Baby Steps

Sometimes, life is two steps forward, one step back.

Hmmmm…Spinning lace.

Along with the fact that I have never spun silkier textures before…Well, it’s just a little intimidating. I sometimes revert to the familiar when something scares the mess out of me, lol. It tends to calm my nerves a little. So, as you can see above, my spindle got a little love today along with this tencel blend called Secret Garden by Sosae Caetano.

The colors in this are so rich! Love it!!

I have had this in my stash for a bit, but was afraid to try it. I was just not sure how to spin that texture. Now that I’ve started, I find that I was right. Spinning this is a bit different than spinning merino or polwarth (or other kinkier textures). It is a bit slippery. In my hands, it feels like it begs to be handled a little more slowly. All the better to see those colors develop. 🙂

When I felt I had gotten somewhat of a handle on it, I tried to loosen up a bit so I could start my mil’s lace project on the wheel.

This is camel down and tussah silk. It’s even more slippery!

I didn’t have enough twist in the first lengths, so the singles kept drifting apart. That happened three times before I got the singles to hold well enough not to drift. Now, this seems to be verging on too much twist to me. But, so far, no breaks. I did realize by the time I had gotten to this point that if I changed the ratio (by changing to a smaller, faster whorl, pulley…whatever), I probably could get more twist with less effort. For this singles, every inch I draft out, I am pedaling eight times! So, yeah. I may be changing the whorl for the first time ever on the second bobbin. We’ll see.

But, all in all, this is pretty slow going. I’m kind of inch-worming it because I keep thinking it’s going to slip right out of hand! I’ll probably bounce back and forth on these until I get the hang of it. Usually spinning on the spindle informs my spinning on the wheel and vice versa. It helps me learn faster to take what I learn from one device to the other.

But, for the real question…Can I spin enough of this by Christmastime? Your guess is as good as mine, lol!

In the meantime, I started the next pair of socks last night. Didn’t get very far since I was watching the newest Transformers movie with Boy Child until two-something in the morning.

Quite frankly, I’m wondering if I will have to rip any of that back. I could have sworn I woke up knitting in slo-mo a few times here and there, lol!


  1. Lush colourful tencel blend! What’s it blended with? I also love the camel/silk, I have this is baby camel/silk it’s sooooo buttery and soft …love!

  2. A friend of mine, Sara from »A year at the wheel« has lately spun a lot of laceweight … I think it took her like two months? I’m not quite sure (but could look it up, of course. And/or give you the link, if you’d like to).
    I like both lace projects of yours! And I’m very sure you’ll be doing fine once you’re getting accostumed to it.

    I have only seen the first Transformers-movie … Just because my guy wanted to watch it (»I collected these as a child!« <– excited whipser in the cinema). They've got decent music when something is smashed, but the rest …. Oh no. I hate LaBeouf (can't remember the spelling of his name) and turned into Incredible Hulk whenever he failed AGAIN to say a complete sentence. As for Megan Fox … I truly wasn't jealous of her, but always kept thinking: »Oh dear .., Can't someone PLEASE hand her a sandwich or a blig slice of gateau?!?«

    I'm more for the Marvel-stuff. :mrgreen:

    • Two months!! OMG. I HAVE to look up her blog!

      I really couldn’t get into the movie…the Transformers voices…I just couldn’t take them seriously, lol! But, it was time well spent with my firstborn so, it was cool. AND he fell asleep before me so I’m still cool, lol! I’m more of an X-Men fan. 🙂

      • Yeah! 😀 Saras blog is named »A Year at the Wheel«, here is the link:
        It’s great!

        It’s so great that you love X-Men as well! I just got addicted via my guy, but I’ll be forever thankful for that. I just love the depth some characters have (my favourite being the Nightcrawler), but also for taking the character’s problems seriously, like Rogue’s.
        And of course, it is always worth to watch a movie in which Hugh Jackman takes off his shirt. :mrgreen:

  3. B. Morgan Joy says:

    The first few things I did on my wheel, I stuck to the largest whorl. It seemed safe. Slower is safer, right?
    But I was having so much trouble with some slippery mystery fiber, and then my drive band snapped, so I finally tightened the band and switched to the middle whorl (9:1). No more drifting apart, and much less effort. I’ve been defaulting to that ever since, mostly because I’d have to cut and re-join my drive band if I wanted to use the 13:1 whorl, and then the low ratio would be useless. Realistically, I tend to draft about three quarters of the way into nothing so I won’t really use the low ratio whorl ever again anyway, but the last time I wrestled with the drive band it was a three-hour affair.
    But anyway, if it’s not a huge hassle, it might be worth switching to a faster whorl before finishing the first bobbin. It’ll certainly go faster. Maybe even fast enough that you’ll be certain to have plenty by Christmastime.
    I keep trying to convince my husband to let me buy a double-treadle Hitchhiker. No drive band! (I want to paint DON’T PANIC on it in large, friendly letters and make Trillian-kitten sit next to it so I can take an embarrassing number of pictures.) These things are *important*, but he just doesn’t understand about there never being enough spinning wheels, and it’s a completely different kind of wheel, AND we didn’t even buy the one I have, my mom and aunt did!

    • Oh! I’m glad you wrote this! I did wind up switching, and it worked out just great! So my logic wasn’t very far off after all…i just couldn’t take all that treadling and how long it was taking to get anything on the bobbin. Whoa.

      I definitely won’t panic. I love paint!! I want another wheel myself. I like the sidekick (but mostly because it can travel and it’s cute) or the lendrum (spinners around here seem to really like it a lot). Not sure I will get another anytime soon though because I kind of want a loom and a drum carder first, lol!

      Geez. What DON’T I want?!

      • B. Morgan Joy says:

        I’d *love* a Sidekick, it’s definitely adorable. But the Hitchhiker is uh…less than half the price. Which is fairly important given that I’ve just finished my BFA in Nothing Much Really, have no job, and need to start paying student loans in November. Technically that should dissuade me from wanting a second wheel AT ALL but making Christmas gifts for my husband’s family is a WHOLE lot easier than shopping for them, and a friction drive wheel would let me spin faster than this silly driveband-that-fits-either-medium-and-large-whorls-or-medium-and-small-but-not-all-three business does. (I’m pretty good at rationalizing things to myself.)

  4. Woo-hoo! Go go Laceweight Go! It’s looking so pretty! I love the beginning part of a spin, when you’re still working out tension and how to draft and all that jazz…before you settle into mindless muscle-memory spinning…
    I’m not at all shy about switching up my whorls until I find the one that works. For laceweight, I always default to my smallest, and I’m debating getting one smaller (I have a Matchless…so there’s lots of whorl options), because I think it’ll help me get just a wee bit finer, and it seems like it would go a bit quicker, with less treadling.

    • Hi Emily! I HAD to switch in the end. I was about to lose my last brain cell on the other whorl. Now, I’m wondering when this spin is done, if I will switch back…But, this is more fingering/sportweight though. I kind of like the idea of that though. It’ll take a little less time to knit up when it’s time! 🙂

  5. pretty spindle, a Golding… no? I love to spin the slippery stuff! silk, bamboo, tencel and angora are my faves. They feel so clean and somehow dry when you are working with them. I travel with slippery fiber and drop spindles because spinning fine means that I can bring small amounts of fiber instead of a huge braid of wool and thus fit more spinning into the same size bag. Plus it looks more impressive to the non-spinners >^..^<

    • Hi Inga! Yes, this is a cherry Golding Tsunami. My favorite of the two I have. I have a purpleheart one as well. But this one spins longer for me. The slip in this fiber is tricky when I have only spun kinkier textures. But, it’s so shiny! I love it!

  6. Your photos just draw me in, Stacey…I love them so much! Every time I come here, I’m inspired. I absolutely love your latest sock – so soothing… 😀

  7. grayseasaylor says:

    Can you hear me echoing Sosae’s comments? I am. =) I wonder if I will ever understand/remember the technical details of spinning….I just feel thrilled if my fiber hangs together without major lumps =) You and Sosae continue to inspire me, Stacey. Thanks!
    Gracie xxx

    • Thank you, Gracie! I only have a cursory knowledge of the tech of spinning. But, that’s all I need right now. I’m like you. If it holds together, I’m really happy. If it’s loaded with color, I’m even happier. 🙂

  8. Unbelievably beautiful! Every time I visit you, I feel so much better :). The sock looks amazing, and l am so crazy about the colors you choose for your work.

  9. You’re making me jealous. You’ve been such the busy bee this summer. Not skipping a beat. I always love what you’re spinning and this project hasn’t failed me. Those socks are going to be gorgeous, whether you decide to backtrack or not. You have such a wonderful sense of color!

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