Ya Wanna See Some Yarn?

I think I can officially be called a junkie at this point.

I finished spinning and plying Sosae Caetano’s Goldfish Pond colorway last night. Then, I wet finished it and since it was slightly damp in two places, I actually had the audacity to take these skeins with me to work today. Why, you ask? Because I had to hang them and keep them near me. Covers face in abject humiliation. Is there a doctor in the house?

On top of that, I feel like such a pusher. Today, at lunch time, I made my co-workers look at it. And touch it. And squoosh it. Is that such a crime?

And here I am now, forcing you to sift through yet another post of yarn.

How can you stand me?! Sigh.

Here they are completely dry.

It’s a compulsion.


  1. Admitting it is the first step to recovery. 🙂

  2. If I said I’d never chased my other half round the house, brandishing a skein of new yarn, saying ‘touch it, tooouuuuccchh iiiiittttt’, I’d be a liar.

    • Lol! I inundate mine with cell photos of them while he’s at work late!! He humors me. 🙂

      Unfortunately, for him, that for me is like an invitatation to keep sending them. Unlimited text plans are so cool.

  3. ROFL I guess we’re all guilty of “Touch the yarn! Touch it!!!!” lol BTW, ROCKIN’ yarn, Stacey. You are so talented!!!! (Your photos are so pretty – like you took them under water.) :))

    • I think these are my favorite photos yet! I kept toying with the idea of abandoning this blog and beginning another because, how perfectly does that match the template, right?! LOL!

  4. You can never see (or touch) too much yarn! The colours are beautiful, I love the green and orange combination.

  5. flowerpotdesigns says:

    beautiful! i agree, you can never have enough….

    • NEVER!! Except for when it’s crowding you out of your room, lol. I stopped buying yarn from the LYS so that I could knit up some of my stash before buying anymore. Then, I started spinning. Consequently, I’ve set myself back a bit. 🙂

  6. LOL – A woman after my own heart!!!


  1. CraftStash says:

    […] Handspun by WeekendKnitter […]

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