Color And Light

The Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is upon us! Today is Day 1 and it’s all about color!

Colour is one of our greatest expressions of ourselves when we choose to knit or crochet, so how do you choose what colours you buy and crochet or knit with. Have a look through your stash and see if there is a predominance of one colour. Do the same with your finished projects – do they match? Do you love a rainbow of bright hues, or more subdued tones. How much attention do you pay to the original colour that a garment is knit in when you see a pattern? Tell readers about your love or confusion over colour.

Okay, I can’t wait to respond to this topic! But, first I have to tell you about what I got in the mail today.  Look at this!

This is Coopworth that I got from The Joyful Sheep on etsy.  I know it’s difficult to see…(though this year’s first KCBW blog topic is all about Color, I’m adding Light because by the time I got around to taking photos for today’s post, I was like, “Where’s all my light?!”)…but it looks just like the wool that I washed this past weekend! It still has some little itty bits left in it and the tips are still brown-looking.  I was never so happy to see dirt when I saw that.  I didn’t do so bad after all! Can you see that last paragraph there on the bag?  It says, “There is some minor vegetable matter in this wool-which is fairly common in natural (not commercially treated) fiber.”  Word!

Okay….back to the first photo…I will be referring to the Photo of Many Yarns at the start of this post.  That is a sample of my commercial yarn stash.  There’s so much color in that sample.  In addition to that, I had many skeins more and maybe two skeins of brown and four or so of white.  I think my neutrals are outnumbered! There’s a good reason for that though.

I could’ve easily named this post, “Know Thyself”.  In undergrad, during a painting crit, the instructor and other students were commenting on my use of vibrant colors in my paintings.  In response, I said, “I’m not really sure why I use such bright colors in my paintings because I don’t normally use them in everyday life.”  One of my classmates in the crit looked at me as she said, “Well, your t-shirt underneath is a very bright orange.”  I had to stop and think about that.  Here was this blaze orange peeking out of the very top of my very tan button down top.  When I got home, I took a look at all my nether garments and other t-shirts and things. Do you know what I found?  All of them were CRAZY colors! Patterns, graphics and just the brightest, cheeriest things in the whole place! Honestly, I didn’t know why I never noticed that before.

I was born and raised in Delaware.  Delaware is, as my accountant husband says, “a banking state.”  Very conservative.  Mostly grays and navy blues, tans and blacks.  Well, being somewhat conservative myself, I thought I was more subdued a person than anything.  And on the outside, I suppose I am.  I’m never going to be the life of the party girl (sniffle).  It’s just not in my nature.  But I do always get those, “You are such a calming presence,” kind of remarks.  That’s not so bad, right? But underneath it all, I think there’s some fire! That’s a thought.  Fire and Water, both together.  Hmmm…I kind of like that.

At any rate, if you look at that photo, you may be able to tell my favorite ball of yarn in my entire stash?

There it is.

Yup.  That’s the one.  🙂


  1. I think wearing conservative colors etc. can be a great counter point to the silk, cashmere or qivuit wrap you can make out of some gorgeous color. I bought some nearly electric blue wool to make a little swing jacket to wear over a rather conservative black dress. I can’t wait to wear it (but I have to knit it first!).

    • I think you’re absolutely right! I was watching a show recently where there was a fashion guru who was making the same point. She liked to wear very soft, subtle color and have one item in a color that popped. If I didn’t wear jeans so much in my free time, I’d take her advice. 😉 When I do get dressed up, I love black dresses with some color to make it come alive. I hope you post pics of your jacket. I want to see that electric blue!!

  2. It’s interesting how those around us can point out things about us that we never paid attention to. Sometimes our environment or upbringings may dictate a lot of what we do, but the real truth is always peeking out somewhere! I’m hoping to embrace my inner color-boldness. 🙂

    Love this post!

    • Isn’t that the truth? I think my powers to notice the blatantly obvious are intact, lol. But it never ceases to amaze me how much I learn about myself over the years by the observations of others. I would have never seen that in a million years!

      Thanks Libby!

  3. I too am a conservative. I’ve longed to be that flamboyant art teacher, but alas I’m the scientist. Lol! Did not realize it was color week. I just dyed some yarn I showed on my blog -lime-green, yellow, orange, red and ice blue. Help! So not my colors that I don’t know what to use it for!

  4. Is it weird that not only do I love that ball of yarn, but I love the way it is wound! So visibly appealing!

    • I don’t think that is weird at all! But I’m a yarn lover, so you can take that with a grain of salt. ;). Besides, the woman who produces this yarn has a ton of other folks that love it. We can’t be alone in that!

  5. Even before reading this post I was thinking I should tell you how beautiful your photos are. You’re a “visual poet.” By which I mean that you use the vocabulary of color and form to create visually appealing images. I could just say “artist”, but that word is not precise enough any more. The colors you use are strong, sometimes, but the photos always seem a little muted. Maybe it’s the light. Or maybe it’s the exact choice of colors you group together. There’s a sense of palette – whether by conscious choice or natural feel.

    • Awww thanks!! And I think you are right about the choice of colors, for sure…they are STRONG sometimes, lol! I know that when you have a particular subject matter, still life or what have you, the rule is you’re supposed to keep the background simplistic and neutral, et cetera, et cetera….but I…well…sometimes I just don’t listen to that rule. LOL! I just like color.

      I always say it goes back to my ghetto-bourgeois days. Way before I became an adult and had to get all businessy for the offices, all I wore was colored Reeboks and I had a pair to match every outfit. Everyone in my middle school and high school did that. It was almost like a game. Whoever had the most interesting color and could find an outfit to complement it, was the best dressed. I know, silly! But it was SO serious back then! I don’t think it was particular to my school, but I do know when I first started college, I had a girl come up to me to tell me that she got up in the mornings just to see which color I wore next! LOL! And it was the same with me. If it wasn’t for those sneakers, I would never have made it out of bed! So all of the color matching and all that…I think some of that is still in there somewheres.

  6. Hi!
    You did it correctly if yours looked like that too, so nice work! I even used a professional scouring agent by the Unicorn Fibre Company- check into it, it makes scouring wool SO much easier! There are two choices with wool tips that have changed color in the sun: 1) let them be natural and add some unique hues to your end product, remember- the tip is where the wool tapers off and I’m a fan of keeping that taper. 2) cut off the tips and have a consistent colored wool that has blunt ends on each shaft. It is really all preference. Your blog looks great btw! Your pictures are truly artistic and so is your writing style, kudos!!

    • Thank you!! I have to look into that scouring agent. I have been using Dawn detergent. I think mostly because it was easy to get and I didn’t want that wool sitting around dirty. But I’ll look that company up and see if I can get some of that. About the tips…I’m not sure that I have a preference yet. Such a newb! And I think when I carded that batch most of the tips came off in the carding or something. I’m sure a few were left in…but it seemed a lot of the tips were on the floor with the neps and shorter hairs. I used all of that to card along with some alpaca I had and it spun up into a pretty neat textured single. I was a little scared at first because it looked like a lot of it was going to be wasted. So, when that single came out the way it did, it was good to see that I was able to use ALL of it!


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