I was talking to one of my friends at work today about weirdness.  She thinks she’s weird.  She’s actually pretty normal.  When payday comes, she likes to reward herself by going clothes shopping.  She’s passionate about it and her outfits always look amazing.  She wears brand name items and her hairstyle always competes with any trendsetting celebrity you can name.  Now me…I’ve tried to be like that so many times in my life. I’m still a fairly young woman with, I think, decent health.  Still, though my friend says I’m not frumpy, rarely do I ever get bit by the bug to go shopping for the latest fashions and whatnot.  Nope.  I’m more like a moth.  Drawn to wool. How’s that for femininity? 🙂

Take, for instance, the specimen up there.  Today I got that fluff from Harbor Fibers-one of my favorite etsy shops for spinning fibers.  It’s my reward for being a good, little worker bee.  This is not wool.  But it ain’t no Gucci bag either.  This is a blend of camel hair and tussah silk.  Never spun that before! I can’t see myself in new clothes, but I can visualize what I want a skein of this to look like.  Mmmhmmm.  Weird.

This tendency has been for about as long as I can remember.  I’m into making stuff.  Even when I do emphasize clothes, it has to do with matching this and that color or texture.  Or it’s just not fun.

Weirdness check:

  • I don’t get excited when I ride past a mall.  
  • I’d rather do my own hair if it means I can support my habit.  
  • I can find a reason to visit an LYS at the drop of a dime.
  • The only time I get excited about going to buy clothes is if I’m matching a new knitted accessory I made.
  • Friday nights, I’m more excited to get into some sweats to knit and spin than into some pumps to go out.


And do you know why I am buying more spinning fiber?  Because my yarn stash is full.  Yup.  To the brim.  I determined I would not buy any more yarn (unless on a trip, a long way from home, and I need it to finish a sweater that I didn’t think I’d get so far on anyway-and you would do it too because it was Spud & Chloe and they don’t even have that in Delaware, so how could I just leave it there anyway?) until I knocked down that stash.  So, instead of buying yarn, I buy fluff to make yarn.  There is a difference.

But the fun didn’t stop at the Harbor.  Oh no.  I also got more camel hair from Northcott Wilson Artisans as well.  And why not?  Since I had some cash left in my Paypal account, I got this little number too from Threads thru Time.

Do I know how to use it?  Nope.  Am I going to use it?  You know I am.  What do you think all that camel is for?  Duh.

Now, I also know when I get ready to ply my current main spinning projects (the Spice & Magenta Merino), I will want to dull down the electricity a bit, for visibility’s sake.  But I stopped just short of going back and getting the Peacock Blue and Lime Green from Harbor Fibers.  I knew if I got that, I’d have to get some hand carders to go with it so that I could begin my exploration into color blending.  Now, of course, after going back for the links, I peeped that Turquoise.  Oh c’mon.  How can I say no for $3?  I can’t.  So, I can stave off the craving for hand carders (and drum carders, sigh) for a moment more.

Breathing a sigh of relief.  

These days, when my friend gets paid, she says, “I can’t wait to get to an outlet.”  These days, when I get paid, I say, “I can’t wait to get a new spindle!” NOT normal.

Oh well.  I get to knit and spin tonight! 🙂


  1. If you’re weird, then I’m weird too. Maybe we should form a club. Well, truth be told, whenever a bunch of crafters get together our weirdness is actually normal.

    I hate shopping for clothes. I have little patience for not being able to wear the first thing or two I try on. Then I’m ready to call it quits. But shopping for housewares, thrifted items, or craft supplies can be an on-going event. I don’t even need friends to make it more fun; it is all by itself.

    Happy spinning!

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