The Part Where I Get Really Excited

It happens every time.  I knit for someone and then I get really excited about how it’s going to look when they get it.  I start to figure, since the knit is handmade, why not make it all handmade from start to finish?  Then, I get all mixy-matchy at the craft store and I try to come up with something that suits the gift and the person I’m giving it to.  I do this because I’m half ghetto-fab dork who grew up matching my Reeboks to my clothes and because I just think it’s fun, okay?

So, though the scarf is still (insert your favorite expletive here because I am) baking, the road trip sweater is finished.  Now, it’s time to be boxed and wrapped.

Among the gazillion other crafts I enjoy fooling around with, origami crept in there late last year or early this year…one of the two.  I don’t remember which.  It’s about as soothing as knitting though.  So it stays.  Since it’s Christmastime, I chose some papers that were in keeping with the season and included the colors of the road trip sweater.  Since we still don’t know the sex yet, we’re still goin’ all neutrally.  But, we’re throwing some red and green in there because ’tis the season. 😉

Origami boxes stuffed with plushy knits don’t always stay shut on their own, so I like to help them out by diy-ing wrapping cloths to go around them.  They’re called furoshiki cloths or bojagi wrapping cloths.  Whatever you call ’em, I love them because (1) they’re reusable and I hate having to buy more and more wrapping stuffs only for said stuff to get ripped off and thrown in the trash, and (2) most of the papers I’ve ever made by hand are just too thick to wrap around a box.  Plus, have you ever seen the fabric selection at Joann’s?  Forgetaboutit.

Because this particular mommy-to-be once had misfortune in utero a few years back, I decided to get something a little inspirational for her this time around.  Something that still matched the paper.  Because.I.Can’t.Help.It.  So, while the Girl Child was busying herself by taking apart my practice origami box, this is what I came up with.

And just in case you can’t see the wording…

Yes.  Believing is so relevant.

At this point, I thought it was looking pretty handsome, though I needed to tighten that box up a smidge.  So, I threw Girl Child in the tub so I could finish up and get the wrapping cloth all situated.  And here we are all wrapped up.

I usually get some kind of embellishment. A rattle or small toy for a baby gift.  But some jingle bells might do for this occasion, yes?  Oh darn.  More matching to do.  🙂

Now that Girl Child is all bubbly clean and turning somersaults in the bed, I’m going to knit and sulk a little because I just realized I missed Desperate tonight.  Thank God for On Demand.


  1. The sweater looks gorgeous, and the wrapping… un-believable! Seriously, well done. I’d feel so special getting a gift like this.

  2. The whole package is a gift, not just the knitted sweater. Oh, your friend will love this and I hope that she will continue to “Believe”. You are so thoughtful!

  3. I looove the idea of doing origami boxes for presents! It seems so simple and the wrapping cloth is a great idea! Especially for baby gifts. Where did you find the paper for something that large? And origami is incredibly soothing and fun.

    • It really is fun. I get the paper at the craft stores in this area (Joann’s, AC Moore, Michael’s). Joann’s usually has stacks of card papers that go on sale every so often. Card does tend to be really thick and you have to be careful to make sure it doesn’t crack all over the place. Still, they are sturdy for holding knit pieces in them. The box above took eight 12″ x 12″ sheets. It makes a decent sized box.

  4. Donna Foster says:

    This is so nice Stacey, I am still so amazed that I actually know someone this talented.

  5. Wow that is a lovely way to wrap gifts! I never thought of wrapping them that way. With all the gifts I have to wrap this year I’m sure that I can squeeze in a few gifts wrapped like that.

  6. What a lovely way of gifting. I always think a giver who puts his or her heart in giving makes a gift extra special.

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