We Like To Party

It’s the second Saturday of the month and I was tardy for the party at Greenbank Mill today.

Nevertheless, I made it in time to see some of my new friends and more new spinners too. As always, I had a GREAT time!

Because it was so overcast, we spun indoors. Natalie showed me her finished lace yarns.

They are so fine! She really makes me want to try to spin lace weight someday.

But this time, I took my Ashford Joy and spun on the rest of the Swiss Chard.

I ran my mouth a little too much to finish it, lol! But, what’s that matter when amongst friends, right? 🙂 I will get to it tonight. I am still on the Tour, after all. While I was there, I explained to some of the new spinners how I planned to ply the finished singles n-plied (or chain-plied). I also showed one how I n-ply because she was curious to see the technique. She just got a brand new wheel. By the next time we meet, she may be n-plying!

In other news, it was Girl Child’s birthday last night. Her cousins, aunt and grandmother came over to help us celebrate. After, the third time busting suds and noticing we really need more silverware next time we entertain…and then seeing Girl Child try to put her birthday candle out with her fingers, I was wore out! I sat down to finish the toe on my second pair of socks for my clogs.

I really like the stripes! I’m thinking of just churning out a few more pairs for the sake of these clogs. Plus, it really is fun knitting up socks! They’re portable, quick and it’s so nice seeing the colors develop. My kind of project! I tend to stay on the basic side of sock anatomy when I knit socks. I think I just don’t always care to have to follow a pattern. But, it never hurts to learn a new trick. So, I plan on tearing myself away from the photos long enough to thumb through Ann Budd’s new sock book soon. We’ll see if I can’t pick up some tips for making my next pair of socks!

Well, it’s about that time. Time to see if I can fit in one last hoorah this weekend…Back to the little lace project! 🙂


  1. Happy Birthday to the Girl Child. Glad she didn’t burn herself. lol I always enjoy looking at your pretty yarns in-process photos. Fantastic socks. They look so happy!

  2. Craftie Allie says:

    Your posts always make me want to come to your house and just hold your yarn. The colors are always so gorgeous.

    Hope the girl child had a wonderful birthday. The socks came out great :):)

    • LOL! Thanks for that!

      She had a great day! She just kept bringing us toys to put batteries in. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment on the socks. I need some more for my shoes. Trying to figure out another pair….I’m thinking it’d be nice to have a week’s worth. But we’ll see how long I can keep this up, lol.

  3. grayseasaylor says:

    More beautiful work, Stacey! I love the way the way the socks turned out and how they look in the clogs! Thanks for sharing some of what you are learning as you create… Very encouraging :). I have spent more time rescuing/reconstructing my blog from my laptop than playing with my fiber this week. I had some blue screens and then every time I opened up my laptop I heard bits of comercials. One time I heard Paula Dean and her sons talking about cooking something [probably my goose :)]. Happy Birthday to Girl Child!
    Gracie ❤

    • Hi Gracie! Thanks! I love the clogs too. I can’t wait to wear them with the socks when it gets cooler. 🙂

      I understand those days. The blog is its own animal sometimes…

  4. I simply love these socks. Really. I am a sucker for red, and if it is mixed with other colours that match incredibly (like these), there’s nothing to beat them. Ever. 😀

  5. I just love the colorway of those socks. So retro! So pretty! Happy Birthday Girl Child!

  6. great yarns, great socks! I love socks as a portable project. I use Cat Bordhi’s book Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. Her basic sock pattern is The Best. >^..^<

    • I think I will have to try that someday. I have learned how to do magic loop. But I’ve never used it on an entire project…Two circs might be a little jump from there…but getting more done faster is a bit tempting. 🙂

  7. Where did you get those clear shoes? Crocs? So cool that you can show off your beautiful creations.

    • I got them from a place called Knitter’s Dream. I think some call them crocs. Where I’m from we call them clogs. I think if it weren’t for these shoes, I probably wouldn’t be making socks right now! Any time I can get inspiration to play with yarn from something, it’s good!

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