Bobbin For Yarn

I was in a mad rush today to get this on the wheel!

I know I mentioned that I wanted to start a cabled yarn some time ago.  But I just couldn’t seem to fit it in the last few weeks.  Oh….But all that has changed now!

Last night I spun the bobbins up there from the Duets that I got from Sosae Caetano.  I figured they’d be perfect for a cabled yarn because she had already did the color work for the set.  All I have to do is spin it!

For a cabled yarn, I will have to spin two 2-ply yarns and then ply those together in the end.  Sounds like a lot of back and forth.  But, I kind of like that idea.  Kind of rhythmic in a sense.  It’s a very welcome thing at the moment.  Lullaby like.  I like that.

At some point today, the other two bobbins came along too.

Funny thing I learned during TdF.  I can actually spin pretty fast if I want.  Well, fast for me.  I had the hubby time me to see how fast I was getting done the gray monster after separating the lengths into 12 inch chunks.  I was clocking in at 7 minutes per chunk.  Not bad, says I! It’s amazing the things you learn you can do when you do challenge yourself.  So, I applied that to this spin as well.  I can’t say the yarn is as consistent when I’m trying to go all Speedy Gonzales on it.  But, I just want to see this yarn.  Now! 🙂

I even got to ply one of my 2-ply yarns so far before it was time for Girl Child to be home.

Meh.  I honestly think I’m going to have to run that back through to get it a little tighter for the cabled yarn to really look good in the end.  But, I’m okay with that.  Ooohhh! Did I tell you I can’t wait to see it?!

I also hand wound the Swiss Chard into yarn balls.

I still have no clue which I like best-the 2-ply fractal or the n-ply…AND I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.  I was matching up some color I had leftover in my stash to see if I would like it with this yarn.  More socks?  Mittens?  Beats me.  I’ve got yarn coming out of my ears these days!

And, you know…I really wouldn’t have it any other way.  😉




  1. That’s always my problem with spinning: more yarn than I know what to do with, and much less time to spin it!

  2. Beautiful yarn and beautiful pictures, as always.

  3. grayseasaylor says:

    Stacey I love what you have been doing while I have been traveling and entertaining!!! The lace scarf, the yarn you created, the book review, socks and photography are all splendid!!! You continue to inspire me. Thanks =)
    Hugs from Gracie ❤

    • Thanks Gracie! I’m still chugging along here….time is flying by at a crazy pace this summer. I’ve hit a snag…but I’m working through it. I love having crafts to fall back on!! Sanity!

  4. Both colours are so very beautiful … I am very curious how your cabled yarn will look when it is finished!
    Thank you for linking the article – though my knowledge about spinning is very, VERY limited ( :mrgreen: ), I think I could understand pretty much what it was about. It’s always great to learn something new!

    I hope you have a wonderful day. 😀

    • Hi Julia! I’ve completed the cabled yarn…I am over the moon about all the color! I’m going to do it again with another set and see which I like better. YUM! 🙂

  5. It’s all so lovely. The swish chard looks awesome in both versions, I think mittens would be awesome in either one. I really love the way the duets have spun up, although I have to say the green-blue has inspired a certain level of jealousy. Great job as always.

    • If I have some left over when I’m done these socks, I might be doing mittens next. I think I still have some leftover from the retro to do that too. I’ve been thinking about it…
      LOL! The green-blue is really pretty, isn’t it? Sosae dyes lovely, doesn’t she?

  6. caityrosey says:

    That yarn looks like sherbet. Now I want sherbet.

  7. LOVE your bobbins! Such pretty spins. :)) I can’t wait to see how you spin the cabled yarn!

    • Hey Sos! I did finish it! I hope I did your fiber some justice! I think the color is SO fabulous! As always, those supercharged colors just make me scream! In a good way. 🙂

  8. Beautiful! The colours are simply stunning!


  1. […] was one of the cable yarns I spun with a set of duets from Sosae Caetano.  Finally! It’s a challenge in Sosae’s […]

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