UFO’s Seen on Christmas Day

Gasp!! Santa’s helper is definitely late this year.  Still working on these.

Yes, I will be weaving in ends on these fraternal twins and beginning a corresponding scarf and/or hat today in the midst of the goings on on Christmas day.  Fortunately, the recipients are out of town until Tuesday. 🙂

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


  1. Those are gorgeous! I’m sure the recipient will love them.

  2. Please tell me there’s a pattern 4 these. I’ve been dying, 4 ages 2 make some!

    • There are a million! One of my favorites is on chemknits site. She shows how to make them out of any mittens pattern-though they are convertible mitts and not gloves. It wouldn’t take much to switch them into gloves. And I have seen other free versions on the web. I will post them when I get to my laptop later tonight. This pattern comes from 50 More Quick Knits, though I used a self striping yarn.

  3. Oh wow I know your feeling, I was unfortunatly not done with socks for my grandfather sooo…. I (cringe) went out and bought him somthing… The gloves though are beautiful… I love the fraternal idea as well

  4. Thanks Cleo! I am still working on all of this stuff and I have some new requests so I don’t see myself being done for a minute. Fortunately, everyone has been understanding. I’m just hoping I’ll be able to sneak in some time to knit myself some more fingerless gloves since I lost one from my own pair. It’s getting cold around here!

  5. These gloves look great! At least you had a couple of extra days. I know the recipient will love these. 🙂


  1. […] liked the quirk factor so much, I wanted some of my own fraternal gloves like the Shoulda Been Mine Mitts.  But, it was so much more satisfying to knit these with my own handspun yarn so I’m cool […]

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