A Day Well Spent

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies out there!

The Boy Child is definitely growing up. Wow! Time does fly.

It feels like it was yesterday that I was carrying him on my hip, uphill, rushing him to daycare one way, only to rush back to our studio apartment, grab my portfolio and supplies to rush to class. In those days we spent a lot of time in that one room apartment. My family was hours away, money was extremely tight, and it was just me and him. I remember carrying him to the hospital at something-in-the-morning in a pitch black, big city neighborhood because his fever was way too high for me to feel comfortable by ourselves. I remember rushing out into the hallway of our million story apartment building because somehow he had disappeared, scared to death that someone had snatched him. I remember being down to our last can of food and pink slips on the door…And I recall many times feeling pangs of guilt, attempting to complete my collegiate degree while feeling I should’ve been giving him a a better childhood….one where he could be somewhere where he could make friendships that lasted, one where his mother wasn’t so exhausted by the end of the day…one where his mother read him a bedtime story every night. Instead, we played GameCube games and watched home movies over and over again on our non-serviced television…that is, if I didn’t have homework.

And I will never forget, years later, when I told him that I was really sorry that I didn’t give him a better first few years on this earth…he looked at me and said, “What do you mean? Those were the best years! It was just you and me against the world!”

And we really did win, babe.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day today! Even though today was still a laundry day, I got to spin and knit a little bit too.

And I have an update on that solar dyeing experiment that you simply will not believe! This is what they looked like before taking them out of their jars.

As you can see, that purple is soaking the yarn in the red cabbage jar while that red onion jar has the faintest pink tint to it’s stock.

Well…take a look at this!

Can you believe it? The red onion skins skein is on the left and the red cabbage skein is on the right. I can’t believe that there is more color in the red onion skins skein! The purple in the red cabbage skein is so subtle, it’s barely there! I never would have thought that that would have happened.

That said, neither of these are colors I normally use. Acid Yellow and Barely There Purple. Meh. But, I think it’ll be a nice challenge to work them up into something nice…and I love a color challenge! 🙂

Next up, I got up to the halfway mark on Retro.

I had gotten pretty far yesterday though, so getting to the halfway mark only took about a half an hour, lol.

Still, some work is always good work. 🙂


  1. … ?!? I NEVER would have expected that! I hope you are not too disappointed … Maybe you cut put them back in the jars and admire them from there? 😉

    • Oh, I’m not disappointed at all! 🙂 Just really surprised. I thought the purple would be the most saturated. But I am not much of a dye artist, so I really didn’t know that I could expect any results at all, so this was great! And I have read where natural dyes tend to yield subtler colors than synthetic anyway. Now…these colors, again, not my normal. But that means I will get a knit that is not my norm for color too, which can be really good! We’ll see…

  2. Very surprising! Your spinning is so perfect! I just cannot make mine look that good! You certainly have wonder hands! 😎

  3. Happy Mother’s Day to you! You definitely tell a good life story. Your boy child sounds awfully amazing! What a blessing. 🙂

    The yarns surprised me. I was expecting something more vibrant. Looking forward to seeing how you work with it. I wonder what would happen if you hennaed it. lol

    • Thank you! Yes, when he isn’t texting on his phone, he is usually making me proud somehere. That is the first gift he ever got me for Mother’s Day that was him from start to finish. No help from pop pop or dad, lol. So, I had to reminisce a little bit. He and I go way back. 🙂

      Ooooohhh, Libby! Don’t you make me start ANOTHER experiment, lol! I am going to check into it further, but I think that many artists who like saturation tend to gravitate toward synthetics for more punch. Not sure if that can be had with plants? Maybe with a huge amount? Hmmm…you have made me wonder…

  4. grayseasaylor says:

    I keep telling myself that I do not need to dye fiber, but your adventures in using sunshine as a part of the process appeals to me and reminds me of an article I read in Spin Off. What intrigued me from that article was the amazing spectrum of colors they got from avocado pits. With your interesting results I think I might need to try to dye fiber for myself(: Thanks for sharing WK! And your spinning and Sosae’s fiber painting are lovely, by the way ❤

    • Thanks Gracie! I’m going to have to find that issue you’re talking about so I can test out avocado pits this summer! I keep thinking I just need to get the subscription. There are so many dyers out there that do phenomenal jobs (one of my favorites, you already know), but why not have a little fun, right? 🙂

      • grayseasaylor says:

        I have been buying Spin Off for about 10 years and recently sent part of my stack home with a young friend who has been spinning for a few years. I can not find the article in my stack so I will check and see if she has it . I will let you know what issue it is when I find it. (:

      • Thanks Gracie! That would be really helpful! You know they sell them as downloads now too. So, I may be able to find it and have it in time for summer. 🙂

      • grayseasaylor says:

        It is the Fall 2002 issue which you can buy and download from the site. I think we better start saving avocado pits! (:

      • I think you are right Gracie! I will be downloading that asap!! Thanks! 🙂

  5. That is the greatest story! So very sweet. Love the yarn colors.

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