Such A Card

I went to Greenbank Mill’s spin-in today.  That is always so much fun!

Laurel, Linda, Bob and Natalie were there when I got there.  But before I get to the spin-in, I have some goodies to show you! A little back story…

Earlier this week, on Thursday, I attended the Fiberguild meeting and Natalie had shown me a huge bag of treasure she had gotten from her last trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool.  Now, of course, I have to show you what all she got, right? LOL! So, I made her promise to bring it to the spin in where there would be more light.  Today, when I got in, I dropped my stuff and Natalie came over and she had the goods.  So, I grabbed the bag, grabbed my camera and made a bee-line for the front door to get outside.  But, I don’t think you’ll blame me…

This post could have easily been called, “Why Natalie Won’t Go to Another Maryland Sheep & Wool!” Well, at least not next year. 😉  Look at this bag!

Now, immediately, I noticed that there was a new goodie that I didn’t see Thursday.  You can’t get stuff like that by me.  So, I made mention of it and she noticed I had a really good memory, lol.  But I ask you.  Would you forget it if you saw something like this?

No way! This stuff is just so gorgeous!  This is from the very popular Fiber Optic Yarns fiber line.  It’s superwash merino and silk.  What would you do with such awesomeness?  I don’t even know.  Just stare?

What about this?  This is a Mystery Bump from Still River Mill.  It will change colors as she spins.  You KNOW I’m sold.

Well, here’s more.

From Misty Mountain Farm.

Would you believe this caramelicious goodness is cotton?  And I can’t tell you how soft it is.  Mmmm…

That’s a quiviut/merino blend from Still River Mill.  Laurel and I both would have worn this as a mask if we could. We just kept rubbing it against our cheeks.

This is a braid that is also from the Fiber Optics fiber line (one of Natalie’s favorite vendors).  It’s a superwash merino and tencel blend.  The colors remind me of fall.  I think I could actually look forward to the season with something like that in my stash, yes? 😉

Well, if you haven’t liked anything else, try this one!

I bet you want to see that closer, don’t you? 😉

It’s 100% silk and it’s just divine.  This was bought from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks.  The color is called Mud Cloth! If I had mud cloths that looked like that, I might try to wear them outside.  The chunks of color are just delectable.

Here comes another…

From Spirit Trail Fiberworks.  I’ve never spun 100% silk before.  But, I just came up with two good reasons to need to right now.

Cashmere anyone?  I’ve only knit with cashmere one time in my life.  The stuff is heavenly.  Natalie said she’s going to find something extra special for this.  I can dig it.

But there’s more.

A merino/bamboo/silk blend from Winterhaven Fiber Farm.

This last one Natalie believes is denim. I’m not sure which is cooler, that someone can make spinnable fiber out of jeans or that this lady has so much stash, she can’t even remember what this is made of, lol! It’s called Bluegrass from Carolina Homespun.

Natalie really enjoys those cooler colors.  Like these from Into the Whirled.

So beautiful.

So, yeah.  She won’t be going to MDSW for a while. She’s got enough to keep her busy, for sure.  But she’s pretty prolific.  You remember these below?

These were items that she had gotten from MDSW once upon a time.

I’ve never been to MDSW.  I’m pretty much a dance to my own beat kinda girl.  But I think next year is my year.  After fondling…I mean, photographing all of these beauties today, how can I refuse? 🙂

At some point, I actually did join the spin in, lol! Natalie spun on some alpaca from her father’s alpaca farm using some top that she had made.

Once she had spun all these up, she showed our newest spinner how to make top using combs.

Loaded comb.

Fiber all combed out.

Dizzing it off.

Going around the room…This was Bob’s offering on the wheel today.

Laurel warned him that if he didn’t watch it, I was probably going to snatch that bobbin and run off.  Sadly, I must admit, she was right.  😉

Laurel was a beast! She went from one wheel to the next and actually ended up with a finished yarn today.

Beautiful, right?! I think these cooler colors are starting to grow on me a little…

Linda brought some skeins for show and tell.

This was an accidental boucle.  Half of this is merino and the other is Leicester.  She’s trying to get this on purpose next time. 🙂

She spun the skein below.  It’s Australian Shepherd.  Yup! Dog hair!

It is unbelievably soft! And look at that halo!

In case you’re wondering about me, I actually did get to spin today.  When I finally put my camera away, I spun up the rest of the first part of that cable yarn I had started at the spin-in last month.

Before it was time to leave to feed the kinfolk, I also spun the majority of the second singles.

The first time I did a cable yarn I spun together like with like colorways for the 2-ply yarns and then spun the two separate color ways together for the cable.  This time, however, I’m going to spin opposite colorways as the 2-ply yarns and then spin them into the cable yarn.  We’ll see how that comes out…

I did intend to weave in the ends on the Girl Child’s legwarmers…but, I’m thinking I’ll save that for tomorrow. Why?

Natalie brought this today for me to take home and try out.  She says she has been spinning for fifteen years and hasn’t used this in at least ten of them.  She sent me home with a bag of alpaca and challenged me to make it come out nice on this drum carder!


What a card!

You know I’m going to try it though, right? 🙂


  1. grayseasaylor says:

    An amazing stash, all kinds of helpful information, a happy, well told story, and wonderful photos!
    Thank you, for another great post, Stacey 🙂
    Gracie xx

    • Isn’t her stash awesome! And she has a ton of alpaca fleece at her home. It’s just crazy to think of having a neverending supply to spin!

      I’m so glad you can use the info in these posts. I usually just consider myself blabbering on…and on. 🙂

  2. What a haul! I’m so tempted to go copy those fall colours. And a carder, you lucky you!

  3. W-O-W …. I am still drooling over these colours … And wish I could feel the textures. 😉
    Such beautiful pictures!
    And I’m very curious how your drum carder adventure turns out. 😀

    • I think I just love spinning bright, multi-colored fibers. It’s just a rush to see the colors come up!

      Me too! I don’t know much about carding so I am going to have to (gasp) read!! Or at least look at YouTube. 😉

  4. I am so envious!!! All my spinning supplies are in the UK and I am in Egypt!!! I can’t get good wool here for love nor money! But I am going to the UK for a few weeks in October so I am going to bring my carders and a good stash of my wool so I can spindle spin it here! My clothes can come over another time!!! I’ll bring over my drum-carder and spinning wheel at a later date!

    • I am just so in awe of your traveling! And that you have a flock!

      I thoroughly get leaving the clothes until last, lol! If I wasn’t a wife and mom, I think I’d spend everything on spinning, knitting and all things crafty. Not another stitch of clothes at all. How’s that for feminine? Lol!

  5. Too Cruel! I want, I want! One of my first fiber purchases was actually from Chasing Rainbows. It was in a post. 😎 I should have waited to spun it until I was “better”. 😎 How lucky to have a place so close to you where all of this wonderful spinning happens! That’s one thing we don’t have!

    • I am going to be looking up these folks when I go to MDSW next year. It’s all just too scrumptious not to go!

      Well, I wouldn’t know that you ladies lack for anything where you are! Butterflies, gardens, history, ancestry…Y’all have it all. Even Angry Birds! 😉 Ever thought of starting a spinning group?

      • Q – I just started the spinning class again at Grossmont Adult School, we meet every Wed. There are people who occasionally open up their “ranches” to sell wool, alpaca, etc. We just don’t have a wonderful place like your “mill”.

  6. I wish I had been there – me and my Schacht!

    • That would be awesome!! Do you travel any? Next time you’re in or near Delaware, you should come through for a spi- in! I’d love to meet you in person and I know everyone would love hearing some of that knowledge you have about fiber crafts!

      I think they are even thinking of making the spin-ins twice a month instead of just the one. 🙂

  7. Oh my… That all looks so great!

  8. Amazing stash (I envy Natalie). Your spinning is beautiful..

  9. I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award.
    If you’d like to accept this award then please take it to your blog and pass it on – if this is not your cup of tea then please accept this as a compliment on your blog.

  10. So awesome! You really have me wishing I could try out a wheel! I love my little drop spindle, but to have a wheel…

    • Is there a guild in your area? At Greenbank Mill they have a wheel there for folks to practice on. I’m sure you can find a place to try it. Seriously. If there’s one in Delaware, you HAVE to have one lol!

  11. LOL I keep thinking I should start a blog…easier to just keep bringing you stuff to photograph! I chain plyed the top I was spinning the other day, and now I’ve started on the Mudcloth silk…amazing stuff! Might have it done by the next spin-in 🙂

    • Hey Natalie!!! Lol! Well, if you keep bringing it, I will keep snapping it!

      You started on the Mud Cloth! Squee!! I cannot WAIT to see that! That was my favorite piece in your stash. Mmmm…

  12. FiberGuild Carol says:

    I’m out enjoying Colorado and my 5 month old grandson, but reading your blog makes me feel like I was almost there! I’m going to miss October’s spin-in too. 😦 Heather et al need to get that second spin-in per month scheduled!

    • October too? Well, I’m glad these posts fill you in!

      Two spin-ins a month really would be fantastic! If you can’t make one or if you can get to both-either way it’s just a great idea. I’ll definitely have to see if I can finagle another Saturday out of the hubby. 😉


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