Spinning on the Information Highway

Handcrafts aren’t always so easy to grasp.

Take spindling, for instance.  Some people are naturals.  But, I was reminded of my own misadventures in learning to spin when I visited agujas today…I recalled when I first learned to spin-or should I say tried to learn to spin…I got so frustrated, I put the spindles and fiber back into their bag and left them there for nearly seven years!

Fortunately, I had the foresight not to just chuck it all.  I ran into some beautiful photos later on in life and decided I would try again.  So, I took my spindles back out, queued up netflix and started again.  You can see what my progress looked like here.  But, as I learned, I found that these days there is so much information out there on spindling and spinning in general that it’s almost impossible not to learn how to spin! This is good information for all of us…

Dear therocknwriter,

I noticed you expressed an interest in learning to spin.  I submit to you the drop spindle.

According to Abby Franquemont’s book, RESPECT THE SPINDLE, small children have been learning to spin on these devices practically forever.  So, it’s a totally doable pursuit, once you are ready to try it out.  There are also quite a few youtube videos on the subject, if you are a visual person like me and need someone to show you the ropes.   

Some other folks you may look into would be Amelia of Ask the Belwether and Maggie Casey.  If you are starting on a wheel, there is also Judith MacKenzie McCuin.  To make matters even easier (I know! you were thinking how is that possible, right?! lol), if you google any of these names a million and one free youtube videos come up! There are a lot of other people who have posted videos there as well.  If you use terms like, “handspinning“, or “drop spindle” or “plying on a drop spindle“, they should come up as well.   Lastly, there are sites and forums devoted to it too.  Try the Spinning Daily’s site or some of the Ravelry spinning groups.  I’m particularly in love with Spindle Candy.  It feeds my spindle fetish, lol! But, there is also Beginning Spinners and Wannabee Spinners that I also love because they are completely non-intimidating discussion boards.    

In fact, if you want to start any time soon, you can get away with it with little to no cost.  Here is a site with directions on making a spindle out of a CD.  And, if you’d like to look around for one to purchase, there are a ton of etsy shops that sell them. I once bought one on etsy for five bucks!

This is just a sampling of links and information that you can poke around with. But I certainly hope it helps for when you decide you want to jump in. 🙂


P.S. And PLEASE post pics and tell me whenever you decide to start! I LOVE spindle candy!

Okay.  Now that that’s out of my system 😉 …

Look what Boy Child got…

His first medal…AND it’s for scholastic achievement! He’s becoming a fabulous young man. 🙂

Girl Child’s day…where do I begin?  She was given a wig by her grandmother because she likes to play in hair.  Today, she got into the hair cream and tried to condition it.  She and I have had talks about putting goo-gons of hair cream in her own hair before…And hair gel…And vaseline.  So, this was actually a step up from doing something I had told her not to do.  Well, that is, until I found her hurriedly trying to wash it back out with my good shampoo!

LOL! Kids.


  1. Ha loved the wig story. When I was a teenager some pink goo was famous. It had such a jingle I can’t believe I don’t remember the name of it. It was so pretty and pink I just wanted to glop it all over my and I didn’t need it. And I loved to cut hair. I cut all of my baby dolls hair. And even my dogs.

    I am so glad you didn’t throw your spinning things out as well, we would have missed out on some beautiful pics. Maybe one day I will try it, I have a lot of cat hair that I could spin!

    Congratulations young man!

    • I can remember liking to cut hair too…It’s sometimes good to remember what I was like then, because now I’m all, “What in the world was she thinking?!” LOL!

      By the way, Boy Child says thanks.

    • By the way, if you like looking at gorgeous photos of fibery stuff, I’m attempting to start up a blog on that too. I have some awesome bloggers/artists who are going to be editing with me. And there have been a few fiber artists who expressed interest in participating whose photography and fiber work is outstanding! Big hopes for this! Right now, it’s just the framework. But, I believe we will have post number one up by Monday…If you get a chance, have a look around and tell me what you think. 🙂 You can find it at yummyfluff.com

      Any suggestions appreciated. 🙂

  2. When no one is looking my youngest loves to mix up creams/perfumes/shampoos into nice smelling experiments that she then hides under her bed!

    Congratulations to your son, I am sure you are proud.

    Great tips for beginner spinners. I taught myself as well from books and the internet. However it was only later that I realised I used the images as a mirror and that I let the spindle hang from my right hand, when I think most spinners use their left!

    • Wow!! A little girl after my own heart! I once made my brother and my best friend put everything we could find into this basin…shampoo, nail polish remover, cleanser, perfume…just everything! We were going to become scientists that day! When my mom got home, I was lucky I didn’t become minced meat, lol!
      That’s funny…I never thought about that. I do let it dangle and wind on from my left…

      Boy Child said to say thanks!

  3. I never thought I’d ever want to learn spinning, until I started reading your blog a few weeks back. That’s changing, your enthusiasm is infectious 🙂

    YAY! Congrats to your son too! How wonderful!!

  4. Congrats to your son! As a retired teacher I know how much time and effort he expended in order to receive that award! Kudos! As usual, your spinning is fabulous and makes me quite envious! 😎 I haven’t mastered the drop spindle. This months Spin Off has an article on the different types of spindles, worth reading. and 3rd…. gotta love #2! I can remember as a youngster using my mom’s hair cream on my hair (straight and blond). 😎 Why? Who knows! lol! And, how the heck did I think mom wouldn’t notice? Ah, kid #2 gotta love them! 😎 As one of my 2nd daughters teachers said, you’ve got to love her she’s so full of spunk! 😎

    • Boy Child says thanks!
      Really? I see so many excellent spinners all over the place. I can’t wait to see where I am in another couple of years. I hope to spin whatever I want!! (insert mad scientist laugh here) She’s full of something all right….but I didn’t know they called that spunk. 🙂 Today she boobytrapped the hair lotion. I’m so glad that stuff is clear, I can’t tell you!! ROFL! Sigh…she’s a little mess is what she is. 🙂

  5. Congrats on the NJHS medal!

  6. grayseasaylor says:

    Thanks for all the great info about spinning resources, Stacey! It really is a pleasure to view your spinning. You inspire me to not give up:)
    Celebration and praise to Boy Child for his academic industry!
    Merciful hugs to Girl Child for her creative curiousity!
    And thanks so much for linking to my blog! I feel honored and so enjoy visiting with you!
    Joy to you and yours,
    Gracie ❤

  7. “Oh, Rapuzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…” That’s what I first thought about when I saw these gorgeous fibers. Congrats to the Boy Child on his medal.

    Girl Child reminds me a bit of my cousin who used my Mom’s Nozema and my dad’s glitter (school teacher) and a bunch of other stuff she shouldn’t have touched to mix into her magic potion. That summer she convinced us that she was a witch and this was her magic potion. If we didn’t do everything she said, she would put the potion on us and whereever she put it, that body part would fall off. We just did what she said. Besides, she was a guest. Anyways, my Mom found that jar later and who got in trouble? Me! “It was like something you would have done,” she said. I was innocent, I tell you, innocent. *sigh*

  8. Hello!
    I love your spunned yarn…I just tried for the first time yesterday! it seems not sooo difficult but not easy at the same time… please look an my post.. under “knitting” section.
    I am new in knitting and I love the spinning process, But living in Greece I have not found someone that teaches..and im by myself..so if you can please add some advise or anything

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