Collections and Such

You may have noticed, I’m a collector of things…

When I find something I like, I normally just want more of it.  I like Thomas’ Whole Wheat English Muffins, so I get two packages when I’m out rather than the one package.  Nevermind that it’s on sale because the best before date is tomorrow.  But, I carry the same ideas into my knitting and spinning.  I’m just an overload kind of collector.  I think something in my brain is wired to believe that I must have more than one in case something happens to the first…I don’t know.  It could be a sickness, lol. 

A few posts ago, daisiejane asked me how many spindles I had hoarded…I mean collected. 🙂 I really wasn’t sure.  I know I have quite a few.  Not as many as others…But, if this is any indication, I may need a better storage system at some point.  Daisiejane, this photo is for you. 🙂

I believe I counted 17 here.  There is one last spindle that isn’t in this photo.  It’s my travel spindle and I decided not to take it out or I will be late for work today. 🙂

I started off spinning with high whorl drop spindles.  I liked them so much, I kept collecting them.  When I started wanting to try Turkish spindles, the same thing happened.  Later on, I added a support spindle and once I got some singles to form, I added a few more.

Once I figured out how to get singles plied and finished, I had a whole new toy to play with…handspun! So, I started collecting those too (you may have picked up on that though 🙂 ).

These skeins were actually spins where I had finished the singles ages ago.  I just n-plied them the night before last.  The largest skein in the photo below was completed on one of the tiniest spindles in the photo above.

During the time I was interested in fitting a whole four ounces into a nicely wound cop while keeping the singles as consistent as possible.  It’s a really nice yarn.  But the green yarn is what astounds me.  I spun that without much regard to the consistency and the final yarn is so textural…

I like it!

Not sure what I’m going to do with these in the end.  But I liked my new pair of socks so much, I thought I might make another pair.  You know, just in case something happens to the first pair. 🙂

Now, while I didn’t think I’d be collecting these, I have to take the time out to thank some bloggers out there for some awards and gifts. They make me blush a bit. 🙂

First off, I’d like to thank Ayana Reddick for the lovely tea and yarn gift she sent me during Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth‘s first Tea & Yarn Swap.

I may be using that sock yarn sooner than later!

Next, I would like to thank all of the bloggers of late who have nominated me for some really sweet awards.   Please check out their blogs because I visit them as often as I can…although caityrosey seems to beat me to most of them! 🙂

So for the One Lovely Sunshine Blog Award, the Versatile Blogger Award and the Sunshine Blogger Award, I would really like to thank (in no particular order)

caityrosey of All She Wants to Do Is Knit

Laura Lee of Crafty Lady

bamboo#1 of Bamboo Number 1 Knits

Curls & Q of Curls & Q

Karen Berthine of The Sweaty Knitter

All awesome bloggers that I have had the privilege of “meeting” since beginning this blog.  Thanks so much!

I have enjoyed the work of bloggers so much over the years that I wanted to become a blogger myself! 🙂  Thank you all for sharing yourselves, your kindnesses and your talents with me.


  1. caityrosey says:

    Some of those spindles are truly beautiful. They make my fingers itch to try spinning.

  2. Congratulations on your awards. What lovely yarns you spin. Now I’m off to check out some of the blogs you mention.

  3. Craftie Allie says:

    Wow wow wow. Such beauty! I really want to knit something out of my own handspun but I cannot figure out spinning. I have some gorgeous roving that I hope to one day use.

    • You remember the glop I produced when I first started…the second time around, lol! I posted all of my progress to my tumblr so folks could see it doesn’t happen over night, but it doesn’t take forever either. I remember spending most of last summer with netflix and a spindle. I saw every episode of That 70’s Show and by the end of the series, I was spinning something I could use. Well, actually, that happened well before the end of the series. It doesn’t take long to figure out how to get the yarn to hold together somehow. But, getting it to hold together and look nice was an issue. It still wasn’t a good look until the end of the series, lol! Fortunately, I saw the whole series inside of a month. 😉

      • Craftie Allie says:

        My roving always breaks apart when I get started but I’m not sure why. I’ll try it again one day; that’s why I keep everything. Because one day, I will try and it will somehow work. It won’t be pretty. It it will work lol.

      • I submit this old post to you. LOL!

        But, I would say spinning singles is kind of like a balancing act. You have to have enough twist to keep the singles together without it breaking apart. That said, there are different kinds of breaks. If it is “breaking” (as in snapping-sometimes you might hear a “snap” or “pop”), then there is too much twist. In that case, the twist has to be allowed to be drafted over a longer stretch of the fiber to prevent it from being too concentrated in any one area. If it is drifting apart (as in sliding apart, in a sense), there’s not enough twist yet. More twist needs to be put in to hold it together. Knowing the difference helps you figure out what your singles needs. No worries though. Somehow, your hands learn this with time and it happens a lot less so that you have nice, long stretches of uninterrupted spinning. 🙂 Good luck on your next spin!

  4. Congratulations. Thanks and Love, nia

  5. Pure Klass says:

    I can’t wait to see what that green yarn becomes! They are both so beautiful.

    And I feel you on the collecting thing… I try to keep my collections to a minimum, but there are just so many wonderful things! 😉

  6. You are well loved by the whole blog-o-sphere! Love all the yarns and the tea and all of your future projects that you are bound to make. You know, I think there’s a fine line between crafter, artist, collector, hoarder….. I’m walking that line. 🙂

    • weekend knitter says:

      Awww…Thanks Libby. 🙂

      I sure do hope we’ll love all the projects I make in the future…There have been times I have looked back on things I’ve made and was like, “What in the world was I thinking?!” LOL!

      I am right on that line with you!!

  7. daisiejane says:

    Thank you for showing your spindles and sharing your obsession – I think I recognise those tendencies in myself! So currently I have two wheels and two spindles but your blog has made me want a ladybug and one or two Goldings! I have learned a lot from you and got a lot of inspiration so the envy is worth it! X. And how lovely to have you posting for me on my birthday! 🙂

    • weekend knitter says:

      It’s no problem at all. I LOVE spindles!!

      And Happy Birthday! I did not know that! So, do you get to write off the LB and Goldings as “birthday gifts to me,” guilt-free? 😉 LOL! Love it!

  8. Can I just move into your blog? 😉

    • Lol! I was thinking the same about yours! I’m always so hungry after I visit your blog. Everything looks so delicious! We just got some mangos and I am eyeing your smoothie recipe right now…yum!!

  9. Congratulations on the awards. As an avid follower of your beautiful yarns and spinning, I must agree with all of them. And I LOVE your collection of spindles. They’re all so beautiful – how can one resist?

  10. grayseasaylor says:

    Cheers for you and your lovely spinning and well earned awards, Stacey! [Also thank you for relieving me of guilt for having 4 spindles :)]
    Gracie ❤

  11. I want those spindles!!!

    • 🙂 I think my collection is actually pretty conservative considering all of the other collections I’ve seen around the web. I’m not sure if I’ll end up having 40 spindles (wowzers!). But, I do enjoy their beauty!

  12. LOVE your spindle collection! About 20 years ago i got a little carried away with spinning wheel collecting … I had four (!). I now have only my Schacht, and that’s just fine with me. Took up too much room!


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