Spinning And Spinning And Spinning…

Aside from swatching some handspun for my new mittens, I am giving my wrists a break for a minute. And that means…

Yup. More spinning. 🙂

I am working on trying to get the singles more consistent. But, now that I’ve gotten the hang of getting fiber on there without it whipping right out of my hand back onto the bobbin, I can’t help but play around with the process. Just trying stuff…Worsted draw techniques and woolen draw techniques and then something in between the two whenever there is a join. So I honestly don’t know how it’s going to come out when it’s plied. As you can see, my “Getting To Know My Wheel” skein came out…well, interesting.

But it’s mine and it’s so great to be able to get an entire skein done in three days if I want. Maybe faster..if I get faster. The “Getting To Know My Wheel” skein is now in my first skeins time capsule for comparison a year from now. I’m hoping my “Trying Stuff” skein will give me some clues to spinning and plying a more consistent yarn. I’ve been spindling since the summer, but I’ve only gotten to ply a few times. I have more opportunities to learn how to ply with the wheel because getting singles done is pretty quick. I have already finished the bag of corriedale that I got with the wheel and have started working on some fiber I had bought ages ago but could never get around to from Greenwood Fiberworks called Cyndi’s Suitcase.


One of these days I’m really going to have to take a class on how to build an even cop.

Also, last night, I spun on every spindle I have for a bit too. I felt they needed to know how loved they are, lol. Got an update on my Turkish’s.

Coming down to the wire with all the orange merino. I actually think it will all fit on there though. Word.

I love how that pink mimics the dymondwood. You know, it really is the small things.


  1. …and meanwhile are your kids yelling about how hungry they are? lol I can already envision how captivating this spinning craft is. It looks very fascinating and I do love the photos of the spun fibers. Actually I love a lot of the in-process photos that show a project from a true beginning to end. It makes you appreciate the final knitted/crocheted item even more.

    Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!

    • ROFL! Yes, I have been a bad mom. After breakfast, I have just been ordering in! So domesticated, lol. But, I figure these devices are such a huge investment all taken together. If I don’t use them, it’s a gross waste of money. 🙂 Happy New Years to you and yours too!

  2. Gorgeous pics! I’m loving your blog. 😀

    • Thanks! Yours is awesome! And just so we’re clear, I do fiber stalk, lol. I have been stalking your fibery goodness over on tumblr because somebody keeps posting these exceptionally gorgeous skeins of yarn. BEAUTIFUL!

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