First FiberGuild Meeting Ever!

I went to my first FiberGuild meeting at Greenbank Mill last night!

I met a lot of new friends like, Gerry (pictured above in blonde), Heather, Dee, Sjon, and Lucy.  I have to warn you, I could be mispelling these names…but since I intend to do a little featurette on all of them as I get to know them…I’ll get the details all figured out for you guys.  Also, I saw some friends that I met at the last spin in…Laurel (pictured above in redhead) and Natalie…who actually isn’t pictured above in anything but is represented by some wonderful handspun below all my yapping. 🙂

Gerry actually has a farm of sorts.  She just had two baby goats! She showed me photos of “her babies” as she called them.  Apparently, baby goats are real sweethearts! Nice to know.  Gerry also raises angora rabbits and a few other animal known for their spinability as well.  When I retire, I want to be Gerry’s neighbor! 🙂

The meeting was a lot like having a little get together.  We ate.  And we at some more, lol! Then, we worked on our projects.  Completely non-intimidating! LOVE that!

As I mentioned above, Natalie showed me her handspun from last time.

She finished her bobbin.  Look how fine that is! And she’s going to navajo ply it! This is getting good y’all!

She showed me some of her completed projects too…

Now, let me just interject here.  I really don’t know how she could stand me! Seriously.  I kept taking her stuff and running outside with it for some better light!! LOL! She was a good sport about it though.  She has seen the blog (hi Natalie!), and I think she knows that it’s really a sickness I can’t help at this point.  But how could I help it?  Just look at that!

Lovely. 🙂

Oh! And I met another friend there too…

This is Lewis.

Lewy is one half of Lewis & Clark (the other cat on the premises that has thus far been anti-social…).  Lewy kept giving me looks like this until I stroked him a little bit.  Then, we became good acquaintances.  I think I’d better strengthen this relationship and give him some more pets next time, lol! I love cats!

I spent so much time yapping and taking photos of everything else, I barely got around to taking photos of my spin.  I’ll show y’all that next time. 🙂

When I got home, all was well and as expected.  Girl Child was jumping like a wild thing on the bed.  That’s actually normal.  Boy Child was watching a movie…meh.

So, the next meeting is in the fall.  See you in September!

No, not you.  I’ll see you all soon. 🙂


  1. I simply LOVE the cat’s nose.
    And that spinning is beautiful … When I’ve got more time on my hands I think I’m going to find myself a knitting group – this should be fun. 😀

    • I LOVE cats! I miss mine so much!

      Natalie did a great job spinning that up, didn’t she? And I can’t wait to see it n-plied!!
      I hope you find a group somewhere that you like. And I think you’ll have A LOT of fun! 🙂 I don’t know about you, but it’s difficult to find spinners in my area. And I dare not speak such blasphemy at the LYS, lol! I really had a stroke of luck finding this one…

  2. I can tell where girl child gets her energy! 😎 Send some my way!!

    • Oh…you just move until you about drop, lol! The past two nights I’ve been conking out. On myself nonetheless. I’ll be in the middle of something and then, lights out! A few hours later, when I open my eyes, I have to get up and turn the actual lights out, lol! I know…I’m really bad!

  3. alpacasoup says:

    Natalie here…no, couldn’t stand you at all, was horrible having someone admire my yarn so much that they wanted to take pictures and put it on their blog 🙂 I’m actually very glad you did, you take much better pics than I ever could!

    • Oh they were beautiful!! And it’s not really magic. I’m just obsessed with it at this point, I think, lol! And I LOVE handspun! Yours was awesome. I loved the feel of it. Very strong yarn.

  4. So, about that retouching … :o)
    Glad you came and glad you had a good time!

    • You don’t need to be retouched. 🙂 I love that fiery red! It suits you. 🙂

      I did have a good time! I can’t wait until September…well, after a nice LONNNNGGGG summer, lol!

  5. grayseasaylor says:

    Stacey, you are so much fun! I love your story-telling and your pictures, and your new friends! [Lewy included :)] And Natalie’s yarn is SO beautifully fine…sigh…inspiring…Oh, and I am glad both Girl Child and Boy Child were OK in your absence:)

    • Awww, thanks Gracie! I still don’t even know that the photos are telling it all…I should’ve went to the car to get a coin to hold it against. I know when I see the n-ply, I’m going to pass out!

      Oh yeah. They get along fine. He’s a decent sitter for a couple hours. Especially when you offer him a little pocket change! 😉 What can I say? All business, like his father. 🙂

  6. Summer has just begun and already you’re having so much fun. Natalie’s work is gorgeous as well. I totally understand the need to grab her fibers and running with it to get better shots. You create wonderful compositions. My favorite one is the first photo of the yarn across the fence. 🙂

    • I know!!! I can’t wait until it’s full blown summer! I’ll miss the additional fundage, for sure. But, I’ll have more play time. 🙂 Yeah, I kept taking her yarn! Part of me was shocked at myself and the other was just too obsessed to be embarassed, lol! She’s a good sport. 🙂

      Thanks for the compliments on the photos!

  7. What a wonderful group you seem to have found. I am glad to have discovered your blog. I am coming to you from Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth. What a fabulous job you did on the packaging of your yarn exchange.

  8. Such a beautiful cat. Fabulous group you have found. I would like to live on a farm or next to one.

  9. Omg Lewis is precious. I want to snuggle him!

  10. irenicart says:

    i want to snuggle him too:) beautiful yarn too!

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