No Small Feet

It’s been a crazy house around here. But I’ve kept myself from going bananas by knitting on some socks for the Mister.

It’s actually his birthday.  But I’m knitting wool socks anyway, lol!

Truth is, we didn’t get to go away for a break for his birthday like we had wanted to do.  The kids had so much to do this weekend! Boy Child was being honored at his school’s annual sports banquet.  Yesterday, he received a Coach’s Award and was mentioned for being inducted into the National Junior Honor Society this past week.  I was a proud mama!

Girl child, on the other hand, participated in University of Delaware’s Blue And Gold Buddy Walk today with her buddy (her older cousin).   She’s a big mess, but I am proud of her too! No other kid can give Dennis the Menace such a run for his money as mine can! In fact, while I was preparing to go, I had to step into the ladies room for a moment.  Three minutes later, when I came out, she was in the bed peering at me from under the blankets.  The first words I got out of my mouth were, “What did you do?”  She blinked.  I went back toward the bathroom to turn the light off when I caught a glimpse of the shades in her brother’s room.  Somehow they had crashed down onto his bed below.  Mmmhmmm.  She’s a hot mess! LOL!

Back to the socks…

I’m using the Bigfoot Socks pattern* by Jen Showalter. It features a stretchy Norwegian Cast On and ribbing.

My husband wears a size 13 shoe so I thought that he would like it.  But as I was knitting, I kept thinking, “That can’t be right.  It’s so big!”  It looked like a clown sock for clown shoes! Well, the proof is in the pudding…

Here he is, doing what he does best in the sun room, lol!

Meh. He deserves it. But look at the size of that sock!  It is no small feat knitting for that thing, that’s for sure! It takes me three days to knit the average pair of socks in the periphery of my days.  It took me three days to knit just one of these socks.  Holy Moley!

If you are wondering what the white yarn is from, it’s waste yarn for keeping track of distances between parts of the sock.  It’s not unlike a note for when I make the next sock. 

When I could see that that sock fit him, I was floored.  Incredible.  Bigfoot, indeed.

Since the kids have more of an active social life than I do, I spent some time today knitting at her Buddy Walk and plying on my African Padauk Tiny Turkish by Enid Ashcroft. 

There was more on that support spindle than I thought.  I used an Andean Plying Bracelet to ply this.  But I had to dash off to cook up some dinner.  So this is as far as I got.

I have so much to get done now (insert super whiny voice here).  I wanted to spin on my wheel for a bit.  But the opportunity didn’t really present itself.  Still, we got to spend some time together as a family and that’s what counts.

What a wonderful start to the week! 🙂



*Please note that if you try this pattern, I found that on the first row of turning the heel, my numbers worked out better if I slipped the first stitch and then knit the 18 as directed.  So the row to adjust would be Row 1 (RS): Sl1, K18, pm (for magic loop), k2, ssk, k1, turn.


  1. It’s a wonder knitting socks for big feet, it’s almost like knitting a sleeve! Lol

  2. Ah, Stacey, I so love reading about your family! Congratulations on your boy’s honors! Wow – how proud are you two?! And Girl Child is a child after my own heart. :))) And your hubby’s so lucky you’re knitting him socks! I dare not mention that to Dennis, who’s been begging and pleading for a tam since God-knows-when! LOL You’re just awesome. That’s all.

    • Thanks Sosae! We are so proud! He graduates from the eighth grade this year and I still can’t believe he will start high school soon. It’s just crazy! Feels like it happened to fast! Is she now? Well, she sure gives me a run for my money! Right now she is eyeing my camera and she and I are going to have to dance if she does what I think she’s getting ready to do, lol! My husband SAYS he still wears the fingerless gloves I made him years ago. 1) I’ve never seen that and 2) He says he uses them to shovel snow. Since they were cashmere, I have issues with both points! I’m busting him back to economical fibers until I see some usage. ROFL!

  3. This made me laugh so much – recently, I knit socks for a friend of mine in a very beautiful pattern. 🙂 When I had finished the leg, I asked her about her foot length – and she measures (we spoke on skype) and tells me: “30 cm.” Unbelievable! WHAT?!? “Measure again”, I ordered (beginning to panic), “you sure did a mistake!” She measured again – still 30cm. W-O-W. Well, the first sock is finished now and I mailed it to her – if it fits, I’ll buy another skein of that yarn and off we go for the second half! 😀

  4. Major props to you on knitting the Bigfoot sock. I know how much effort it takes to knit socks for those with giant feet. It looks great, and I love the idea of the waste yarn for measurements. Congrats to the little ones on their awards.

    • I am so surprised that his feet are that gigantic! I never realized until I actually knit this sock. I had initially bought four balls of yarn thinking that I was going overboard. But I’m thinking I will need each one now!

      That waste yarn is good for folks who don’t keep writing notes throughout a knit. I just can’t bring myself to do it. And I think that if I ever did, by the time I would need the notes, I will have left the pattern at work or somewhere else where I can’t get to it. The waste yarn works better! 🙂


  5. I smiled when I read your post! Especially the girl and boy child descriptions!

    • Oh these two are a trip! The boy is a sarcastic sort and he gets it honest. His father is more so than me…but I have my moments. 🙂 The girl came from outer space. She is like that everyday! Most times we find the humor in it all. She’s predominately non-verbal autistic. So we try to think about things from her point of view. Today, I met her bus at her sitter’s house because I needed to get home early to do laundry. She didn’t want to leave right away. She hadn’t gotten to play with the toys or her friends. So, she goes into the house instead of getting into the car, doing her version of fussing (which sounds like a lot of babble) all the way. She takes her jacket off, still fussing. She sits in the chair and picks up a toy. Still fussing. All the while I’m trying to convince her it’s time to leave without just having to grab her up and go. She gets really comfortable and then I say, “When we get home, I’ll give you a piece of candy.” Toy goes over to the table, she grabs her jacket, walks back out the front door, hops into the car seat, buckles HERSELF in, looks at me and babbles something that seemed like a, “Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place?” And off we go! She’s a regular riot. 🙂

  6. Northern Narratives says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. My husband wears a size 12 shoe, so he is almost a Bigfoot 🙂

  7. My significant other wears a US14. For one pair of socks I was using 7 DPN’s to fit all the stitches in the gusset.

  8. Congrats to the boy child! And you know what, your hubby is the lucky one to have someone to knit custom socks for him that he’ll actually wear. Now that’s impressive! Do you know how long it took for my mom to actually even use the dishcloth I knitted for her? 2 years! And that was after much cajoling. Sheesh.

    • Thanks! Your mom sounds like my mil! She finally started using the dishcloths I made for her too. Now I make her some every year! Speaking of which…I am behind, lol!

  9. Hey big sock or not at least you can cover those feet of his. Thats so cool. I never even made through a baby booty. It was the most torteous long thing ever. I must have been doing something wrong.

    • I think socks are pretty fun to knit. I don’t do it all the time though. One of my first projects was socks because I started off trying to learn how to knit in the round on dpns before I learned on straight needles…Yeah, the person who inspired me to learn was knitting in the round when I asked her to show me. Didn’t work out, lol! But I eventually figured it out with some help from books. I still don’t make them that often…He’s just getting a treat! 🙂

      If I were you, I’d blame it on the pattern. 😉

  10. Congratulations on the kids’ achievements! I’m so impressed with the socks – that is a task that I am just not able to master!!!! Yours look perfect! 🙂

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