Well, I ran into a little wrist trouble trying to get this one finished. But it’s almost there.

The time constraints are probably what did it. These wrists are screaming. But, now there is the weaving in of a million ends and making the box and wrap.  That should give my wrist a little bit of a break.  And I did get the supplies for that.  Wanna see?

This is an unusual assortment for me.  But, I do know that the family is into sports, traveling and extreme competition.  So, I figured it’d be a good way to sum it all up in a nice package.  The colors respond nicely to the colors in the hat too.  I did find that there is a general lack of boy themes, however, in my local crafts stores.  That was interesting…

I’ve promised myself that I will get the ends woven in before I touch this stuff so, I still have some time yet before I can see how it really comes together.  We’ll see, right? This needs to be finished now because I’ve got to get to some other projects. Still thinking over the ear flaps though. I’d just feel more comfortable putting those on with him near me. Might knit them and put them on at a later time.

Anyway, back to trying to make Santa look good this year.


  1. These projects look fantastic, but I do hope your wrists don’t rebel too much. I’ve just started back crocheting/knitting after a 2-month hiatus, so that’s why I’m being the overprotective blogger friend. lol Don’t worry, Santa will be looking really good this year. 🙂

    • Thanks for being overprotective! I use these hands too much so I need the wrists to work and work well. I was actually somewhat grateful to have a mess of ends to weave in because it took the strain off the wrists. SO needed that. 🙂

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