Have you ever taken a second to step back and think about what you’ve done when you’ve completed a project?

It’s easy to let your mind drift while you’re knitting.  For me, knitting is a time of contemplation and reflection and fun! I get to think about whatever I want.  Sometimes, I’m learning.  But many times, I’m just going with the flow.  And all kinds of thoughts come up that make me smile.  Although this particular item is for a person I work with, a thought I’m very familiar with still crossed my mind…

When it comes to knitting, there can be hundreds of stitches that go into one article.  Many times, there are way more than that.  We spend hours, days…sometimes even weeks with these pieces that we knit.  We make them for ourselves or for friends or family….sometimes commissioned, sometimes not.  Sometimes your body behaves as though it’s aging equipment as you knit through wrist problems and backaches.  I think it’s enough to marvel about the time and the care spent doing something that you could just as easily go to the store and purchase in five minutes.  That’s time you can’t get back and oftentimes, can’t quantify.  Some time ago, I began to think of this time spent in terms of stitches.  I learned it from Julia Roberts.  No, not personally, lol! And though she’s a knitter, I didn’t get it from her bag of knitting tricks.  Nope.  Every so often I think of that scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Robert’s character, Vivian wraps her legs around Richard Gere’s character and says, “Did I mention, my leg is 44″ from hip to toe. So basically we are talking about 88″ of therapy, wrapped around you for the bargain price of $3000 dollars.”  LOL! I got the tendency from that very scene.  This scarf turned out to be 70 stitches around and although I didn’t count every row, I counted approximately half of the length of the scarf which came to around 250 rows.   That works out to 17,500 stitches.  Multiply that by two and you have at least 35,000 stitches.  Next time you knit something for the ones you care about, make sure to let them know just how many stitches of love is wrapped around them at that time.  I’m sure they’ll appreciate knowing how much you cared.

As for this scarf, it’s getting blocked today and then, it’s on to the hat.


  1. What a wonderful post! If we would dare to calculate the number of stitches and the time invested in just one project, we would never really be able to put a price tag on that. Yet, the love of creating keeps us going. It is a good feeling though when someone appreciates your efforts, whether its through a smile, a comment, or the fact that you see them wearing something you’ve made – that’s priceless.

    This is a most gorgeous scarf. Now you are successfully distracting me from my long to-do list. Now I want to knit a scarf. *sigh*

  2. Wow, I have never thought about it that way! (And I love that Pretty Woman quote.) 🙂 I’ve never even bothered to count or think of the stitches themselves – wow… But you’re so right: how much love is that? How much time and energy and thought, to create those 35,000+ stitches, and put them in a cohesive order/pattern? I wonder if I might have appreciated handmade gifts (like dresses and scarves that my mother made me) more, if I really understood how much time/love/energy went into them? I’m sure I would have… I know now, at least! This was such a lovely post. And your scarf is GORGEOUS! So manly too. 🙂

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