1 + 1 = 2 ply

So, I plied some colored fiber to add to my Corriedale…

…and I think my singles are getting more consistent with each bobbin.  But the plying…well, that’s going to take some more time.

Took pics of the plying from this last night.

Here’s a close up.

Seems that I remember doing something similar before….These pics were taken before it got its bath.  A good thing since I fell asleep while it was in its bath and it only got sprung from the basin this morning.  By then, of course, the water was cold, so I decided to go ahead and hang it up.  It’s drying now and has a slight bend at the bottom. Like about a half of a turn.  I read somewhere that that means it’s either over or underplied.  Not exactly sure which yet.  Again, never got to ply very often, but there’s a ton of articles on how to tell.  All I recall is that it does depend on which way it’s turning.  So, I’ll be hitting those up fairly soon.  Still, I’m thinking overplied only because I still had some left on each bobbin after I spun this, so I spun that extra bit deliberately adding more twist (to see if I had underplied it) and it only got all nuts on me.  SO much twistier.  It’s drying right next to the first skein with a full turn and a bend in it.  I do remember seeing an article once that said in a multicolor skein where there is a color change, once plied, the fibers in the singles will be oriented straight up and down, not slanted (or something like that).  Better find that one…Makes sense that it would be overplied though since that bend is going clockwise at the bottom.  I think it may be spinning back the way it was spun in singles because it’s trying to get rid of some of the plying twist?  That sounds somewhat logical.  Probably need to see some videos on plying or something.  But I was thinking of using some of this in my new mittens just to document my first project using my own handspun from a wheel.  A half a turn won’t kill me.  Yeah?  I think so too.


  1. Wow that yarn looks yummy. Mine I’m sure isn’t made right but… It works for me. I’ve never tried ply before and it looks very nice. Good luck with figuring out what it was, under or over

    • Thanks Cleo! Actually I have read that some sinners spin over or under twisted depending on the intended use. So it seems you really can’t make it wrong if you can use it. I’m only in my first year of spinning anyway. I do want to learn how to make my yarn consistent and how to spin any size yarn I want from any fiber I want for any project I want…eventually, lol. So, I read up and hope it gets absorbed somewhere along the way. If it doesn’t happen in year one, I won’t stress it. The process is fun enough even before getting to use it! 🙂

  2. Where do you find those beautiful bobbins? And did you hand spin all of this? I’ve been wanting to get into spinning so bad this year. This is absolutely beautiful. Keep up the gorgeous work!

    • Oh, those bobbing came with the wheel. But there are extras you can order. I ordered a couple more from Paradise Fibers for when I feel bold and daring enough to try more than a two ply. Yes, this is handspun and you really have to try it! I started learning this past summer and I’m still having a ball! And its a good break from knitting when I need it. My wrists have been thanking me since I took it up.

  3. Your pictures are making me all dreamy… That is one stunning handspun! I’m really appreciating the view through your eyes (and hands.) 🙂

    • Thanks! You know I can’t wait to order some of your fibers! I call myself recovering from Christmas. But I know it won’t be long before I press a buy button over there. I’ve never done a club before, but I think I’m just about ready to try it…Lol! I am SO geeking! That stuff is luscious!


  1. […] had a ball of singles of some Cyndi’s Suitcase by Greenwood Fiberworks leftover from my first colored spinning and knitting project on my spinning wheel still hanging around.  So, I decided to just try to it […]

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