The To-Do List That Never Ends

There is a pond on my wheel.

More specifically, there is a Goldfish Pond on my wheel. Another fiber from Sosae Caetano. I’m in love with orange and blue/blue green combinations (you may have noticed looking around my blog…). So yum.

I have so many things in the mix right now.

  • too many things I have to get finished and into the mail for friends and family (don’t even want to think about that)
  • keeping up with my exercise reg in new and interesting ways (usually all involving losing sleep)
  • trying to apply for a new position at the school where I work…(crossing my fingers on this one)
  • keeping up with the kids’ schedules and reconnecting with the hubby (joyous, stressful and time-consuming all at the same time)

When I’m not working this list, I’m practicing my spinning.  That’s my little reprieve from my to-do’s.

These photos were taken earlier today when there was still light hanging around.  I finished this bobbin a little later, and if you can believe it, it looks even better now.  How’s that even possible, right? 🙂  I am spinning these with a particular color technique in mind.  As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently interested in fractal spinning.  I kept seeing these photos of beautifully spun yarn with captions reading, “blah, blah, blah….fractally spun…blah, blah, blah.” On the humbug, I googled the term and found some information that looked like it would be doable for a beginner.  So, I’m working on that with this bobbin.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished!

The last yarn I finished, that cushy, 3-ply white merino, got immediately put to work on another pair of fingerless mitts for that same friend (just in case she can’t match them to everything, lol).  The interesting thing was seeing if I would see a difference in how the stitches behaved compared to the previous handspun pair which was a 2-ply.

Well, it could be that I haven’t been spinning long enough….Or maybe I haven’t knit with what I’ve spun enough.  But I haven’t really noticed a difference in how a 2-ply yarn behaves versus a 3-ply.  Now, these preparations aren’t from the same shop, but, I figure that’s probably a minor point since they both drafted similarly?  Could be wrong about that.  At any rate, the stitches were full and plump and the feel of the mitt is SO nice.  I think she’ll like these too.  And maybe she’ll forgive me that they’re a week late?  😉

I just love knitting with handspun yarn.  And it feels even better that I made it myself! 🙂


  1. I don’t know much of anything concerning spinning, BUT, I do know that what you have spun is simply gorgeous. I also love how the first two images match so well with your blog template. And, I really don’t think your friend will mind about receiving week-late gloves when they’re so beautiful. I still owe somebody two hats. It’s been so long since the request that I’m kinda of ashamed to bring it up, but it nags me when I finish other projects that I’ve committed myself to since that request. I guess I have to suck it up and ask if they still want them. I’m kinda sure they do, even though the weather is much different now. 🙂

    • It’s like they say, “So much to do…so little time.” It’s really true! I’m sure they will still want what you’re making though. They’ll just put their request in much earlier next time! 😉

  2. Like, WOW. I want those gloves. LOL They’re so feminine and pretty – I am drawn to the natural white, and your handspun is beyond delicious. And don’t get me started on the fish in the pond! WOW! Was that the Portuguese wool? What do you think of it? I rather enjoy the spinning of it, though it has a much shorter staple than other merinos. And GAH! I love your photos so much! 😀

    • I think I lost my first response to this somehow…

      I love this white too! Now, I’ve never seen her wear all white anythings. But, she’s a matcher like me (likes to match everything, lol!), so I’m sure she’ll find something!

      The portuguese wool was fabulous for spinning! It was really grabby so I got to ply right after spinning the singles without worrying about the fibers slipping past each other. I’m only just beginning to learn about staple length. But I’m finding it’s REALLY important! Lol.

  3. I love your yarns! 🙂 And I agree, knitting with handspun is just glorious. So soft.

    Also, 3-plys make a much rounder yarn, which is more plump and filling. 2-plys and singles are better for lacework since a 3-ply would fill the holes up more. Hope that makes sense. 😛

    • Thank you! It’s a learning process that it seems I may never grow out of, lol.

      Yes, it really does make sense. I remember Judith McKenzie McCuin explaining it in one of the videos I downloaded. Something about the yarn always wanting to open up and return to its original state along with the way a 2-ply is constructed vs a 3-ply’s construction. I think the 3-ply arranges itself around a hollow core where the 2-ply doesn’t have that hollow core? Something like that. I just think my eye hasn’t been trained to see it yet. I’m sure it will come with time-and more handspun knits!!

  4. you call yourself a beginner?? wow! just, wow! I have a long ways to go before I get to your beginner abilities, but your blog is inspiring to me.

    • Lol! Thank you! But, yes. I will be coming up on a year this summer! I’m so excited about the fact that there’s still loads more to learn. I would like to start delving into the info on breeds soon too and maybe a little bit of fiber prep. Don’t know that I will like all that as much as spinning. It can get very techy and I like to keep things simple. But for personal knowledge, I think I’d like to try it. Little by little… 🙂

  5. Simply beautiful! You are so talented!


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