At the Speed of Life

Everything is moving pretty fast around here lately.

In the middle of ball games and a re-sicked up kid, I am getting some things done. I’m so behind though…we’ll see how fast I can catch up.

So…this is the first offering on my new Ladybug from Schacht. And I have to say, with the exception of some small differences, it’s a lot like spinning on my Joy. They are both enjoyable wheels so I made out! I can spin while sitting on a sofa, watching movies. That’s really all I need. But each has a little something over the other. Here’s my list:

  • the Joy is lighter (SO much lighter than the Ladybug) so carrying it around the house (or anywhere) is easier
  • the hook to pull the yarn through the orifice on the Joy feels sturdier and fits into the wheel whereas the Ladybug hangs on the screw and could get easily lost (or easily swiped by my 6 year old)
  • more ratios on the Ladybug means more versatility over time
  • scotch tension set up is a little more “sturdy” on the Ladybug and the drive band also seems like it is a little better set up than the poly band on the Joy (built-in tensioner on the Ladybug to take up any slack)
  • the wood on the Ladybug is very light and more likely to get stained easily than on the Joy it seems (like when it arrived it had some of that black stuff on the shaft because it must’ve been pre-oiled…don’t want that to mess up the pretty wood, but it’s bound to get on there some time as oil travels)
  • the Ladybug stays set up, ready to go where you are which is nice for a stationary wheel/the Joy folds and has a bag which is nice for a wheel you can travel with-and the bag helps to keep its bits and accessories together

Meh.  That’s what I got so far.

At any rate, for my first offering, my Getting to Know My New Wheel Skein, I used that white merino that I haven’t dyed. I made this a 2-ply. It’s a little overplied, I think. But I’ll see if the wash fixes all that.

I got to try my hand at making a Lazy Kate too!

Note the amazing craftsmanship, right? LOL! Actually, I have a vertical Lazy Kate by Ashford. But these Schacht bobbins don’t fit. Until I get a Schacht Lazy Kate, this will do.

Yarn’s taking a bath and we girls need one too.  Got a game to get to for the Boy Child.  But, here are those pics of Donna with her hat on I promised.

We had to sneak these pics in at work….Shhh…don’t tell!

Weaving in ends tonight and then I have to see how I’m going to package this up.  But it looks like she likes!! I told her it’s like having a sweater on your head. The hat is gigantic knit up! I also told her it was too bad that the weather is getting warmer so she won’t be able to wear it until next year, to which she responded, “Girl! I will rock this with a T-shirt.”  LOL! Always fashion forward.


  1. The hat looks amazing on Donna! And yes, I have seen many a winter hat with summer attire. lol

    Hope you sick kid gets better soon. 🙂

    • Correction: “your” not “you”. This Daylight Savings thing is messing me up! lol

      • Thanks Libby! I like this hat on her. But, truthfully, I think Donna can make anything look good!

        My area never really got much snow this year. I think there are just germs everywhere you go around here that haven’t gotten that winter clean yet…Time to clean up for spring though. We’ll see if this last stretch of the school year isn’t any better.

  2. Wow sounds like you’ve got your hands full. You and Donna are such rebels… taknig pictures at work! Haha 🙂

  3. (Such an evocative, poetic title…) 🙂 Omg, the hat is gorgeous! It looks absolutely stunning on Donna! The merino skein is precious. And I really enjoyed your comparisons of the Joy and Ladybug. (I’m planning on a 2nd wheel in the coming year, so this kind of insight/opinion really helps!) Hoping your little babe gets well soon! And ball-games sound like a blast. 😀

    • Thanks for the compliment on the hat! I think I want one too…but it would have to be smaller for me. I’m not used to making such large fashion statements, lol. Ooohh!! Which wheels are you considering?

      She did get better and then she started coughing all over again last night. I just don’t know what to do. The teachers have been taking her jacket off before she goes outside for recess and what not. I think that may have been the culprit. It’s just way too soon for that. Breaking out the meds. Again.

  4. flowerpotdesigns says:

    oh that hat looks great! good job! i love it!


  1. […] in, seriously, WHOA mama.  One of my friends from work (you remember Donna?) asked me to find something to knit for a friend of hers that is having a baby.  So, since […]

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