The Week of the Navajo (cont’d)

I am knitting with my yarn!! I love doing that! I’m also testing out a new-to-me lens…

I was finally able to get a lens that I had been coveting for years.  It’s the Canon 50mm f1.4.  Truth be told, I actually don’t know which kinds of shots work best with this yet besides portraits and close still life.  But I’ve drooled over the customer shots on Amazon for so long that I knew one day, I’d have to have one of my own.  I’m also planning on picking up a kit lens for my camera for wider shots.  But, for now, I’m so happy!  I was so happy, I actually took some time to take some shots while I was out and about.

There’s this little shop that I have walked past so many times in the mall because I was pressed for time.  Yesterday, I just had to take the time to stop in.

Do you drink tea?  I do.  And I normally have a tea bag for every occasion.  But this Teavana…they’ve got tea-making down to a science.  Just walking in to see all of the beautiful shapes of the teapots would have been worth the pause in my day.

One of the guys at Teavana told me some of the symbols for the animals featured on these handmade teapots.  Let’s see…

ButterflyNew Beginnings

ElephantMight and Strength

MonkeyCuriosity and Energy

And did you know that the maker of the Porsche cars makes teapots?

He certainly does.  The aerodynamics on that teapot are fierce, right? 🙂

They were all lovely! I believe one day, I will have to have one.  But, after the lens, yesterday wasn’t that day, lol!

Beautiful tea sets were everywhere. Still, as you know, I’m a power multi-tasker….So, I was also there to get a gift for someone.  While I was waiting on that gift, the guys there (they are all fabulous!) made me a tumbler of a tasty orangey-ginger mix.

Look at those herbs!

It was awesome! See the tumbler there?  The inside of the tumblers are formed of clay which is supposed to take in the flavors of the herbs that are used in it. So, as the Teavana guys told me, I should only use one form of tea per tumbler. That was a little bit of a bummer. But I can dig it. I got mine with an emblem of a butterfly…although I’m almost certain that personality-wise, I’d be more monkeyish…Yeah.  The guys were really curious as to why I was taking photos.  Okay, they were nervous in the beginning.  But when I told them that I have a blog and that I’d only be doing hand-portraits at best, they got a real kick out of that.  I told them, “Yeah, EVERYBODY wants to hear about my day!” LOL! Hilarious! Fortunately, they didn’t think I was weird.  They told me I was a lot of fun! True story.  See?  Knitters and spinners can be fun.  🙂

By the time the gift was complete, I figured the lens had a good workout there and I was ready to put my hands in some fiber.

When I got back in, I took the rest of the Goldfish Pond to spin up.  But I found that it really wasn’t as much left as I thought.

I don’t know where I got the idea to try to spin that little bit onto the leftover bobbin to see if I could get it to be a continuous strand for The Week of the Navajo.

But guess what?  I think it worked! After these bobbins rest, I will be ready to begin the plying.

While I’m waiting, I started a little knit with the previous ply.  It’s coming out pretty well.

As you can see, I’ll have to keep practicing with this lens, but so far, I’m getting a kick out of bouncing around playing around with…pretty much everything.  Yup, like a monkey.  🙂


  1. I don’t drink tea but that is pretty cool all the same. The yarn you spun came out lovely. I think it’ll turn out fine.

  2. I love tea too. I’ve only recently heard of Teavana and I must look online to see if there is one anywhere near me.

    Your images are wonderful and I know how it feels to get a coveted lens. I use a Canon f/1.8 – I love it but it’s nothing like what you’ve just purchased. When you have a lot of interests, you have to prioritize that wish list, and so at this point I think I’m pretty good in all of my fiber departments with the exception that I really would like a Serger. Now my focus will be on photography stuff, but it’ll take a bit longer to save to fulfill that list! lol ENJOY!

    • The first time I had heard of it was when I walked past in the mall months ago. I didn’t even know there was a chain! But the items are beautiful-and costly!! I love tea and I would probably get a teapot just as a little splurge someday. But it probably won’t be too soon!

      That was the one I wanted first!! But, I got this one because I had a couple extra dollars. It’s pretty close to the same lens though. No wonder you take such gorgeous photos!! I’m still practicing with this one…I’d love a few more lenses too. But I think I’d better give it a rest at the moment. They cost a grip, lol! I’m definitely not good enough in my fiber department yet though. I want EVERYTHING!! Lol! A carder would be a lovely thing to have. But, I think I will just play with some hand carders and see if I like that first.

  3. Holy shit that looks gorgeous!

  4. I – uhhh…sorry, I was a little distracted by those studly arms. What was I saying? Oh yes, great arms, Stacey! I mean – great LENS!!!! Oh, and that entrelac is sooooooo beautiful! Mercy me, I’m so in love with your photography… Teapots are like, my FAVORITE things. (And tea, of course.) You’re so rad. (Yes, you are.)

    • His tatoos were crazy nice, weren’t they? I keep thinking I may get a tattoo on my shoulder or something. Nobody believes that I would do that. But I just might if I get my hands on $500 and don’t spend it on fiber stuffs, lol! Thanks for the compliments! I love the sahpes of teapots (and tea, of course). I got my son into drinking tea years ago. Chamomile is his favorite. But he adds so much sugar, I just ask him, “Would you like some tea with your sugar there?” 🙂

  5. You must try Teavana’s Silver Needles! LOVE their tea! Spinning and Tea – fabulous combo.

    • Silver Needles? I have a lot of teas and I’ve never heard of one called Silver Needles. I can’t imagine what’s in there so, of course, I am going to have to go back now, lol! I feel my pockets screaming. New tumbler, new tea! 🙂

      • It is a white tea. A teacher I worked with who came over from Houston got me hooked on it. He told me the day always looked brighter if it was started with Silver Needles. I agree. I even purchased one of Tevana’s pots and only use it for Silver Needles! Lol.

  6. I found your blog a couple of days ago – and I love it. I have started knitting last year, with LOADS of help and advise from my granny, and it is awesome. Your projects are so beautiful – and your packing, too! I was into origami a couple of years ago (it has rested for quite a time, tough), and its so great to see it done with cloth!
    I love to see your spinning, btwI think I never ever had the patience to do this … 😉

    Thank you for these awesome pictures of teapots! I really, really like them, especially the one with the monkeys.

    I’ll drop by again! Promise!
    Julia 😀

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