This Guy

I really love yarn.  But, I have to admit it.  When a guy asks me to knit him a simple hat in his favorite color…and then he tells me his favorite color is black (sigh), I don’t exactly jump for joy…

This Guy, lol. (shaking my head)

You all know him. He wears black everything. Black coat, black hat, black shoes. He knows all of the latest slang and is heavily into swag. We’re talking about him.

This Guy I work with has been asking me to make him a hat for over a year now.  A black hat.  Granted, he wanted me to use a nice yarn.  But it had to be black…Did you notice I said he had been asking me for over a year?  Yeah.

We are district employees working in after school programs at the local Boys & Girls Club.  Our supervisor is the same lady that asked for a hat and scarf set for Munchie, her son.  When he saw Munchie’s scarf, he wanted one too.  Fortunately, this time, he liked the scarf so much, he said I could add some gray, lol!  Well, that’s something, right? 🙂

Enter this ball of Kauni Effektgarn.

It’s rugged, 100% wool, and I think just the yarn to allow his manly inner black to shine.  I figured (1) stripes like Munch had might be a little too juvenile for This Guy, (2) I needed to have some fun, and (3) he needs to be happy with the set in the end.  This yarn solves all of my problems! It ever so subtly changes colors as you knit with it.  I only just started on this scarf…like about 5 inches into it.  But it’s doing it already. 🙂  These Kauni yarns only just invaded my LYS a couple months ago and I have been looking for a reason to pick one up ever since.  Just look at these swatches! Yum, right?  I know!!! Yarn crush!

This Guy also happens to wear a baldy.  You know, where there’s no hair up there.  So, I took a walk on the softer side and got some Grignasco Champagne for the hat.

Since it’s 75% merino wool, it should be warm.  I have two balls of it for the hat and I’m not sure that will last the entire hat.  I believe it’s about 180 yards and This Guy wants extra ribbing.  But, I was thinking of adding a third yarn to help with the memory that the 25% silk side of the yarn lacks.  Since it’s a blend, it may not need it.  But, I’ll knit a bit on it first and see how I feel about that.

Both of these yarns are pretty fine.  I’ll be knitting with US 2 and 3 needles throughout, I believe.  So, this could take a while.  I figured, spending that much time with predominately black yarns, I’d better like it!

A knitter has got to get her kicks somehow. 🙂


  1. Those swatches are beautiful, but I will not let you suck me into buying any more yarn right now – even yarn as beautiful as what you’ve chosen! lol I do understand the black dilemma. I’ve been working on a black tweed set for my SIL and I don’t know how many times I’ve put the project down because I couldn’t quite see my stitches. Today I was determined to make headways on this set so I finished the body of the hat. Now I’m working on the flower pin.

    Oh, and yes, I also do understand year-long requests. I recently made a list called “Keeping Promises” and wrote down all the items I need to make. Items that have been requested quite some time ago. One goes two years back, but I was recently reminded of it. Gee whiz!

    • Lol! The ever increasing stash. I barely get to touch yarn I have already because most folks want something in particular or a color I don’t have. I figure that if it at least gets used and doesn’t get added to the huge stash of yarn I have already, it doesn’t count, lol. Well, almost.

      A Keeping Promises list sounds really nice….I may have to use that myself!

  2. I think I know that guy! lol Well, in my life, the ‘guy’ is a ‘gal’. 🙂 I’ve had many feminine requests for black knits. Good grief. But you’ve inspired me!

    • I think this yarn is inspiring me, actually! I keep knitting on it longer than the time I have because I want to see it change to the next tone. I keep telling myself, just a few more rows, lol! He may be on to something here….

  3. I know what you mean (laughs inwardly). I have someone like that who wants a hat in black as well. I think I might be able to get away with using some red in it though. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that…

  4. I hate to rush you into knitting faster, but…I want to see more of it! 😀 (Okay, just ignore me and post on your own schedule. lol)

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