Little By Little

Crafting is going pretty slowly this work week.

I’m spreading it out a little. 

  • As you can see above, I just began spinning on the second bobbin from the fiber I started at the Spin In.  Since the Boy Child had to be picked up from practice and the Girl Child was a little wired that day, that spin got a little wonky and had to be cut short.  She kept coming over to fall all over me and kiss and ask for tickles.  How is one to say no, right? 🙂  Well, I could have asked her if she was ready for a nap, to which she’d have bolted…but that’d be wrong, lol.
  • I am still knitting on the cuff of that sock.  But I’m nearing the next segment.  So that’s all good.  Should be done by the weekend.
  • I need to finish that yarn from the support spindling project.  Take a look…

This project was plied on a Tiny Turkish spindle so it came out into a center pull ball which was then skeined on a niddy noddy pretty easily.

I just need to get to the wet finishing part….eventually.

Lastly, I continue to ooh and ahhh over this from Sosae Caetano



  1. Fabulous yarn! I’ve said it before and really mean it — you are a wonderful spinner! I wish……

    • Oh, thanks!! I am almost at my first year spinning and I’m really excited to see what I’ll learn this year coming up. I can’t say how much fun I have with spinning. I just don’t get tired of it!

  2. grayseasaylor says:

    You are doing beautiful work! Thanks for sharing your pictures. They cheer me on to work on my projects. Is’nt it amazing to wonder how human beings first twisted fiber and then experimented until they wove it together to form material?

  3. I’m debating whether to get a fancy shmancy spindle from KnitPicks because I love knitpicks ($15) or make my own which will cost less but I would have to make it lol.

  4. Nice browns on the plied yarn. How many yards did you get? My spindle is small and it fills up fast.

    • Thanks! I did count, but I can’t remember. Something around the 80ish mark. It was just a sample though. I wasn’t expecting much. My spindles fill up faster now than they used to when I first started. But I like that! I get to see the cop. 🙂

  5. You say your crafting is going slowly, but to me it still seems that you are getting it done, girl! You work with such beautiful colors. I know it makes you smile. 🙂

    • Yes!! They do! I am glad to make this man some socks. But black? All the time? I couldn’t do that, lol. I’ll have to throw in some color should I make him anymore…

      I’m knitting the foot right now….it’s going to be a little while longer…Sheesh!

  6. Beautiful colors on all three.

  7. Wow. That looks like something I would love to spin. And there are worse ways to be interrupted right?

  8. Oh my the bottom photo is enough to make me faint! I am loving those colors right now.

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