Will There Be Spinning In Heaven?

I was asked on tumblr by a spinner would I now give up spinning on a spindle now that I have a wheel.

Yeah, not really.  I love the beauty of spindles and the fact that they are ultra-portable.  Just look at that spindle up there.  That is an Enid Ashcroft Tibetan spindle in African Padauk that I ordered from her etsy shop before the holidays.  It spins in that bowl like it’s on ice! How can you not spin on that? And just look at how pretty it is.  Lovely.

I can’t part with the spindles I’ve collected.  There’s nothing like twirling one and making your very own yarn with your very own two hands some fluff and some twist.  How in the world is that even happening?  It’s bananas.  Add to that the fact that fooling around with the spindle makes learning the wheel so much easier and I know I won’t stop.

That said, the wheel has moved in, made herself comfortable and is now a permanent part of the family.  Never going to give that up either.  It’s just a force of nature.

In short, I enjoy the entire process.  I actually prayed today that there would be spinning in heaven.  It’s that serious.


  1. Of course there will be spinning in heaven! Proverbs 31:19, after all 🙂

    It used to be that spindle spinners were not considered “real” spinners. You started on a spindle and then moved to a wheel. The spindle issue of SpinOff 1995 changed that. People rediscovered their spindles and gained some respect for using them. So maybe that person is just an old school spinner.

    • Ha!! Yes!! I love that!

      That is so weird though. They are some of the most ancient devices used to do it. Odd that spindle spinners would be considered less of a spinner on any point. Just watching Abby Franquemont spin was mind-blowing. It was practically like an extension of her hand.


  1. […] tahkli spindle and I spun on it a little last night.  Spinning with a tahkli is another version of supported spinning.  It’s pretty fun albeit a little challenging if you’ve spun short fibers before. […]

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