ago and just got around to the buttons tonight. I like how the buttons go with the color…but I am rethinking for the mug. I know. Stinky lady.

Not extremely high maintenance. Just would hate to waste good buttons.

Trying to learn some Spanish in my free time too to help me with the Hispanic parents I work with. I watched Como Agua Para Chocolate on Netflix while I washed clothes and put these buttons on. I’m really trying hard to remember why this was a film they had us watching in Spanish class at school. There were chesticles everywhere, people. But the main character, Tita does A LOT of knitting. The magical kind where you can get a blanket done overnight with no help. That’s my kinda knitter! By the time the movie was over, my laundry was done and the buttons were on. Not a blanket, but good enough for me.


  1. Ha! “Like Water For Chocolate”. And here I even bought and read the book and seriously wondered the same thing. lol

    You may enjoy “Coffee Break Spanish”: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/coffee-break-spanish/id201598403

    • Yes, that’s the one. I’m surprised the school I went to let us watch that, lol!
      Thanks for the link too. Every little bit helps. I am also doing Speaking Spanish Like Crazy. It’s pretty good. I won’t be fluent any time soon. But I will know a little.

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