Handspun Knitting

I finished my mitts just in time for the work week.

I liked the quirk factor so much, I wanted some of my own fraternal gloves like the Shoulda Been Mine Mitts.  But, it was so much more satisfying to knit these with my own handspun yarn so I’m cool now, lol.

This is the first time I’ve used my handspun to knit anything other than a square or rectangle .  It was also the first time I knit something with my own handspun that I intend to wear.  So when I hung up the skeins as they were drying, I was really interested in seeing whether they twisted or turned (over or underspun).  The larger skein did, until it was dry.  Then, magically, there was no turn at all.  Of course, that was only true for the first skein since the second one still had a bend in it.  Still, even the second one was way better off balance-wise than when it went on the hanger to dry.  So, I figured these mitts actually had a shot of working out.  These are, as of yet, still unblocked.  But I think they look pretty good at the moment.

It was a pleasure to knit with my yarn and the commercial yarn (Cascade 220 sport).  Since I can still remember knitting the other mitts with both commercial yarns, I can say they worked just as well together.  But, I did notice some differences…

First, the mitts using my own yarn are a little more supple (??) than the all commercial yarn mitts.  That, I felt was a plus.  There is a little more of a drape-like, more pliable quality to them.  I’m certain I’m not capturing the differences as well as I could.  But, though the all commercial mitts weren’t what you would call “stiff”,  in comparison, the handspun and commercial mitts lay less “stiff” than the mitts that were all commercial yarn.  I liked that A LOT.  However, there were some differences that I’m not so sure about yet…

Now it could be because I kept flipping the bottom of the first mitt up while knitting it (the first mitt is on the left side of the pic)….Or it could be because the yarn has thicker and/or thinner spots concentrated in that area of the cuff on that mitt (doesn’t look like it, but could be true)….Or it could have been I relaxed a little more knitting with my own yarn and changed my gauge on the second mitt without noticing it (unusual for me, but it could happen).   But it looks like the first cuff is a little fatter toward the bottom than the second cuff.  Not sure.  It doesn’t necessarily matter to me with these mitts since I intend to rock them for every stitch they’re worth.  It was just an observation in working with handspun.  I plan to flip the second cuff up a few times and see if it too gets fatter.  If not, then I will know it was the yarn or my gauge with it.

The next thing I noticed is that the thumb on the first mitt (mitt on the left in the pic) is bulkier than the thumb on the second mitt.  I honestly didn’t notice it by looking at them.  I noticed when I put them on.

This is where consistency in spinning really counts, then.  Whereas I can see that some of the yarn is bulkier in other areas of the mitts, it doesn’t bother me until I get to a sensitive area like the tip of my thumb and I can feel it.  I am only slightly OCDish so I can’t say that I will or won’t go back and change that at a later time.  Since this project was to document my handspun on the wheel, I could leave it for that purpose alone.  And for now, I intend to use the rest of the yarn for some kind of scarf or something around my neck.  But, I’ll give it a week, and if there’s some left over and it really irks me, I can see myself changing that.

All in all though, I would have to say that this project was a success for me.  The mitts aren’t twisting off the table and scooting over the floor or anything.  They’re just chill.  And they totally match my light tan winter coat I got this year. 🙂

Yes.  Must have the knits.


  1. OhmyGOODNESS! They are gorgeous! I so love the colors – oh, they’re just dreamy gloves: sophisticated, with that kind of subdued chic that is always in style. You did such a great job spinning the yarn and knitting these stunning gloves!

  2. Oh I think they are beautiful. You should just leave them the way they are. They look perfect.

    • Thank you, Cleo! I probably will leave it be. It’s just a little patch around the tip of the thumb…but then, I can’t say if it doesn’t bother my sense of equilibrium I wont, lol! That is a powerful motivator. I’ll give it some time and see. but I do like the look of these gloves as is.


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