The Week of the Navajo (cont’d…again)

The results are in and I think I can Navajo ply now. 🙂

I think these look better than my first attempt at it. Well, except for that white one on the side there. On the other two, I actually tried the method in that video I linked to earlier this week and it actually worked out! These mini skeins seem more purposeful in their characteristics than the last one. So, yay me, right?

I have a small niddy noddy that makes tiny skeins like these. Pretty cute, huh? Of course, these are easy enough to make by wrapping the yarn around and around your forearm, making a loop by catching the yarn around your elbow and in your palm. Tie the ends of this multi-wrapped loop together (and wrap a couple places around this multi-wrapped loop/skein with a couple of ties to keep the skein tidy for washing), insert your thumb into the skein on either end and twist the skein in opposite directions with your thumbs until it wants to twist back on itself (or until you’ve got the amount of twist you want), and then insert one end of the skein into the loop formed on the opposite end to secure. Before you know it, you have a tiny, baby skein.

At some point, I thought, it’s probably pretty easy to maintain that over a small skein. What about an entire two to four ounce skein? So, I’m spinning up this lovely Berry Galette dyed by Sosae Caetano.

It’s just gorgeous! Reminds me of a tropical sunset! Now, I’m contemplating how I really want to spin this. Do I want to n-ply or fractal spin it? I’m supposed to be learning n-ply this week. But, I’m conflicted because I love the way a fractal spin looks just as much with all of those colors intermingling and what not. So, I took a couple shots of both of the Goldfish Pond skeins to help me figure it out.

It’s not working. Nope. Still not sure. I could go halfsies…Decisions, decisions.

Spinning this too…

Love that two over one under wind on!

It’s coming along. But Spring Break is going so quickly!  Too quickly, actually.  I finally did get those mitts boxed and wrapped though.

Sigh. They finally made it into the mail today. Dragged my feet on that wayyyy too long. Got one more gift to go before break is over and I’m golden. 🙂


  1. These skeins are beautiful! I know what you mean about Spring Break being over so soon. I haven’t gotten done what I had planned, although I am working on it as best I can. One can only do so much in 7 days though. lol

    • Thanks Libby! Yes, it went by too fast! I could use another two or three days myself. But, I feel almost satisfied, lol! Still, you are doing an entire room. That may be a work in progress for quite some time! I envy you though. I won’t get to start on mine until the summer…Sigh. In the meantime, I’m a crafting nomad, I suppose. LOL!

  2. daisiejane says:

    lovely! I can see what a difficult decision it is – how about knitting up a little of each to see the difference the ply makes? I am really intrigued!

  3. anastasiawraight says:

    The skeins are gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful, as usual! I also have a hard time decided whether to navajo ply or fractal spin… they both are great. I didn’t get as much spinning done as I wanted to over my spring break either… I’ve been spinning a really fine yarn and it is taking AGES. I’m going to n-ply it, aiming for fingering weight. I actually changed out the bobbin to start on another spinning project…

    Oh, by the way, my WordPress blog isn’t really a blog… it’s for my Humanities class; I have to blog on a specific topic once a week… it’s really not interesting haha.

    • Thanks! I don’t know if this issue will ever be settled for me either. I love them both. It’s just too difficult to settle on either.

      Seven days is just not enough, is it? But I had one goal in mind and I think I may have reached it well enough for now. I just hope I didn’t rush it to the point where the next time I have the time to do it, I realized I’ve forgotten what I was supposed to be doing with my hands! I’m going to have to head over to see your yarn!!

  5. What a good spinner!! Love the two examples. Beautiful yarn.

  6. Came across your post through a ‘furoshiki’ google alert (cos I love to see how other people are using them) and am so glad I did – what gorgeous colour combinations! Thanks, Mich

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