A Tour of My Tour

You may have heard of this year’s Tour de Fleece?

This year, I participated as a Rookie mostly.  But I also tagged along in one of Sosae Caetano’s groups, Team Fiercely FluffyNote: When I say “participated”, I mean spun along, lol!

I initally intended to get through 24 ounces of fiber that came with my wheel as well as the stuffs on my two small Golding tsunami spindles.  Well, as I neared the dates and realized I had waayyyy too much going on, I decided to spin up one of the spindles before the Tour and knock the 24 ounces down to 8.  A more not-drive-me-so-crazy challenge. 🙂

So, here they are!

I finished the rest of the gray monster today as well as that sienna-colored yarn.  Do you remember where that sienna yarn came from?  LOL! It has been a minute, hasn’t it?  Like a 9 month minute!!

Well, I won’t bore you anymore than I already have with the detour I took from the gray monster or my obsessive fiber love for the Swiss Chard, lol.  But…

I absolutely will bore you with photos of the finished gray monster and the sienna fluff!  😉

The gray monster dried out in the sun today.

He’s a wiry thing, isn’t he?  I still think I may wash him one more time because there was just SO much lanolin in this beast, it was ridiculous! Ordinarily, I like to knit with yarn that has retained some of that oil.  But, after seeing that stuff come out into the water as I was setting the twist…um…yuck!! I think I will have to get some hand balm and call it a day, lol.

Now for this guy…

So innocent-looking, the little bugger. I finished spinning this today.

Then I moved it all to a bobbin just to make the plying go a little faster.   I really wasn’t sure whether the cut off day was yesterday (July 21) and you had to be done for today or today and you had to be finished by the end of the day (of course, to make things more confusing, I’m not getting to write this post until something-in-the-morning on the 23rd…long day).  But, I figured, whateva.  As long as it was completed by the end of today, I would be a happy camper with another free spindle and two free wheels. YUM!

Look how huge the skein is next to the spindle.  I love that.

That spindle looks so proud up there, doesn’t it?  🙂

Sigh…Two tours in one week!

I think I’m bushed! 🙂


  1. That last fiber is really gorgeous. And the Golding I’m just plain envious of 😉

  2. This is really, really great. I have to say, I like gray a lot – I wouldn’t pain my flat in it, but it is one of the few colours that suit me when I’m wearing them … I also like the last skein you’ve spun. It looks so beautiful now that it is finished!

    Thank you so much for the tipp with the blocking boards the other day! I’ll definitely go round and have a look. 😀

  3. Mmmm, I love that tweedy brownish yarn. And the yellow-green skein is so happy! Great spinning.

  4. It’s all beautiful. Congratulations!

  5. Great yarns! I signed up for the Tour and then life conspired to make spinning not happen very much.

    • Thanks! Well, life happens sometimes. I think TdF is just meant to really provide inspiration, not really a law. You could make your own personal challenge whenever you get ready and it’s comfortable for you! 🙂 And I have also heard of spin alongs if you like the feel of community. Spinning can happen whenever you want and you are in charge. Can’t beat that! 😉

  6. I’m really liking the gray one.

  7. Great spinning. YOu’re on such a roll!

  8. OMG, beautiful yarn and spindle. I bought my first spindles recently but I’m still afraid of starting the process. Can you recommend a video, book or CD. I’m just loving all your yarnie goodness.


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