Best Foot Forward

School’s in!

First week of school down! And let me tell you…It was a doozy!! I have a new office and a new officemate to get used to this year. And, already, the first week of transportation for Girl Child was a hot mess, y’all! And I may still have some tweaking to do for that this week. But I made it through! 🙂

In between time, I played with my spindles.

Yup. Finally started on the second part of my spin for the two ply of Secret Garden by Sosae Caetano. It’s coming along.

I also started playing with my latest stash enhancement from NC.

This yarn does ALL the work, lol! The yarn is Noro Taiyo. Isn’t it lovely? This is just a swatch and I can already see how much I really am going to love Girl Child in anything in this yarn! The colors are scrumptious! I did decide that rather than a hat though, I would make her some legwarmers for this fall. And while the yarn is doing it’s thing, I am considering throwing some hearts in this baby somehow (just because I love the girl so much 🙂 ).

For this swatch, I used 27 stitches and knit a couple inches in the round. I usually use an even number like 20, 30 or 40. But, I ran out of stitches before I got to 30 stitches, so 27 it was, lol. Little did I know, 27 was the magic number. I got 4.5 stitches to the inch and Girl Child’s ankle measurement was 5.5 inches. She’s a tiny thing…nothing but a string bean. And though I had to measure for a little give, I decided to only go up a half inch and multiply by 6 inches. Mhmmm…27 stitches.

Sigh. Swatching.

But, the darn things really do tend to work. 🙂


  1. You have such lovely photos! The Noro reminds me of exotic birds 🙂

  2. hese colors are….wow, I just love them. The legwarmers with hearts sound adorable. Oh how I love that yarn.

    I hope next week goes a lot smoother for ya 🙂

  3. It looks great! I have to say that Noro is too expensive for me… and I didn’t find it to be so soft, to be honest (does this change when it’s washed? I’ve touched their sock wool and it was so scratchy …). But I think it’s awesome for a child!

    Love the look of the spindles, by the way. 😀 Have a great Sunday!

    • Actually, come to think of it, I’ve never used Noro for anything next to my skin. I used to love felting it! Like a bag with a stitched on bottom. That was what I did with it the first time I ever used it and the stripes were just gorgeous!! Loved it! These I have her putting over tights. They’re like skinny legwarmers, lol!

      Thanks! I need to play with my spindle today. Feeling spindly. 🙂

  4. 1 week down here too! Glad you made it through. lol

    And you have some yummy yarn action going on there. I have two skeins of that Noro, but I’m trying to make something that will match the beauty of this gorgeous, colorful yarn. And, um, that I have the skill to make….to be continued.

  5. loavesandstitches says:

    I just love noro. I am looking forward to seeing how those turn out!

    • 🙂 I liked them. So did she. And so did the hubby, now that I think about it. That’s actually pretty good, lol! I think these were a hit! Now, I just need to think of a scarf that the Boy Child won’t mind wearing outside this year, lol.

  6. cute!

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