Land Ho!!

After countless hours of knitting between jobs and burning the midnight oil a few nights (in succession), these boats…I mean socks, are done!

I didn’t catch Second Sock Syndrome. I was just not sure I’d ever see land with these guys! But the end was finally sighted about an hour ago.

These have yet to be blocked. I think I will block these along with that skein from the last post.  But all of the knitting is completed. I even wove in the ends as soon as I finished it. Considering the fact that I dread weaving in ends and usually need massive amounts of netflix to do it, I’m so proud of me, lol.

You may remember I like origami boxes? I used some decorative paper from my paper stash for this box. I’m keeping it pretty simple though…

…even considering not adding the fabric unless I can find a matching bandana.  I can hear the hubby now…If I were to ever ask him if he wanted a fabric wrap with his box, he’d just give me the same old stare I’ve seen for nearly 17 years now and say, “Stacey.  I’m a man.”  LOL!

I think I’d have a good comeback this time though.  I’d give him the same stare I have given in return for nearly 17 years and say, “With feet this size, I wouldn’t doubt it.” 🙂


  1. They look lovely! You must be very proud – I would be!

    • Yes, I think they came out well. I hope he likes them. They were such a HUGE undertaking, lol. 🙂 The pattern is pretty simple, but the socks are just GI-normous!!

  2. Wonderful! Great job on the box too!

  3. grayseasaylor says:

    A lovely gift, and beautifully boxed. Bravo!!! (:

  4. The sox are great! No matter what size 😉 Love the box too! You made that! Wow!

    • Oh yeah, the origami boxes are a love too. I think when I need something to really calm me down, origami is it! This is a design by Tomoko Fuse, I believe. It’s one of the first I learned and I love it. Really easy to remember.

  5. Again, I’m impressed with your work! These socks look fabulous and I love the origami box. You and your hubby sound like quite the team. 🙂

  6. Those socks just look awesome … love the packaging as well. Lucky husband! 😉

  7. I like nice present boxes especially when you can regift in them 😀

  8. A lovely pair of socks and I can imagine how they must have felt like they’d go on forever 🙂 Thanks for sharing about the box! I prefer giving gifts in boxes instead of wrapping them with paper, but the boxes can get pretty expensive. Only not anymore 🙂

    • Oh yes!! I think I will have to allow myself more time and maybe a vacation if I make him anymore, lol! You might like this book that I came across called Trash Origami. Not that you really have to use trash…it’s just that all kinds of paper are used to make origami. I love that book!

  9. They look wonderful! I just finished off a pair of socks for my husband and, boy, is that a labor of love. His feet aren’t big, but he likes his socks really long. I felt like I was knitting those for years! Good job!

  10. I love your origami boxes! So classy. 🙂 Those socks are GIGANTIC! Today my fiance asked me to knit socks for him and it made me a bit nervous since his feet are huge…

  11. Wow.. You are so creative! Especially with the Origami boxes! 😀

  12. Wow! I love that box so much! I have a ginormous paper stash. Maybe this is the answer.
    Great socks, too.

  13. Amazing! Those socks are stunning, Stacey!!!! And the packaging…beautiful!! I am just so happy to know someone as creative as you. Every time I visit, I’m blown away… 🙂 And you know, I really love yours and your hubby’s style. Darn right he’s a man, and men don’t need fabric! That’s what I always say… lol

  14. Lucky man, to have his own personal sock … er, boat … knitter! Love the box too! =D


  1. […] actually, the first time I tried the Old Norwegian cast-on was with the socks I made for the hubby.  But, I really only did that because it was in the pattern.  I’ve had a chance to commit […]

  2. […] up this week for the hubby and he said he’d be glad to do it.  Sweet! If you can recall, the last gift I made for hubby was a pair of socks and an origami box.  While he seemed to love the socks, the packaging was a […]

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