Not The Cool Mom

I just thought of something that gave me a little shudder.

I hope you all have had a great Labor Day weekend. Mine was going rather well until something crossed my mind that actually caused shock…

All of us go through self-revelatory experiences at some point in life. It is a necessary occurrence from time to time on the pathway to personal growth. But, what I am coming to find out more and more lately about myself is beginning to astound me. I think I am becoming more like…my mother!

Don't get me wrong. My mom is a nice lady. She's very wise and has been a great friend to me ever since I can remember. But there's one thing we have never ever agreed on. Ever.


It all started back in fourth grade. One day my mom told me that a black and yellow sweater with large horizontal stripes (like a bumble bee) matched some tiny checkered black and white pants. Something inside me did not feel right about that. Not at all. But, my mother assured me that it did indeed match and I looked great! So, off I went to school. Unfortunately, none of the other kids agreed with my mother. To this day, I believe that is what caused my repugnance for all things prints and pleats and my affinity for safe tops, denim pants and matching Reeboks. To her credit, I'm certain that ensemble would have worked in a corporate setting. Not so much at Bancroft Elementary School.

And yet, here I am knitting some quirky, mixed-matched legwarmers for my own daughter.

What nerve, right?!

My mom also likes multi-colored pigtail barrettes and mixed-matched socks (preferably with stripes)…a sort of Pippi Longstockings meets Punky Brewster look.

Well, I suppose there is nothing to be done about it. Sigh. I will be finishing this one up shortly and deciding whether I will put some hearts on the knees for added knee protection, added strength, added cute factor and an extra special dose of silly mom love. 🙂

Again. Why am I doing this to my child?

I'll tell you why. Because I am becoming my mother.

When I look at how rough and tumble Girl Child is even after I have put a dress on her…why there is always one less hair bow in her hair when she comes home after school…why there are holes in the knees of her stockings and jeans well before I'm ready to do more shopping…why her sneakers are worn out after only two weeks of use, I can see it now. It's like looking at me and my own mother through a stained glass.

Suddenly, I have a strange urge to shout, “My eyes!! My eyes!!” Lol!

Happy Birthday to my mom! 🙂



  1. having just braided my own girls hair into two French braids that swoop down to either side of her face, and added two different color elastics to them, and picked out clothes on our way to bed that don’t match the elastics, or really each other (the boys are easy and don’t care as long as its comfy) I know EXACTLY your feeling. my first glimpse came last fall during the “it’s cold – you need to wear a coat” arguement with my 10yr old boy. yup, my girl will be going off to first grade in striped black & white pants with a black tunic with little white polka dot trim- the trim is tiny and only on a bottom ruffle- I think it’s ‘adorkable’ – working on knitting a shrug to get more miles out of all her sundress like tops this fall- in Noro- so it will “match everything”! Here’s to becoming a hip version of our moms!

    • LOL! I love that! “Adorkable.” 🙂 And that outfit sounds so cute!! I’m going to have to try that with Girl Child. The first time I put the legwarmers on her just to break them in a bit before I wove in the ends, she had on a pink thingie and they looked great! Today, I put her legwarmers on her because there was a chill out this morning and it matched the outfit today too! Noro is a lifesaver.

  2. grayseasaylor says:

    Well, Stacey, however your sense of color and style was born, I applaud it 🙂 And you tell your stories well, by the way! xxx from Gracie

    • Thank you, Gracie! I really never thought of myself as a storyteller. If I tried to tell you this in person, it would never work! It’d take two minutes and I’d leave half the juiciest stuff out, lol! With a laptop or an iPad, I get time to remember everything. 🙂

  3. Ahhh what a great post! I can identify with you on soooo many levels from Mom with dubious style to girl child who is half tomboy! For the record, those leg Warner’s and the funkiest I have ever seen making you a Super Cool Mom!

    • Thanks Maryanne! I think they look cool too…If my mom had made me wear these though, at that age…lol! Yup! I’m turning into my mom. Maybe she was a Super Cool Mom then too? Hmmm…I need to think that one over. 😉

  4. Ps the “put your coat in, it’s freezing” argument is actually “put your coat on, I’M freezing”!

  5. The legwarmers look fun! My mother used to do unspeakable things to my hair on picture day.

  6. I think we all turn into versions of our mothers… I hate to admit it but I am constantly pulling myself up on this 😀

    • Well, you could’ve warned me! Then it wouldn’t have been such a shocker! LOL! 🙂

      Seriously, I never saw this coming though. Me? Liking what my mom would have liked? In clothes? On a girl? Whoa.

  7. I love these legwarmers. How old is your daughter again? Ten? I think, at this age, the colours are completely fine. Don’t worry. 😀

    Besides, there is a whole CONTINENT stretching out between these legwarmers and a bumble bee sweater and checkered trousers … :mrgreen: Will all due respect to your mum.

    • My daughter is 7 years old. She doesn’t care really what she wears yet. She’s just interested in comfort! Everyday after school, she just takes her shoes and socks off and runs around the house like a little country girl. I think she really is one at heart. 🙂 But she actually seemed to like these when she tried them on for the first night. She wore them the rest of the night! Score one for mom!

  8. Those are gonna be some AWESOME legwarmers. You’re a rockin’ mom!

  9. At some point we just morph into our moms, even when we don’t have kids of our own. It can’t be helped. The harder you try, the more you become like them in some slightly different way. It’s kind of how I hear people say that they tried to marry someone very different from their dad and in some way the man is their dad. LOL

    But seriously, these leg warmers are full of cuteness. I’d wear them. Full of lovely colors! All the other little girls will be jealous of your Pippi. 🙂

    • I think you’re right about that. The hubby reminds me of my dad at times too. Especially during football season when he’s yelling at the TV as if the players can hear his “coaching.” Really! LOL!

      Thanks! I would wear these too. I’m thinking of getting some more Noro for me…Or maybe just spinning something colorful for some (because I have NO idea when I’ll be back in NC)…But yeah…I think I’d actually wear those outside myself, lol. At 30-something years old…

  10. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Okay, I laughed SOOOO freakin’ hard while reading this! Your mom sounds so awesome. Oh geez, the striped and checkered outfit…ohmygosh…I’m getting dizzy thinking about it. 🙂 Alack, the slow and steady transformation from (the very cool) us into our (very not-so-cool) mothers, is inevitable. Ohsoinevitable…

    • LOL! Yes, I think it’s funny! But so perplexing! Just…when did this happen? When did I become my mom? Crazy!

      You know…I think I do know when. It happened when I had a little girl. 🙂 Yup. That’s it!

  11. beautiful colours and knitting… Thanks and Love, nia

  12. KittasaurusRex says:

    Hmm. My mom just told me I could store two fleeces in her storage unit, across the country from my current location, and that she’d send me portions of said (raw) fleeces regularly.
    I am of the opinion that moms (or at least MY mom) are supremely cool.
    Although I will concede, her fashion sense is not nearly so cool. Oversized coats and a total lack of sweaters. Must work on that.
    I’m sure Girl Child will be the envy of her peers in her fraternal legwarmers. My four-year-old niece would certainly be delighted by them (here’s hoping she feels the same about the pink-and-purple robot mittens looming in her holiday future–crossing my fingers that robots are still cool).

    • ROFL!! I agree. My mom’s cool. I have to say, she’s good when I need to dress up. All those years of jeans and sneaks never taught me how to look elegant. She’s got that down, for sure. BUT, when it comes to everyday, I reserve the right to go pleatless. 🙂

      Your niece will love the robots!

  13. I am the opposite. I used to share clothes with my mom (ok why is everyone stareing? Lol)

  14. what a sweet post! I think I might be doing the same to my little ones but they’re too young to know it yet. They love mismatched and the brighter the better right now!

    And I love the colour of your legwarmers!

    • Yes, it must be that you have to start them young. I think when I was younger I was wearing jeans. Trying to send me to school in checkered slacks just probably rocked the boat a little too much for me, lol! Your daughters are just too cute though! They look cute in everything!

      Thank you! That Noro is just delicious!!

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