Awhile ago I promised my mil some chocolatey things for her neighborhood’s Chocolate Festival.  Of course, that was before I got hit up for a few gifts this year.

Still, I intend to send her a few little odds and ends.  Up first today is something I’ve thought about occasionally, but just knit on last night.  I may have mentioned somewhere on one of my blogs that I love the book Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick (obviously).  But, I still knit like a snail.  So, even some of the projects in there that I know I want to knit some day are a little too time-consuming for my current lifestyle. I imagine myself retired someday (don’t I wish), in a rocking chair with this book on a nearby nightstand and knitting away at a project that I’ve only gotten to see in photos. For instance, one of my favorite projects is the checkerboard and tote.  It’s knit with a very rustic-looking cotton yarn by Mission Falls.  I’ve always thought it would be nice to knit that up.  And I probably will at some point.  But for now,  with only a week left to knit (not even that really), and some left over brown cotton yarns from my stash, I’m working the kinks out of a tic-tac-toe set, lol! Just as in Weekend Knitting, this is also double knitting project.  So the back has the inverse of the front.

That’s a little drawstring pouch and the little glassy stones are what might get put into the bottom of a vase for decoration.  I’d like to find some that are a little less shiny….so if I do between now and Wednesday when I have to send it, I’ll pick those up instead. I also still need to even all the knitting out for the pouch and board and make a cord for the pouch…and I think I want the pouch a little bigger for this board.  I figure when it’s completed, it could make a cute gift for a kid or a nice, chocolatey coffee table item. Working on some coasters and other whatnots too. She likes kitchen items.

By the way, I finished This Guy’s hat a few days ago.  It has been on the wig head blocking ever since.

The scarf feels like regular, wearable wool now after the vinegar bath.  Not merino-fine.  But not with the bite it had before.  I’m liking that.

He’s not really interested in the packaging….but I figured I’d at least get a little wrap for it.  Before I started sewing together fabrics for the boxes I was making, I was using bandanas.  I still have a HUGE stash of those.  So, here’s one for what I believe may be an organization close to his heart….

Thinking about using a gold tag for this too. 😉

So, to sum it all up…Today I’ll be working on re-knitting that pouch, some coasters and things for my mil’s festival and finishing up with some spinning just in time for Desperate (yum!).

I love Sundays!



  1. Great job on the tic-tac-toe set! what a great idea. I’ll have to check out Melanie’s book.
    Btw – I love your spin work. It’s so handy that you knit and spin!

    • Thanks! Not quite finished yet. But I do like it too. 🙂
      And the book is fabulous. But I like all of her books so I’m biased.
      Thanks for the compliment on the spinning. I love it as much as knitting now!

  2. I love your finished set for the guy. He’s going to love it, I’m sure!

  3. I LOVE the tic-tac-toe set! How sweet and darling is that?! And what a great idea for kids on a road-trip or like you said, on the coffee-table. And ‘this guy’s’ hat is lovely. I think you knit pretty darn fast for a slow knitter! lol (It’s making it seem like I knit backwards…) 😀

    • LOL! I think it was a decent enough compromise given the time I had left. But it felt like it took forever to get five gifts made in time! You know, I like that hat myself…Maybe in a brighter color though. Yum!

  4. My sister would adore something like your tic-tac-toe set. I might have to make her one.

    I love how you wrapped the hat/scarf in a bandana. I’ve always struggled with the presentation of my knitted gifts and this is an awesome idea!

    • I like that it was pretty quick to make it. But if I tried it again, I’d use pink and green or orange and sky blue. I think that I’d have way more fun with that kind of set with crazy colors!!

      I LOVE bandana furoshiki! I only wish they were larger sometimes. I learned how to sew fabric together to wrap stuff in for larger knits. Such a different feel than when I would buy gift bags. LOVE it!!

  5. Your hat for the fella looks great, and I love the re-usable wrap. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a copy of Weekend Knitting for ages. The checkerboard would be a fabulous first project to learn double knitting. SO MANY IDEAS! 🙂

    • ROFL!! Try them ALL!! If you use the kindle app at all, they have Weekend Knitting for download at amazon.com. 🙂 I nearly fell in the floor when I saw that there about a month ago I think. My all time favorite knitting book so far.

      Double knitting isn’t difficult at all. It’s just looonnnnnnggggg for me. A checkerboard would probably take me at least a week! But I know I’m going to have to do it sometime. It’s just looks way too fun!

  6. Yummy! (I believe that is the correct adjective) The tic tac toe set is just adorable. Nice job with the hat and wrapping too!

  7. Love the tic tac toe patch. How cute and clever. I so wish that I enjoyed knitting but I don’t. It stresses me to no end! It fasciantes me though. Maybe I should go back to it and just knit very large stitch scarves.

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