A Day Of Firsts

Today was another day of firsts for me. 🙂

Like my knit so far? I’ll get back to that in a minute. First, I have to announce that I started my first spin day for the Tour-de-Fleece!

Go Team Rookie! I am spinning on some Norwegian wool that came with my Ashford Joy from Paradise Fibers. I can’t use the Joy at the moment because I still have some Swiss Chard on there from Sosae Caetano. Apparently, I am a one spin per wheel kind of spinner, lol.

If I had to sum it up, I would have to say that the staple length of this wool seems pretty short and it’s a rougher texture than what I am used to working with. But, I like the ruggedness of the look of the singles so far. And since I have eight ounces of it, that is a good thing, lol!

I also visited Greenbank Mill today for the Annual Membership Meeting. Each year at this meeting they discuss the Mill’s progress and future. There is also a bonfire to get rid of some of the farmyard wastes. I did see a couple familiar faces…

You remember Flo and Laurel?

Here they are cooking up some s’mores. Heather was there, but she skipped out before I got to play paparazzi with her again, lol!

I took this photo of Laurel.

She is behaving in this one. She said to delete the first one, lol! There was funny face-making. 🙂 She makes me want red hair…

I also met a few new folks. As a brand new guild member, they made me feel pretty comfortable at the meeting. They always want to feed me. 🙂

In other news, I have really opened a huge can of worms for myself. As if spinning for The Tour wasn’t enough, I have added two more knitting projects to my to-do list. Now, I normally try to keep it to on project at a time. Any more than that and my brain has a high potential to melt! Having a couple jobs, a couple kids and a marriage can do that. And, as you saw in the first photo, first up is a lace scarf.

I have actually knit the Knitty Branching Out Pattern before. But I have never knit any lace with a variegated yarn. I feel like I’m breaking a rule, lol! The photo above was from yesterday afternoon when I was just starting it and I was wondering how the color changes would behave with the pattern. Usually color changes have a way of hiding a pattern to a certain extent and that concerns me a little. But when I came across this pattern again recently and recalled that this yarn reminds me of green leaves and grass and red rose petals, I figured, why not? Do we like it?

Here is the scarf late today.

Yeah! We like it. 🙂 It’s not as sunny as it was earlier yesterday. But, the colors are so appropriate for the theme of the pattern. I just really like it a lot! I can’t wait to open this baby up!

And, as you may have guessed…

Yup. More socks!

These are going to take a minute with the other projects. But, maybe a week? We’ll see.

You know, I could really kick myself for having two projects going at once…But I think I’ll wait until I have a new pair of socks to do it. 😉


  1. That scarf is beautiful. I can already imagine how it will look when blocked. I’m kinda missing my tools. I haven’t done anything with fiber crafting in a while, but it’s kind of been too hot to care, but I think it’s always good to have a knit project in the pool. Looks like you have two…

    • Thanks Lib! I think I may actually wear it, lol! I’m not a lacy girl. I just love and hate knitting it. 🙂 I think I start to miss it when I haven’t knit something in a while. But, I am sure when you get back to it, it’ll feel like you never stopped. That’s how it seems to work out.

      I do have two. Three if I count the pillow. Yikers!

  2. grayseasaylor says:

    The colorways of your yarn are beautiful, Stacey, and your pretty projects all look like fun!
    I have one blanket on circular needles that I am simply knitting in garter stitch, I have one sock on circular needles that I have been avoiding for months although I am determiined to figure out how to finish it with the magic-loop method 🙂 I have several dishcloths started that I pick up from time to time in between other projects; and now I have been plotting to start a long term crochet granny square blanket project…this of course does not count the fibers I am spinning on my Ashford Joy and my Turkish spindle. Hmmmmm me thinks I need some tunnel vision perhaps… but I really enjoy the variety!
    Happy Weekend 🙂
    Gracie ❤

    • My goodness, Gracie! You are a busy bee! It all sounds like fun! I do wish I could get more done…but at the same time, I can’t say I don’t like taking my time to enjoy a project…it’s a double-edged sword. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your FO’s!

  3. That scarf is beautiful – please post pictures when you are finished 🙂 Sounds like a wonderful day.

  4. Aw, don’t feel bad about 2 projects at once. I usually have 3!

    • I think with these projects I will be fine, lol! I don’t like to keep too many around though. Two jobs and an autistic youngster can get overwhelming at times. And with my need to feel productive, I just have to have an FO. Now. 🙂 My max would be 2 small projects or one large. Any more than that and I risk my sanity lol. It’s just better suited to my current circumstances.

  5. Did you dye the green and rose variagated yarn? It is beautiful!!

  6. Beautiful scarf! I just love the colors (again) 🙂 And your day sounds sooooooo nice. I just love reading about your adventures in everything you do, it always inspires me some how. I hope your Sunday is going well Stacey!

  7. Two is nothing. Usually I have about a dozen, but I think I have managed to get it down to 9 now…

  8. Uh oh, watch out! It’s a slippery slope from two projects to something that looks like my own WIP pile… Hey, I try to keep it to two really active projects (with the other 18+ projects getting picked up as the mood strikes.)

    And Happy Tour de Fleecing! Spin like the wind!

    • Really, no worries there! I am not moving in that direction at the moment. I will have to admire your pursuits!

      Thanks for the well wishes! Good luck to you as well. 🙂

  9. Oh, Stacey, your lace scarf is knitting up beautifully! So serene and lovely… You really inspire me to keep plugging away at all the things I love (knitting, spinning, sewing…) So what if you have more than one project? 🙂 It’s healthy! Oh, and I hope you have a blast with TdF! If you end up spinning SC fiber during that time, share it on our Rav forum for prize-entries. :))

    • Thanks Sosae! I will be spinning up the rest of the Swiss Chard, I believe. Something tells me that though I have had a slow start, I will be finishing that gray Norwegian sooner than I thought…

  10. flowerpotdesigns says:

    Yay for firsts! I’m really excited to see your lace in variegated. I’m the same as you about pattern and variegated, so I’m very interested in the final product!

    I’m on a sock kick too! Do you use a particular pattern? I’m trying to find a good one for simple basic sock. Any suggestions?

  11. I knitted a lace scarf in varigated yarn a while ago. I think it adds a whole new demention to the lace. Good luck yours looks beautiful!


  1. […] got there a little later than usual (hey, when the kids are away, I get to sleep in!), so I missed Laurel. But, Heather, Linda, Bob, Natalie and Carol were there. As if I needed any encouragement, Carol […]

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