So Close…Yet So Far

It started off so well.

I had finally finished the spinning on the turquoise merino.  All of the singles from the magenta and turquoise were wound up on the nostepinne and just waiting to be plied with the singles from the Turkish.

Here’s a closer look at the color.

It’s glowing, right?!

I couldn’t wait to get spinning! I even spun up a sample before I got started.

Now, this is the spinning equivalent of knitting a gauge swatch.  Ugh.  But, I just needed to see how it spun up.  It actually came out a little finer than I was going for….more on that in another post.  But, it was really pretty and I figured, all of the time it took to make these singles was about to pay off!

So, early this morning, I put all of it into a plastic baggie and threw it in my knitting bag.  I decided to toss my spindle in there too just in case I got farther than I thought I would.  I figured I could  work on it today in between my jobs.  What you see above is my progress up until when the bottom fell out…

With my right hand up towards the sky, I vow to never try to wind three un-tensioned center pull balls of singles ever again.  The tangles were monstrous!! I had been moving merrily along through the winding process.  I actually had gotten a good bit on the noste.  And then, they came.  First, with the magenta.  Then, with the turquoise.  Then they started playing back and forth.  The centers were coming out with the strand at the center and getting all jumbled up, all willy nilly style.  You may notice my policy on tangling.  It has served me well for a year now.  Well, I actually forsook it for a bit tonight.  I was desperate! I have very noble plans for this yarn.  But, eventually, I had to come to the realization that I needed to let this be over and perhaps, pick the rest of it up again some other time.  So, we’ll see how much I actually got from this project after I spin up the three strand ball I have so far. It’s actually quite sizeable, so all was not lost.

Meh.  You live and you learn…and then you make a Lazy Kate from a shoebox.   🙂


  1. Yikes! That’s not good, hope you get back on track. Good luck!

    • Well, it’s a good thing. I’m the type that learns all about what NOT to do before I learn what works, lol! So, I’ll know better for next time. I’ve read plying can be done on-the-go. So, I’ll be seeing what works for others before I do it again. This particular time, I just threw them all in a bag and off I went. Probably not the best way to go. The good thing is, I got to the end of the plying last night. So the yarn is hanging now, still drying a bit before I take another photo of it. Maybe that was the luck you wished me!

  2. Ohmy… I am completely boggled by how one would 3-ply a yarn the way you’re doing it – it looks magical and insanely technical all at once. (I’ve only ever done singles with a spindle: I never dared go further, lol.) But I’m so sorry you got those tangles! Ack! I’m looking forward to see the yarnie and how you overcame the challenges! 😀 (Did I ask you this?) How do you choose what to spindle-spin v. wheel-spin? Is it just what you’re in the mood for at the time?

    • Quite frankly, I’m boggled too now! LOL! It’s the first time I’ve tried to ply from a 3 strand ball…though I’ve done it with a 2 strand ball and all was fine. Not sure what happened this time…Maybe I missed something. I’ll have to spin 3 singles and try it again! I had that project going on before I got the wheel, so I just intended to finish that one with spindles. I guess going forward, I have to decide those things. I do know that I like to have projects travel with me because I work a lot…and spindles are just SO pretty!! I have some balls that I haven’t even plied yet because they were just projects done for the fun of it. I guess I could leave them as is. But I know they wouldn’t work as yarn. They would not be remotely balanced!


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