Plying Pastels

I’m actually on sick baby duty tonight.  Got a stuffed-up six-year old snuggling up next to me.  But I got to snap a couple shots for an update on those pastels.

Shhhhh…we gotta be quiet because she is trying to go to sleep.

But here’s a closer shot…

I like this as a whole.  And the one twist that it had when I first skeined it was taken completely out by that magic hot water again.  Love that.  I also feel like my spinning on the wheel is getting better as well.  But, I can see how I may need to make up my mind at the beginning of my spinning whether I’m going to be trying for worsted or woolen.  Normally, I just play with both and see what happens in the end.  Frankly, I’m still amazed that it all becomes yarn.  I still get so geeked over that, it’s ridiculous.  I think when I first started spinning these pastel colors, I just wasn’t crazy about them in person, so it wasn’t a big deal to me how it spun up.  I just wanted to practice stuff and see what I could learn when the yarn was done.  But the coloring in this was so nice in the end, I feel like I wish I’d given more attention to trying one or the other this time just to see what that would look like.  Either fluffy or firm.

Don’t get me wrong though.  I’d still knit this up in a heartbeat! Wait a minute…

Is that snoring I hear? 


  1. Oh, that’s just a darling skein! (I also love the magic of hot water…) 🙂 Pastel colors have really grown on me, and these are just precious. Spinning yarn is really something, isn’t it? I’m with you – it’s like this fairytale activity that somehow results in yarn. 😀

  2. Thanks Sosae!
    You know, I always think it’s going to be too twisted to use, but then after it’s washed and sometimes after it has dried, it seems that left over twist comes right out. Don’t know that that will happen always. But I like that it’s happening right now.
    Yes, you get it exactly! I can never get tired of watching that happen for some reason. And then to see how if you change one variable, what does it do? Will it be soft or will it be firm? Will it be plump or will it be skinny. I know there are ways to control that…but I haven’t learned all that yet. It’s like a never-ending game. I love that!

  3. That is beautiful. It will make a lovely baby sweater or blanket. I just love the colors

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