What To Knit Next???

Day 4 of The Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week deals with knitting for the season….So, how well do I adhere to the seasons for my knitting projects?

Ummm…not at all!

It’s spring here in Delaware, and in a couple of months, the summer will be arriving.  I, for one, am SO looking forward to the sun baking my arms this year.  We didn’t have any snow this past winter.  But it was still SO cold! Wait a minute….I’m always cold.

Delaware is known for its humidity.  So when it’s hot, it feels really hot! But this is about how much it will change my knits.

Not a bit.  We’re just trying to get up to the pinky on this and then start the decreases and finish the thumb.  These won’t even get to be worn until the end of the year for the weather.  But we just want to see what they look like right now!!

I had to knit with the smaller needles for the handspun and the larger for the Brown Sheep yarn.  It’s a little backwards.  But it’ll work out.

I’m hoping that little ball lasts until the end. We shall see…If it doesn’t though, I can always rip out and use it as the accents and the yellow as the main color.  But I’m really pulling for it to work out! If you notice, I took out what I had started yesterday to start from the center pull of the ball (it made a lot more sense than knitting from the outside end of the ball and letting it flop all over the place).  Besides, this end is this beautiful blue that extends a bit and I just wanted to make sure it got used in a large section.  It’s such a pretty color!

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if it’s wool, cotton, rayon, or if it’s winter, spring, or fall…whatever.  We girls just like to play with yarn! 🙂


  1. Seems so lovely, I loved the colours too… To be honest I haven’t knitted this one, seems to me difficult… with more sticks… 🙂 You are doing great. Thank you, with my love, nia

  2. Such colorful mittens will go with everything!

  3. That is so weird to think of it being humid in Delaware. Now here is SC oh yes! I hate the summertime because of the humidity! I can’t take the heat anymore and I don’t even wear sweaters in the winter now.

    Those colors are gorgeous against the pink! So happy and cheerful.

    • Thanks!
      You don’t wear anything warm in the winter? The only time I could get away with that was when I was carrying my kids. Other than that, I layer on sweatshirts, scarves, socks and anything else I can find! Everyone thinks I need my thyroid checked, lol! I really do love the summer time!

  4. Really looks good. No snow? How is that possible?

  5. I’m with you on the year round knitting. Doesn’t matter if I’m knitting with wool in August – just so long as it isn’t covering my lap!

    • LOL!! I feel the same way! But, I don’t mind it being on my lap. Funny thing in Delaware is they have air conditioning EVERYWHERE!! Never ceases to amaze me why folks want the heat on all toasty in the winter time and then they want everything frozen in the summer…Weird.

  6. Love the colours!
    No more knitting for me here in India, just too hot now.

  7. I think you’re on to something here – knit whatever you want all year long and just save the items until the appropriate season. There’s only one thing that I can think of that I must make in the cold months though, and that’s crocheted afghans. In fact, it almost always has to be done on a snow day. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you’re trapped in. Too bad we didn’t get one this year.

  8. OH, I love how it’s knitting up!!!! Woman, you put the rest of us creative-types to shame with how prolific you are! LOL

    • Who, me? Not in the least!! I was just thinking I need to get some more done this weekend. (Here’s me getting all whiny) Those mittens should’ve been completed by now! I feel like I’ve been so lazy…But I’m learning a lot in the interim so it’s a really good trade off. 🙂 She doesn’t even need them until November, right?! LOL!

      Shhh…Don’t laugh…I still want them done this weekend, lol. After I get this wool out of its soak, it’s so on.

  9. I love the yarn and my projects are rarely seasonally chosen, no matter how often I plan otherwise.

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