Yarn & Fiber Love

A little of this…a little of that…

I’ve been experiencing a little bit of a sleep deficit lately.  So, I worked on smaller projects that could travel with me during the day.  Attempting to stashbust, I knit this red cowl from the leftovers of the project for my coworkers daughter.  This is 100% baby alpaca.  Mmmmmmm….So soft.  I love knitting with this! It’s chunky so it knit up in no time.  Very helpful for getting to bed on time.  Unfortunately, my stashbusting project is going to take a minute.  I have a lot of stash to bust!

Another travel project, the latest from my first three ply yarn, is going pretty quickly, actually.

Can you believe I’m on the last length to spin already?  This actually may get done this weekend.  Whereas the other two spins (see here)….well, we won’t go into how long they took again, lol!  Not sure what to attribute the time difference to for the disparity.  But, I do know that as it gets closer to plying day, I’m getting more and more anxious to see it done!! 🙂

And, I finally got to play with my wheel today! I’ve been missing it since the weekend before last.  Normally, when I spin during the week, it has to be late at night.  This week, I’ve been turning in so early, I never got to touch the poor thing.  Well, today, she was given the attention she was rightfully due.

Now, there’s no real way to tell, but I think this could be the center.  So I’m going to be starting a new bobbin with this tomorrow.  One step closer to plying this!! Although I have been thinking of dyeing this merino that came with the wheel some red color just to see what it would be like to ply all of that together.  I haven’t decided yet.  It might be best to keep this fiber’s integrity just because I love it so much.

Oh, have I told you all that I’m IN LOVE with this fiber?! Yes, this has progressed past the like stage…past the like a lot….past the love stage.  This is actually a head over heels stage.

Well, it is the season for lovers. 🙂


  1. You can’t sleep because you’re thinking of all of this crafty goodness! lol It’s funny; sometimes I find myself getting hyper for crafting really late at night and I really don’t do any crafting, just sorting yarns, thinking of the next project, and anything and everything associated with the crafting process. It’s exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time.

    Your new fibers look so delicious!

    • You might be right, Libby! I think up projects I don’t even get to do. I think I need to start drawing in a notebook again…Then, when I do attempt to make something by staying up late, I stay up all hours of the night and kick myself the next morning!! But it feels so good to get something completed and be able to say, “I made that!” 🙂

  2. MmmMmmMmm… that fiber is all kinds of yummy!

  3. lol I honestly don’t know how you manage to accomplish so much, creatively, with all the other important and pressing things in your life (kids, husbie, jobs…) You’re an inspiration, Stacey! (And that’s not just a nicety – I seriously mean you’re an inspiration.) You’re like a positive-energy generator… The baby-alpaca cowl is dreamy! I adore baby alpaca, and red is one of my favorite colors (right after orange.) 🙂 And now I have to pause and say that your spindle-work is outstanding. It looks like art: like if you were to just leave that yarn alone, the way it is on the spindle – it’s art. Your bobbins are looking wonderful! I love your idea for dyeing the red fiber and possibly plying them all… Your color sense is great, so whatever you do will be beautiful. 😀

    • I’m blushing!!! Thanks so much for those kind words! Your favorite is orange too?! I read somewhere that the color orange means strength. Isn’t that good to know? 🙂 Thank you for the compliments on the spindles. I wish I was a little faster. But, hey, you do what you can. And I’m still on the fence about adding anything to this Pottersville. This stuff is heavenly!! Every time I touch it, it’s like I melt a little, lol! It’s THAT soft!

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