Well, well, well.  What do we have here?

This signals that I have 11 rows left on the hat and then I’m ready to sew it up.  I’ll get those rows knit up tonight.  And probably sew it up tomorrow night.  Honestly, it took longer than it should have.  This is truly a one day knit, it’s so bulky.  Two night knit at the most.  Busy week.  In addition to my other two jobs, I’ve also served as a spelling bee judge and a photographer this week.  I’ve felt kind of janky too in week three of the never ending cold.  What’re you gonna do, right?

The other reason it took so long was because I thought I might run out of yarn for this project before it was 3/4 of the way through.  I was dragging my feet because I just didn’t want to see that happen.  But, I queued up a movie today and just got going on it and it looks like I was wrong about running out (wipes sweat from brow). Now, with 11 rows left and knitting from both ends of the last ball standing, I think we’re gonna make it.  Woohoo!!

Here it is all stretched out.  Sort of.

And here are those lovely, lazy horseshoe cables close up again.

You know you love them as much as I do, lol!

I got to wash that skein though I think this photo is a little redundant because it didn’t bloom much, if any.  Maybe it’s a little more worsted than I thought it was?

I noticed when it came off the bobbin after being plied, it was hanging in an open loop.  I know that that usually means balanced.  But, after I washed it, it still did.  Didn’t expect that.  I thought it might twist up since it didn’t after plying.  Curious.  But, it’s a handsome looker!

In other news, I joined a fiber club! It’s Sosae Caetano’s March Fiber Club.  Big surprise, huh? LOL! I’m pretty excited about that though because I get to feed my inner fiber monster soon!  Plus, I just thoroughly enjoyed that last spin.  I have never touched fiber that soft and nothing I’ve bought so far besides that has drafted so well! It was truly fluffy! But, I didn’t stop there…

Some back story…I wanted a spinning wheel last year, but I didn’t expect one until maybe a few years down the road.  When I got the very one I wanted for Christmas, I was so surprised I could barely contain myself.  My first choice was the Ashford Joy.  I wanted it because it was portable, easy to learn for beginners, had a Lazy Kate attached to it, and it seemed that folks who had one loved it.  Plus, it was just so darned cute! Well, I LOVE this wheel! It fits my lifestyle so well.  But, now that spinning is such an integral component of my well-being, I can’t imagine not being able to do it or having to stop, even temporarily for  such nuisances as repairs.  I honestly keep having recurring thoughts of my band breaking or getting too slack and not knowing how to fix it right away. Now, of course, if it happened, I’d be on it then and there until it was fixed.  But, I figured it was also time for that alternate wheel sooner than later.  So, I’ve researched and researched and it came down to the Schacht Ladybug.  I did see the new Sidekick and I thought it might be a good fit since it could also collapse and it had an exciting new design.  But, when I read that it was not passing carpet tests, I had to pass on it (you can read one blogger’s review here and see another co-sign on that on Ravelry).  Have a travel wheel, will travel.  But, if I’m traveling, it has to be good on all surfaces.  On the other hand, the Ladybug had no such complaints…as a matter of fact, it had none that I could find.  And it is a little cheaper too.  Cheaper than even my Joy was.  Since there are no shops to test out wheels near me, I have to rely on the feedback of other spinners and it looks like an excellent choice!  I’ve settled on it and I should be spinning on one of those soon with some pretty fluffy fiber to dress it up!

Now, I tried explaining all of this to my husband who got me the Joy.  He said, “I just don’t understand why you need another wheel.”  You can see my feelings on that here.  I honestly don’t know why he’s so lost about it.  He started it.


  1. I’m so overjoyed you joined the March club! (Working on it as we speak!) I hope it I can live up to all of your generous fiber-compliments – geez but you know how to make a girl fee special… 😀 LOL Husbands just don’t grasp the idea of multiple wheels, do they? (I think it’s a man-thing. lol) Would you believe I’ve heard the same thing said about shoes? (“Why do you need more than one pair of pumps?” AHAHAHAHAHAHA) Your hat looks STUNNING. Wow – I can’t wait to see it sewn and ready to wear! What a great color too – those cloudy grays can be so peaceful (and tres chic.) Your handspun is so lovely! Such a talented lady you are!
    Oooo! Oooooooo! Congratulations on the new wheel! Please post pictures! (Must live this 2nd wheel-dream vicariously for the time being.) 🙂

    • I’m glad I joined too! I can’t wait to see it. Take your time, really. But I will be on the edge of my seat!! I know it will be beautiful and SOFT!

      Yeah, what’s up with those guys? Lol! My husband can justify having a few cars and make it sound logical. Another spinning wheel for me is not such a huge stretch, I think. LOL!

      That yarn is my favorite spin so far!! I think it shows a little. 🙂

  2. *derp* I meant, “feel” special. Edit comments at will! 😀

    • LOL! No need. 🙂 Have you ener seen the email furwird that shews that we obly rewd the beginning and the end of words. Wtat’s in the middle never eyen matters! We scip over words wifh this “knowilg” of what we’re reeding. Expectetion maybe? 😉

  3. As usual, another brill blog!

  4. Oh, your project is coming along so beautifully. I hope that you do get to finish it tonight. But if you’re anything like me, there’s a type of joy and sadness that comes with finishing a project. Those cables are a dream!

    Thank you so much for checking in on me. You know I started having my recurring dream of owning a Macbook Pro! Yeah, I even priced some in my impatience. I will hold on to that dream, but for now I’m just super excited to have my computer back (as of today) and equally glad to catch up on your blog!

    • Hey Libby! Glad your back! I love the macbook pro. It is a little friendlier to photos and what not. But, not so much docs I have to write. But, in the end, if it gets the job done, it’s whatever works, lol!

      I feel the same way about completing projects!! Sometimes, I let one that I really like sit for awhile just so that I don’t have to be done with it yet, lol. Weird, huh? 🙂

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