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Meet my current take-along project.  Can you guess what that is going to be?

That is actually a hat.  This is the first time I will be knitting a hat back-and-forth as opposed to in the round.  I see it a lot for beginner knitter patterns.  But even when I first started knitting, I never tried one.  It always made more sense to knit something round in the round and save the time needed to sew up for garments and knits that had to be sewn up.  I got this pattern just based on the photo, not really worrying about what the pattern would call for (that is just SO like me).  It’s an absolutely beautiful hat and a friend of mine saw it in my Evernote.  I had always meant to make it for myself, but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  Well, she had to have it.  The next day when I came to work, she said, “I’m so excited about that hat!”  LOL! So, I’m knitting a hat flat.  Girl Child and I are currently feeling under the weather though.  Fortunately, in this century, that has nil effect on my knitting as long as my laptop is alive.

The aforementioned, Evernote Note containing the pattern.

Isn’t that lovely? It’s the Jo Storie Cove Hat as you can see.  I think color will always be my favorite aspect of working with yarn.  But I love cables! They’re so sculptural.  This is the only pattern I have by Jo Storie (so far) and it looks gorgeous in the pdf.  If you like it enough to buy it already made for you, they do that too.  I love that it’s an easy peasy knit too so I don’t have to keep looking at it.  I just get a counter clicking, and I got it.  And it’s a good thing, because I’ve been watching some very educational movies since having caught the sniffles.

That’s Judith MacKenzie McCuin, master spinner.  And she’s showing me how to use my toolbox.  Well, at the moment, she’s talking about fleece and preparations, which is a little advanced for me just yet to be doing, but not to know about.  I’m finding this video and her video on plying to be so useful! I have her book The Intentional Spinner as well.  I got it when I first got my wheel and before I got the book Start Spinning by Maggie Casey.  I found Maggie Casey’s book to be more helpful to me when I first started with the wheel because I just wanted to just get started!! There is some talk in both books about fibers and preparation.  But I believe Casey’s book is more useful when you’re a total newbie.  Casey’s book goes straight to the point early on wheras MacKenzie McCuin’s goes into a little more about the fibers and history from the start.  I see the beauty in knowing that, but I got a little lost in that because I know it’s not something I’m going to digest right away.  Spinning takes time to learn with your brain and your hands and your body.  Putting more on top of all of that at the onset is too much for my system at this point in life.  On the other hand, the first video on spinning I saw was Maggie Casey’s Start Spinning Video that she did with Eunny Jang.  I saw that after having made a skein or two on my wheel already.  I have been finding MacKenzie McCuin’s videos (A Spinner’s Toolbox and The Gentle Art of Plying) more helpful at this point because I’m ready to learn a little bit more now in depth.  (If you’re on a certain email list, you’ll know about when these downloads go on sale too-sometimes you can catch them between $9.99-$17.00 🙂 ).  Her teaching style is only slightly chatty so she winds up chocking all of the video full with side notes of info that are very helpful for spinning.

I don’t know.  When I was younger and more of a devoted draftsman/painter only, I devoured books.  Mostly fictional novels.  And I could imagine all the different places and people and what not.  But, as I’ve gotten older, and I try other mediums of expression, I just want to see pictures and do it! Not sure what that’s all about, but there it is.  I figure if it keeps my attention long enough, I’ll go into the background of things later on.  Maybe a year or so down the road, I’ll want to prepare a fleece or something.  At the moment, just learning to draft and ply well is enough.  Of course, these days, I believe the time has come to figure out what I’m spinning and Judith is perfect for all that!  By the way, I have been spinning mostly worsted and semi-worsted while slipping into a supported woolen every so often-all in the same skein! So, I can’t say I’ll digest all that she’s talking about right away.  But the mental notes are all being made and that’s a start.

So, in between healthy swigs of orange juice, I’m knitting on this little number while Judith is teaching and Girl Child is rocking away on the iPad right next to me.  Turns out, she has little patience for Judith.  Teena Marie and Shrek seems to have won out with her today.  Sorry, Judith.

Oh, and I got to use my Knitter’s Pride needles! First time using those.  They remind me so much of knitting with the Knit Picks needles, it’s uncanny.  I think the same folks make them.  So far, I haven’t had to retighten or anything though and that’s good enough for me.

I just like to try out different knitting needles.

Anyway, all I need now is for these three balls to last the whole project since that is all of the dye lot the store had left…(shudders)


  1. Wow, despite being sick you seem to be getting alot done! Happy knitting and Get well soon!

  2. flowerpotdesigns says:

    That looks like a gorgeous hat. I can’t wait to see it finished! I might just have to get that pattern too! I just started knitting cables and I love it!!

  3. You have no idea how much I love your posts, Stacey. 🙂 Your thoughts on reading back in the day vs. how you approach things now really resonated. It’s the same way with me. Also, your hat is looking stunning! I’ve never worked on a hat flat, but this puppy would inspire anyone to give it a try – Just beautiful… I hope by now you and your precious girl are feeling much better!

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one! A friend and I have sons on the basketball team and during practice she devours books while I’m knitting or spinning. She just smiles and digs in. And, I do the same thing with some yarn and needles or a tiny spindling project. I just can’t help it!

      That hat IS nice, isn’t it? She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to have to borrow that hat sometimes, lol. Thanks for the well wishes too. She has had a couple doses of her scrip and she is now eating up the house again. All is well. 🙂

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