Knitting with Cake

Yarn cake, that is.

I am beginning to think I am a collector of things.  I collect ALL the things.  Especially when the things are knitting things and spinning things.  This is the first time I’ve gotten to use a nostepinne I got from Enid Ashcroft a while ago.  It’s made of Yew and I just love the things she does with that wood.  My other noste is out on loan at the moment.  But this one is so pretty, I really don’t miss it much.

And I breathed a sigh of relief when the ply came out to measure close to worsted weight.  That’s what I usually knit with, so I was hoping that would be my default yarn…and I’m thinking it is since my spindle singles look pretty similar.

Measuring 11 wpi (wraps per inch) after a bath, this is actually DK weight.  I ain’t mad!

A couple weeks before I started these mitts (I’ve been secretly calling them the Shoulda Been Mine Mitts, lol), I was trying to find some yarn for my own and I happened to come across some undyed 2-ply skeins in SWS from a Fairthorne Farm.

Very raw looking, it seemed so lively compared to the other skeins in the store that I had to have some of that.  I figured I might swatch it to see if it would work out for my mitts.

It turns out, as beautiful as this yarn is, it actually didn’t swatch well for my mitts.  The farm sends their fiber out to be spun at another facility that uses a “woolen system…much like the process of hand spinning.” I know it looks like handspun and the yarn is very evenly spun.  But, when I fit the swatch around my hand, it still showed some unevenness that I didn’t think I would want in the final mitts.  I doubt that had to do with the yarn as much as it had to do with the fact that the weight was probably heavier than I should be using for mitts anyway.  It was so pretty, I was all set to just adjust the gauge as needed.  But the stitches were gargantuan since I had to go up quite a few needle sizes to keep the yarn from looking unhappy.  That may have evened out with blocking, but it had a mild itch factor on my hand as well.  So, I gave up the idea of using it for my mitts.  Still, it’s excellent yarn and it smells so nice.  Very clean and soapy smelling.  I know I would buy it again, just not for mitts.  I already have the alternate pattern I decided to use with it.  Mmmhmmm.  I love yarn.

Not to be deterred, after I spun up my Trying Stuff Skein (and since I had to give the other mitts to the person I actually knit them for-bah! 🙂 ), I decided to hurry up and get it into a ball to see if it would work instead.  The fact that it spun up to DK weight is so fab because I figured I could use it along with some Cascade 220 Sport, just like the Shoulda Been Mine Mitts.  Here’s the start of mine along with yet another thing (that thing is a stitch holder for dpns).

Yup.  I didn’t even bother to swatch this one because I was sure it would work.  This handspun has some uneveness, of course.  But the fact that its weight is nice for mitts and that it is being used as an accent (and that mostly for its color), means it isn’t really going to take away from the way it looks around my hand.  Well, that’s the story I’m going with.


  1. Your mitts are going to be lovely, and so will that pattern you’re considering for the natural yarn. You make me want to practice my knitting skills.

  2. Well those mitts sure look yummy. The white handspun is also pretty… The stiping is nice too.

    • Thank you Cleo! This is going to be like the other mitts I made. Just longer on the arms. Not sure why I did that….I already have some fingerless like that. But, ah well. I’ll be toasty!


  1. […]  most awesome thing is that I still had some of that very first colored spinning wheel handspun left! I knew there was a good reason to keep that in my stash. It was almost gifted. Apparently, […]

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