Finally! Two bobbins done.  Aren’t they purty? 🙂

Now what? LOL!

I have four ounces of undyed merino that I have thought about dyeing red to ply with this spin and I still haven’t decided yay or nay yet.  It’s really crucial now because I believe I have that disease that all beginner spinners get after having spun up all the singles in a batch of fiber.  It’s called Can’t Waititis and it hits hard.

I mean, just look at this stuff!

It’s like a watermelon waterfall!


1) Since I have yet to see two bobbins full that look equal actually spin up equally,  I could maybe get away with dyeing a tiny bit of the merino kool-aid red and plying it with the leftovers, just to satisfy my need to see it, thereby leaving the bulk of this fiber untainted (I love this fiber so much!!).


2) I could make and spin up a couple ounces of the red merino and make this a three ply.


3) I could make the whole four ounces of red merino and make this a whole skein of 50/50 2-ply.

This is all, of course, further complicated by the fact that I have never dyed unspun fiber before…and the fact that spinning up another couple ounces or more would take EVEN LONGER (and I really, REALLY want to see this yarn).

What’s a new spinner to do?

Beats me.






    • ROFL! This really does remind me of watermelon! It’s so pretty on the bobbins! I read somewhere bobbins should sit a minute before you ply. Not sure how true that is, but it has worked so far. I just really, really want to see it now!

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