Things Are Getting Fishy Around Here

I finished the knitting on that hat to see what a fractal spin knits up like.

On a whim, I did a little chart doodle in my notebook and added a few little goldfishies going around the hat.  I call it, “There’s A Pond On Your Head!” ROFL! It truly doesn’t take much for me, huh?

I also wanted to check the gauge for knitting with this yarn and though I haven’t measured it yet, I think these are the right needles for this yarn.  I took these photos right before I finished it up because the sun was making a quick getaway.

And a close up.

I really love how the colors blend and then stack up next to each other!  It’s beautiful the way they play like that.

I finished the hat last night, but didn’t take the shot until today.  So the lighting is a little different since it is the end of my work day…

I think the hat is really pretty.  But, as always, when I knit something I’m winging as I go, I see all of what I should’ve done.  It’s really okay.  I usually knit something twice anyway.  And I only used the smaller skein on this one.  It fits my daughter, so it’s sticking around for next year.  But, if I try the hat again for me, I think I’d have to change the math so that I can add more fishies.  That’s what you get when you have a light bulb moment after you’ve started the knitting.  There’s only one problem.  I don’t wear wool hats.  But, I’ll cross that pond when I get to it.

Before I forget, I had an odd occurence on the way to do a home visit for my job today.  I noticed a peculiar sign on Greenbank Road. A sheep shearing?  In Delaware?  (I have to say that because I have never noticed any kinds of activities like that in this state.  Ever.)  And here it was.  A sheep shearing.  In Delaware.  And it’s ANNUAL.  Apparently, Greenbank Mill has been around for ages.  They’ve got spin ins and classes and knitting in public events, tours and it’s all so close! So, as you may have guessed, I’ve decided to go this year.  I swear, it’s like the heavens have opened up to me.  I’m about to walk through the pearly gates, y’all! 🙂  I hope it is as fun as it seems it might be.

Another curiosity.

I got a package in the mail yesterday too.  I’ve been eyeing its contents off and on ever since.

Now, I ask you…What in the world am I going to do with these?!

I have been reading a little here and there on woolen versus worsted and I wanted to try to make a woolen yarn from rolags.  Notice: I have been reading.  You all know how I read.  I briefly admire the lovely fonts that grace the page before staring indefinitely at the photos.  I don’t know how to make a rolag!! But I took my own advice to just go for it.  Sometimes, I do think I bite off more than I can chew though.  Last night, I ordered some raw unwashed wool from some etsy sellers.  I said, U-N-W-A-S-H-E-D.

Really?  Really, Stacey?

What have I gotten myself into this time?!


  1. Wonderful hat! You really are clever!

  2. loving your handspun 🙂 … I have a similar issue with tayloring on the fly … heehee, too excited I guess. I have to start knitting straight away …
    It was a slippery slope when I started to spin myself. I’m abit like “yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full” with the amount of raw fleeces. I have an ashford student carder, and a drum carder to boot, I like blending different fiber rovings with my hand carder.

    • I knew I wasn’t the only one. I just want to get started too! If it isn’t a pattern, I just jump in. Maybe I will have slowed down to a nice enough stride to plan things out eventually. But nowhere near there yet! I have to admit that I am a little intimidated to try carding. But I’m going to anyway. I figure if I hate it, I can sell the carders. But I have enjoyed every other aspect so hopefully this will be more of the same.

      • If you are anything like me … you will LOVE IT! 😀 Blending fibers into a fluffy cloud ready to spin! I admit at times I’m alittle impatient and want to spin it up to see how it will turn out 🙂

      • A fluffy cloud sounds so nice! Mmmmmm Yum!! I know it will probably take practice. But I want some clouds. Now.

  3. daisiejane says:

    Love, love, love it!

    • Me too! I am thinking of making her some matching mitts with the n-plied. I hope I like that too. This fractal is stealing the show for me though at the moment.

      • daisiejane says:

        I thought that some of the hat was n ply – the more solid areas?Youare my spinning guru, you know!

      • I’m blushing! 🙂 I’m learning though. I do have a feeling they may be a little similar, but don’t quote me just yet, lol! The n-ply has a lot less “barber poling” than the fractal. So, it may be a sharper change when the colors transition? We shall see…

  4. Such a great hat!

    I finally pulled out my hand cards this morning for the very first time. I finally got my nerve up thanks to the Interweave “How to Card Wool” video. So helpful for me because I do best listening to instructions and I don’t live near any teachers.

    Have fun with them, I am starting with washed fleece, but unwashed locks and fleece will be lots of fun.

    • I saw the preview for that video…I may have to download it too. I should probably have started with washed. But the unwashed price was easier on my pockets. Still, if I see some dung…or worse-smell it! lol!

      • They had a coupon code I found on Rav (MAG60) that helped me keep the cost down on a bunch of videos, don’t know if it is still active but worth a try.

        You should be fine with unwashed, I think the Yarn Harlot has done tutorials on washing fleece, so they should help.

        Have fun, I am enjoying the learning curve on my handcards.

  5. Gwen Erin says:

    I love the way the hat is coming along. Your work is really gorgeous. It makes me quite curious about fractal spinning – I’ll have to go found out more about that! I hope you enjoy the carders. Spinning from rolags is wonderful (although I can’t say I feel the same way about making rolags!)

    • Thanks, Gwen! Fractal spinning wasn’t that difficult to learn, although it sounds like it would be. But I think you would really like the results! See? Now I have to try making rolgs because spinning from them is wonderful! I hear making them is not so easy though…

  6. What a fantastic hat! I love the fishies, and those are some fun colorways.

    Good luck with the rolags!

  7. such nice work!

  8. This is great! I am crotcheting hats and might see if this will work for me. As I like to say knitting and crotcheting are to the soul what yoga is to the body.

  9. Go for it. You never know where some of your ideas will take you. My wacky idea about using a code to knit family names (as les tricoteuses knit their scarves of victims for the guillotine in Charles’ Dickens A Tale of Two Cities) brought me the opportunity to work on an Olympic project.

  10. I’d wear that hat if the blue was a bit darker… Nice!

  11. Makes me want to learn how to knit. As of ‘yet’ I only crochet. Great job!

    • Only crochet? Everyone says knitting is more difficult. I beg to differ. I found crochet patterns more difficult because I could never figure out which chain to crochet into, lol! If you know how to follow a crochet pattern, you are a genius to me. Those things are tough!

      • Yeah? I’d always assumed knitting was the more difficult of the two. If it’s easier than crochet, I’ll definitely have to learn how to do it!

  12. I am afraid of taking up yarn! I have so many Genre of craft and art stuff! But I loved the hat. The Fractal pattern and colors rock! Nice!

  13. beautiful colours

    • Thanks so much! It’s my favorite combo. The artist who dyed the fiber for this spin, Sosae, asked me which were my faves and surprised me with this color. I’m a very happy spinner/knitter person. 🙂

  14. It looks like you’re about to go on an adventure. Have fun.

  15. littlepostcards says:

    The hat is beautiful! Love the colors and the fish!

  16. Beautiful yarn, I love the blending of colours! That’s a really lovely, one of a kind hat 🙂

  17. Awwww thanks! I’m learning a lot. That is for sure. 🙂

  18. That’s such a cute hat! Amazing work.

  19. Yay! Freshly Pressed knitting post. I think this is the first time I have ever seen knitting on the homepage. Congratulations! The hat is really cute.

    • Funny story there…Honestly, when I opened my email this morning, I thought that I had gotten spammed! Then, when I saw there were actual comments in there, I was like, “Really???!” After a few more comments came through, I scratched my head and said, “I didn’t do this….” So, I checked the Stats to see where all of this traffic was coming from and found out that this post was on a WP page elsewhere…. “Really???!” ROFL! Clearly, I have A LOT to learn about WordPress. (blushes) Anyway, thanks for visiting! 🙂

  20. Looked good. 🙂 I think you very brave to do this type of project. Keep at it. 🙂

  21. My 4 year old daughter walked in just as I started reading this post and she was in awe. I am equally impressed. =)

  22. Your hat is gorgeous! I love all the little fishies. Hey, maybe that new package of yours is a sign that you should go to the shearing event. Might come in handy somehow. And perhaps you can line your woolen hat with satin so that it’s easy on the hair and skin (if you’re sensitive).

    • Thanks, Lib! I never thought of adding satin…I may have to put that on the to-do list…You know I’m going, right?! I HAVE got to see that! It’s definitely going to happen. 🙂

  23. Adorable hat!

  24. I just love orange and blues together, so I had to stop by…..gorgeous blog too!
    Here’s a funny question: where do you get a styrofoam head like the one pictured?

  25. Love how the blues and blue-greens complement the orange and gold. Here’s a question: where did you get that styrofoam head? I could definitely use one for my Christmas knitting projects.

    • Hi! I love it too…It’s going to be a bittersweet using the rest of it up. But it has to be done! 🙂
      The Styrofoam heads are from a local wig shop. Really cost effective models!

  26. Hey … nice to see you on WP instead of Tumblr. Easier for me to stalk … errrr … follow your knitting. Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!!!!!! 😀

  27. Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!!!! It’s great to have you on WP now I can stalk … err … follow you here instead of on Tumblr since I’m hardly there anymore. 🙂

  28. Congratulation on being freshly pressed!! And yeah on the carders, it is so satisfying taking a dirty fleece and turning it into yarn.

  29. Nice hat, I really like it. Great post!! I really like your blog. I was wondering if you could check mine out. Come and see an 11 year old’s view on all things baseball.
    P.S. Please feel free to give me some advice, Thank You

  30. jamieaaron03 says:

    I’ve been learning how to knit a little, I hate those circular needles tho, everyone I use the everything gets so tight it won’t move

    • I wonder if you can’t cast on to two circs together to keep your cast on loose? As for the knitting, I wonder if there are enough stitches to go around the needle comfortably? I’m sure those issues will work themselves out though over time.

      • jamieaaron03 says:

        humm…. idk I’ll have to give to give them another try, they feel okay when I use them like normal needles on something small, but I always have to use a million double pointed needles for big stuff, but i’ve only been knitting about a year, i’m still learning.

  31. lijiujiu says:

    To be honest, this is a Wonderful hat! And very fashion, I want to get one too.

  32. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! I’m glad to have found you as I, too, am a knitter! Love the hat and the colors. What kind of yarn did you use?

    • Thank you! This was some dyed wool that I got from Sosae Caetano’s online shop. The colorway was called Goldfish Pond and I believe the fiber type was portuguese merino. It spun up beautifully! And I do really love knitting with it. 🙂 Heading over to your blog to see some knits!!

  33. So cool! I have a spindle, but I haven’t had the time to really get the hang of spinning.

  34. Oh go ahead and go for it. What can you lose, some yarn and a small part of your life? The hat is cool, I wouldn’t mind wearing one like that myself. It gets really cold around here in Illinois, except for this year, we wore fall coats through the winter.

  35. She says: It’s beautiful! I love it! 🙂 Unwashed wool might stink, so be prepared when it arrives! hahahaha!!

  36. Awesome hat! And i see what you’re saying about the way the colors blend…. It really does create a wonderful effect. Very pretty! 🙂

  37. Absolutely LOVE the hat! Do you know what pattern you followed?

    • It was really just a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of knit. But nothing complicated at all. I used a graph to make a chart, coloring in the blocks in the shape of a fish and then knitted that section according to the chart.

  38. That’s such a cute hat – well done!

  39. You’re so talented! I am a painfully slow knitter, quicker with a crochet needle. But I love the versatility of knitting. ❤

    • Actually, I’m not much of a speedy knitter myself. I think I’m about average speed. I love knitting because it’s versatile too. But I think crochet is so decorative and ornate. They are both wonderful crafts.

  40. You just gave me a great idea, I accidentally finished of my hat to early the other day, so there is a big hole on the top, now I know how to fix it, thanks 🙂

  41. What a wonderful little hat! Loved what you wrote. I just discovered a wonderful series of books by Barbara Bretton where the characters knit and spin throughout the stories. So I’ve just started looking in to spinning. Funny how things work out like that. Good luck – I’d love to hear more about it!

  42. Thanks for putting the spring back in my step. Stumbling on this, as a fellow knitter, you have inspired me to once more get out the pins and go for it!

  43. Love the interplay of color. So gorgeous, can’t wait to see what else you’ll make with this yarn. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • Thank you, Jo! I can’t wait either…I have one precious skein of it left (well, for the fractal spin)….I’m trying to decide if I want another hat or something else. Maybe some socks or leg warmers or mittens? I’m undecided, lol!

  44. Love love love that hat. The colors are a dream.

  45. Congrats on Freshly Pressed! I am not a knitter but LOVED this –the colors are wonderful and it looks like such a fabulous hat!!!

  46. Just a tad jealous of your hat! It’s gorgeous! 🙂

  47. beautiful hat. I wish I could knit. I can barely crochet =) Congrats on being FP!

  48. Life as Mia says:

    That hat is awesome! I love the colors, its just gorgoeus! 🙂
    I suck badly at knitting and any kind of sowing, its just horrible.. It looks like a five year old, that made a gift for her mom. 😛 Woops..

    Im jealous of your knitting skills, their amazing! 🙂

    A like and a follow from here!

  49. Northern Narratives says:

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. I am so happy that a knitting blog was picked. I knit every day. I think your hat is great. 🙂

  50. Great hat. I would be proud to wear it.

    • Thank you, SpenceG! I’m glad you say that. I will be putting it on the Girl Child and since parents can dress little kids up any way they want to, at least I know she won’t look dorky, lol!

  51. You should’ve let that hat without a ‘roof’. Real gangsta style! lol

  52. great hat 🙂 love the fishies!
    making your own yarn sounds… intense… but it could be fun 🙂

  53. Amazing colors, and beautiful hat. I found your blog via the freshly pressed option, congrats. Saw in one of the previous comments you mentioned possibly mittens to go along with the hat. I definitely think that would be a wonderful combination, little fishies around the cuff or something. Thank you for sharing. Truly inspirational.

    • Thanks!! I have another skein of this fiber, but it was n-plied. And since I’m looking at the differences between the two, I thought mitts might be nice too to go with the hat. They might be somewhat different, but still related. We shall see!

  54. Wonderful blog, awesome hat. We too fly by the seat of our pants creatively- it’s the only way to do it!

  55. It’s beautiful. Lucky person receiving that.

  56. I love the colors on that! But I have to say, ya know what would be over-the-top on it – if instead of making into a skullcap, you made it into a nightcap styled hat with a long tail that comes off of it and ends in a decorative fishtail. Almost like a mermaid tail if you can picture it.

  57. Love the hat! The fishes were such a great idea! And as for making your own yarn, I say go for it and I believe in you! …Also let us know how it goes… because I’m way too chicken to be that committed to my knitting. Buying whatever pretty coloured, soft and fuzzy yarn I can find at the wool store is the height of my exploration in the knitting department. 🙂

    • Thanks! That was really encouraging!

      I have a yarn stash from the LYS too. The stash is never satisfied, is it? 😉

      • Never! It’s like an addiction, as soon as I see a new pretty colour, or something potentially softer than something I already have…it’s already in my basket, even if I don’t have the foggiest idea what I’ll make out of it. I do though, have a dream of making an angora dishcloth. I would never use it, just hang it in the kitchen to say that I had one. 😀

  58. confessionsofanactress says:

    This is so cute!! I love the colourways and the way they’ve knitted up. You take great pictures, too. I grew up on an island, so I love fun fish designs. The dead fish hat from knitty is one of my favorites: Great work!

  59. I’ve seen that pattern too. It’s really cute! Knitty is one of my favorite online magazines!

  60. The hat looks adorable. It makes me think of a fish bowl. Good luck with the yarn, I haven’t had to card anything yet (I’ve gotten my yarn from people who carded it before me). o.0

  61. carpelibrum says:

    I love the colors in the yarn. I really want to try fractal spinning!

  62. Mercy me… WOW! I LOVE THE FISHIES!!!!! Stunning knit hat. Just stunning, Stacey. 😀

  63. Love the hat!! I’m not up to patterns like this yet. I lose count to easily – maybe one day, though 🙂

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