Techy Knitter

I am a little gadgety. I like to use devices to make knitting on-the-go as easy as possible. And the Kindle Store’s knitting section seems to have really blossomed lately. I do wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that I regularly request just about every knitting title to be Kindlized…really just on general principle. Last time I went to do that, I found some of my favorites were available.

I snagged some titles for my virtual bookshelf that I can carry around with me on my phone and my iPad should I need things a little larger. Here’s a screenshot of a few of my all-time favorites.

Can’t beat that.

Now, if only more knitting book publishers would push out books in ebook and card form for my hip holster, life would be golden.

It gets better. Yesterday, I thought, why not extend that whole idea to writing about knitting? Now, I’m not brand new to WordPress. I just haven’t been on here in ages. So, the tech of how to get posts on here has changed with smartphones and iDevices. Since I know many of my posts will probably not always be from home base, I decided to check out what’s good for WordPress these days. Currently, playing around with an app on my iPad called Blogsy.

The screenshot is the interface that shows the beginning of my previous post along with a how-to vid from the designer, accessible from within the app. The app features two-sides to enter content. The first side is called the “Rich” side. I can use that side to drag and drop media and add hyperlinks, sans coding. If I swipe, I will get to its counterpart called the “Write” side where I can enter text and fool around with the HTML. That is the only bit that is a little strange. Only being able to write on the “Write” side….I think of rich text editor when I consider the “Rich” side. So I would have expected to be able to type directly on that side while using tags on the other side. But once I got past that, it was pretty much all gravy from there. I haven’t exhausted all of its features yet, but I can say it’s pretty powerful. There is a sidebar where my iPad’s photo album, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube and the built-in Safari and Google browsers live. I can take anything from those precanned apps to add to my posts. This app is insane.

It’s a great time to be knitting. πŸ™‚


  1. I did not want an ebook reader until I read this post!

  2. I’m such a total techie! Have you snagged the iSpin app? LOVE that some of the knitting magazine have emags.

    • Yes! I have it! But I haven’t had a chance to even use it yet! It’s on my iPod and I rarely have it. Like everythign esle I own, my daughter thinks it’s hers! (rolling eyes) I am contemplating getting the SpinIt app though because I have one of them on my laptop and I LOVED it!


  1. […] Falick is, your knitting book library may be suffering. If you have been here before, you know how I waited endlessly for electronic versions of her books. One of my favorites of all time is a Melanie Falick […]

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