More Christmas Knitting

I took on another project when one of the people I work with at a local Boys & Girls Club asked me to make a hat and scarf set for her son.

Here’s what I got so far.

We call him Munch.  He’s a tiny little somebody with a BIG personality…and usually a big appetite.  He’s still small enough for me to flip him around and throw him up in the air, so we have a ball together at the club.  His mom wanted a hat in red and blue with his name in yellow letters.  So, this is hopefully a good start on it.  She also wanted a striped scarf with his initials at the edge to go with it.  That part, I was a little divided on.  Normally, the more color the better with me.  But, matching busy knits might be overkill, lol.  So, I’m doing one big stripe in the form of a double knit, which I’m thinking may let me duplicate stitch those initials.  Maybe.

And, yes. I’m still behind.


  1. I know how you feel, when ever I get asked to make somthing for a person I will want to. This is why I am so far behind…

    • I think I just need to have an invisible cape or something so that when I put it on people can’t see me until I’m done a project. Afterwards, I can take it off and they can ask away. LOL!

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