Hurry Up Already

I finally finished a request from one of my co-workers at my other job.

She’s a really nice lady and the school where we work has an excellent team designed to stop kids from dropping out. She’s part of that team. This set is for her daughter. She’s in college and I really don’t know much about her except that she has dainty hands. But, if she’s even half as sweet as her mother is, I’m sure she’s a peach. 🙂

Her mom said she had a tan coat and she wanted something with that as the main background but multi-colored. This was as close as a compromise as I could find in the time frame I had. I knit her a very simple striped hat, cowl and you already have seen the convertible gloves. I’m not a fan for matching things just so. Maybe color-wise. But not much else. Still, because of the fraternal gloves, I felt it might need the striped hat too. All in all, I don’t think she’ll look dorky much, lol.

It’s a good thing this is the giving season though. Red is so not my favorite color, but I am really tempted to keep this for myself. I have to admit, I did toy with the idea of telling her it got ruined in the rain last night, lol.

I know, I know. Very bad girl.

I hope you are enjoying your holiday season. 🙂


  1. This is a really fabulous set! I’m sure she’ll love it. I think you should make something for yourself in red and let it grow on you. 🙂

  2. Wow those knitted goodies look lovely! I don’t really match things. If it keeps me warm I use it. I agree with Libby, Red is good. Not my favorite but it is nice all the same

  3. sarabeary says:

    That’s a lovely hat! Where did you pull that pattern from, or did you just make it up as you went along? It’s very cute and I’m tempted to make one myself.

    • Thank you!:) LOL! I really wish I was that much of a genius, but it’s just stockinette stitch. I knit it because I wouldn’t need a pattern. I’ve seen this hat a million times since I started knitting. I just added stripes with a self-striping yarn and a solid color to give it some interest. If you feel like winging one, knit a tube about 9.5-10 inches long, start decreasing every row or every other row (whichever you prefer) and then cinch it up when you’ve shaved enough stitches off that it will close easily without a lot of bulk. See why I don’t write patterns? (:)). If not, there are a lot of stockinette hat patterns and they all pretty much look the same–like this one here. This one I think decreases down to a seam or something. I didn’t get that fancy with mine, but it might be cool to try. Erika Knight also has one in a cherished babies book(baby-sized though, of course). Not sure how hers closes, but I have that book and it’s in there. With some math, you can make that fit an adult. But truly, this kind of hat is so simple, you can wing it any day and it will still look great. Nothing to mess up because it’s all knit stitch. Can’t beat that! Oh, and for stripes, I use the method where when you change colors, you knit plain the first row and then slip the first stitch purlwise on the next row. It makes a cleaner stripe so there is less of a jog. That’s all the complexity there is to that hat.

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