Wednesday Night Live


Blogging from A.I. Children’s Hospital tonight.

There is really only some minor exhaustion to report on today. Boy Child has just started basketball practice again. Girl Child is exhibiting some new behaviors at school….which brings me to our current location. The Children’s Hospital.

A little note about my children…both of them, when they need to be seen by a doctor, usually present with what appears to be a fatal illness. That is, until they actually get in front of a doctor, at which point they start laughing and giggling…the older one even jokes! All in an effort to make their mother appear crazy, I think. In fact, if you visited the Children’s Hospital tonight, I will be the one with the little girl that is turning somersaults in her seat.

Ah well. What’re you going to do, right?

Below there is some spinning I picked up for the first time in months. Really just trying to finish up the spindles I have going before I start any others. Tonight’s impromptu visit may put a tiny dent into that progress.


Fortunately, I have my knitting with me. 🙂


  1. Your kids sound like true characters. lol You’re not crazy. 🙂

    This is some gorgeous fiber. I know you have to smile when you spin, because when I see what you’re producing, I smile…even while typing my replies. Maybe I’m the one who’s crazy!

    • I immediately thought of the USA commercials where they say, “Characters welcome.” USA has nothing on my kids!

      Tell the truth. Are you smiling or laughing? 🙂 LOL! I know I’m SO obsessed over it! You don’t have to answer that because with the way you craft, I know you get it. But, sometimes, I keep thinking, everyone that sees these close-ups must think I’m so crazy. I actually do smile. Seriously, if knitting is meditative, spinning must be hypnotic. Seeing the raw material and the colors swirl together and go from fluff to string is just an amazing process. Very much like seeing a ball of yarn become an actual three-dimensional object. It’s all just a really beautiful process to me.

  2. LOL Well, thank goodness for the somersaults. 🙂

    You are the only spinner I’ve met whose yarn-filled spindles look as gorgeous as the finished yarns. What a stunning spin! How do you do it? (My spindle-spins always looked dreadful, to put it mildly. lol)

    • Yes! She is such a busybody! She never keeps still! But when the doc saw her, he knew I was right. So, we have another antibiotic to het through. And a follow-up, and we’ll see what happens after that.

      I just love the beauty of spindles! But, for Turkish spindles, the method for winding on always make them look exceptionally pretty!

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