Don’t Judge :)

I just couldn’t help it!

Yes, I plied it all last night. Well, except for a samples worth which I plan to use to try an n-ply. Girl Child is about to go to the doc, so I had a minute to snap a few shots.


Judith’s videos got me all amped up about plying and so, I just had to try it! This hasn’t been washed yet, but I’m snapping pics at every stage just in case I muck it up. At least I’ll have my memories. 🙂

I have to say that the motions are a little easier after having watched the videos. I’ll have to try it a few more times and with more plies though before I’ll be really comfortable. I didn’t think this would take as long as it did though. Plying usually takes less time than spinning the singles. All I recall was thinking I’d be done in an hour from 8:30 pm and finally turning in around 2:30 am! Then, I put it on a niddy noddy and I found out why. I got about 532 yards of yarn out of that prep! Well, it’s either that or proper plying takes more time, lol.

Look! Yarn soup! I don’t know what my thing is with all the yarn and food correlations. I must be posting while hungry or something.

Anyway, I love learning new things, especially when it comes to yarn, so this was pretty fun.  But now comes the hard part…Finishing well. We’ll see what it looks like when it comes out of the bath.


  1. ahem. It is watermelon sugary sweetness. Not soup. WANTS THE NOMZ.

  2. Yarn soup?! ROFL Your work is GORGEOUS Stacey! I know you’re especially modest and humble – which make you so endearing and lovely – but girl, you’ve got skills!!!

    • I am blushing!! Thank you! I really loved this fiber and I think the prep made ALL the difference. I actually read somewhere that if you can spin merino, you can spin anything, BUT that the correct prep makes it super easy. I think that was your Pottersville! I still can’t believe how soft it was to work with and how it drafted so well. Now that I’ve finished the spinning and plying, I really miss it! Strange, but true. I really miss spinning on that fiber!

  3. Yarn soup? So cute! (ok that rhyme was a little stupid but I didn’t plan it) Don’t worry I can’t judge cause I’m the same way

    • LOL! I’m beginning to find out that all spinners are that way. Just can’t wait to see a finished yarn! I’m knitting this hat and I’m thinking, “I can’t wait until I have enough handspun that I don’t have to worry about whether I have enough yarn to finish anything. I can just spin some more!”

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