Ballin’ (& Why I LOVE Crafts Blogs)

Meet my first bandana ball!

I love crafts blogs! You can zip all over the internet in five minutes and see so many interesting and fun ideas it’s staggering!  Today, I was merrily clicking along blogrolls from my favorite bloggers and happened upon this blog entry that showed the blogger’s progress on a crocheted rug.  But, as you can see, it wasn’t just any old rug.  It was crocheted with fabric yarn! Yes! I loved it immediately! I remembered seeing something similar in an Erika Knight book I bought ages ago, Comforts of Home Simple Knitted Accents.  I had always meant to try her rag rug and this crocheted fabric rug brought it all back! Truth be told, I probably still won’t be trying that rag rug any time soon (we’ll see).  But I had been wondering what to do with all of this leftover fabric I get when I make my wraps for packaging my knits.

You see all that?  Mmmhmmm.  And there’s more where that came from.

This was a gift for my mil.  Last year.  Along with the latest for This Guy, those are actually the last two bandanas that I used. Problem is, they’re oftentimes way too small for the boxes that I make to package most knits.  Yeah, I could stop making boxes.  But actually, that’s part of the fun! So, at this point, they’re taking up needed space.  Now, I know how I can give all of those scraps something to do!

For an easy peasy tutorial on how to make the fabric yarn see this post from the same blog.  And don’t forget to check out how to make the joins.

Man, I love crafts blogs!


  1. I love craft blogs as well. I’ve been meaning to crochet something out of these knit strips I have. I’ve been meaning to crochet a bag out of the plastic yarn strips I have. Neither have been done YET, but at least I have started making my plarn balls. 🙂 I know you’ll create something fabulous with your fabric scraps!

    • I never tried this before this bandana ball and I got a little basket out of this. I had seen the t-shirt and plarn yarns. But I use my t-shirts too much and I just haven’t sat down long enough with the plastic bags I have left. I think the basket is pretty cute. I made it like a little bag, but I’m thinking making panels and then sewing them next time. This was a neat project!

  2. Craft blogs are awesome! I totally agree. 😀 Isn’t it wonderful what people make/create/do? And that crocheted fabric-yarn rug is stunning! Your first ball of fabric-yarn is just perfect. So charming! (I should mention your fabric photo is making me drool. Pretty fabric + pretty photograph = drool. lol)

    • YES! And the only problem with it is that there’s never enough time to try it all!!
      I actually love this photo too! I don’t even know what that’s about, lol. It just works, I think.

  3. Lovely!

  4. Could you post your blogroll list(s)?? That would be really interesting..

  5. I agree craft blogs are a plethora of knowledge that are there whenever you need them.

  6. I recall, once upon a time, there being millions of blog rings connecting like-crafts blogs. I don’t see so many anymore. Now I have to thrive from the sidebars of the bloggers I come across on here. But, the blogs are always a pleasure to find, once you find them, lol.

  7. I’m always adding new things on my to do list to make! I don’t think I’ll ever have the time to craft all the projects I have bookmarked! But we can try right? 🙂

    • Crafty minds do think alike! Awhile ago I got a knitting book called The Knitter’s Life List. It’s still on my to do list to read through it! Love the pics though. 🙂 Yes, try we must!

  8. Dang, blog you refer to has been remove,

    • I know!! It was a beautiful post too! I don’t know why it got removed. It’s possible she wanted to revamp her blog or something. But, the tutorial was awesome! It was a crocheted rag rug that looked similar to this one. I left the link there just in case the owner decided to take the blog back up again as I believe she had a lot of readership. I do think she is still blogging with the same blog title, but maybe not the same platform? In other words, I’ve seen another blog with the same name, just not at anymore. I know the new blog sounds just as interesting as the old one did! Just about other things than crafts mostly.

  9. I’m just starting out as a craft blogger- how do you go about finding other craft blogs to share ideas with?

    • I think much of finding other crafts bloggers comes from the comments you get, looking at the sidebars (or pages) of links that those bloggers read, and sites like tumblr, pinterest, craftgawker, etc., can lead you to other crafts blogs (sometimes depending on how you search). You can also usually google a craft you are interested in and find some blogs on that topic.

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